Almost our future

So I decided to check out the new Fox television series dealing with android police officers: Almost Human. I’m a big science fiction fan, so I figured it might be fun.

The opening scene of the pilot was rather disturbing. It was set in the future, but it appeared to be a future in a world where drug policy reformers like us never existed, and prohibition just kept escalating and escalating, leading to a world of super cartels and massively militarized police.

The opening screen:

The text continues to say:

Outnumbered and Overwhelmed
Law Enforcement Implements a New Strategy
Every Police Officer is Partnered with an
Advanced, Combat-model Android.

And the first image of an actual future police officer makes it clear that this is policing as drug warriors imagine it.


Now the show itself actually calms down a bit after the opening scene and starts getting into the characters and the repartee between the human and android cops.

But I was struck with how good a lesson this was as to our future if we continue our drug war unabated. Pretty bleak.

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  1. claygooding says:

    If you look at the number of cop shows on it tells you someone is trying to sell something,,nobody likes cop shows that much.

  2. kaptinemo says:

    I like to think that behind most of these kinds of seeming ‘entertainments’ you see the mindset of those residing at the top of the socio-economic pyramid, and how they view the world…and particularly, the rest of us.

    Considering that it’s the world they have made largely for their benefit, it seems that they’ve become rather fearful of late…as they should be. Even though none of the banksters who’ve gotten filthy rich off of the DrugWar have been brought to justice…as their friends in the ‘Justice’ Department have made sure of that.

    It’s the rest of the collateral damage they need to worry about, the damage that they have caused through their greed, namely, trashing the world economy and starting wars around the planet for resources that boost their wealth even more, to such obscene heights that they’ve surpassed their Gilded Age ancestors.

    So, when stuff like this hits the Tube, I can’t help but feel we’re seeing a high-tech version of a Freudian slip on their part: for all their seeming boastful invulnerability, they know they’ve enraged a planet with about 7 Billion potential bounty hunters on it.

    And so, the ‘bread and circuses’ take on a tinge of deepening violence and senseless brutality, as much to sate primitive emotions – and distract their targets from focusing on the real threat – as to try to ‘prepare’ their victims for the next turn of the screw…with them doing the screwing.

    But always there in the back of the de facto Elite’s minds is the understanding that someday the jig will be up, and short of them escaping into space, they’re stuck here with those victims. And when enough of the planet’s population, via the Internet, realizes who has been behind the scenes doing that screwing, no place on Earth will be safe for them.

  3. Howard says:

    The description of this show sounds like a dream come true for the DEA. For the rest of us it’s a dystopian horror show. Let’s work keep it that way — just a show.

  4. Jake says:

    I don’t know if anyone here has seen Elysium? But the fully robotic ‘cops’ propose an even more terrifying vision than what the above is proposing (assuming – I haven’t seen this show). There, robotic police are fast, strong and expendable. They follow whatever programs they are told to. They would fire on a crowd of people with zero qualms. Resistance to a ruling class, be it against drugs or any other issue, would be significantly more difficult and dangerous.

    With legally regulated drugs, a huge ‘reason’ for such things would evaporate – no more violent international cartels, reduced crime and safer street corners. Guess which version of the future our ‘leaders’ want to see…

  5. Jean Valjean says:

    How to preserve a black market when it’s indirectly profitable to your business; how Verizon etc have taken a tip from the drug warriors, the prison-industrial complex and the rest of the WOD vested interests:
    “Now, a top prosecutor is claiming that phone companies looking to preserve their profits from selling phone insurance are standing in the way of a solution that could protect consumers from violent robberies.

    San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón said Tuesday that he had obtained emails showing how phone companies are blocking the introduction of a so-called kill switch that would render phones inoperable if stolen. The feature could undercut the value of gadgets now trading on a global black market, leading to a sharp reduction in thefts.”
    Sound familiar?

  6. darkcycle says:

    Safe to say neither I nor my family will be watching this. It turns my stomach. The premise, the violence, the messaging….
    The fact that this is what passes for “entertainment” to our culture explains SO much for me. Like for instance….where’s the outrage at the endless wars, and the drone strikes that kill five civilians to every target? Answer? It’s so much less violent than our default mindset (as exposed through our choice of “entertainment”), it doesn’t even register AS violence. We’re not outraged because we no longer CAN be outraged at violence. It’s our happy place.

    • Jean Valjean says:

      I think the attraction of cop shows and much of the media’s coverage of crime and punishment is the same thinking as displayed by a zebra herd when one of their number gets attacked by a lion… lucky it’s not me! Only with humans there is an added element of Schadenfreude…

    • Windy says:

      The parts of the show I find of greatest interest are the interactions between the androids and humans, particularly the androids which have been given self-awareness and emotion, the violence in any movie or TV show is something to which I, normally, pay negligible attention, it’s like background noise, easy to ignore (at least for me). I look at the show as a variation on Azimov’s I, Robot.

  7. Servetus says:

    I hate cop shows, even the good ones. Too often, the programs depict massive civil rights violations perpetrated by police against villains so evil the bad guys are seen as deserving to have their rights violated. Objectively, these types of portrayals come off as an attempt to condition the public to believe that cops don’t need to obey the rules when enforcing other rules, no matter how bad the bad guy is. Maybe that’s one reason some officers don’t consider human rights to be their first priority.

    In any event, there’s no reason to pretend actual violence isn’t taking place just because TV cops fire 1500 rounds at a suspect and miss the guy completely.

  8. Servetus says:

    Speaking of police states, it’s amazing how quickly human rights have gone downhill in Spain as austerity and bankruptcy plague a troubled economy in the midst of a drought.

    The right wing has taken over power from the left. The left was famous for letting people grow their own marijuana for self-consumption. No longer: “Now cultivating, carrying, using or manufacturing drugs will result in fines of between €1,001 to €30,000.”

    It’s part of Ten New Laws that are Shocking Spaniards. Yes, it could happen here.

  9. Multiple marijuana businesses being raided by DEA, IRS, Denver cops

    Its not time to rest yet. So much for the new memo.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I’m sure it wasn’t anything more than a SNAFU. Obviously somebody at the DoJ didn’t get the memo. I wouldn’t want to be him when Mr. Obama calls him onto the carpet to be read the riot act!

      [SPLD applies]

    • Tony Aroma says:

      To paraphrase The Who, “Meet the new memo, same as the old memo.” Unfortunately, many have been, and will continue to be, fooled again.

      These “memos” are just for PR purposes, and have nothing whatsoever to do with actual law enforcement policies or practice. I could write such a memo, and it would have as much impact and be just as binding as one written by the AG or president. What’s it going to take for people to realize this and stop making decisions based on meaningless memos?

      • Placating the public with memo’s that are meaningless while continuing to prosecute a drug war on new and bigger levels never seen before.

        We must demand real change from Washington and insist that the Obama Administration and the Congress take real steps to end this drug war. Change the law. Memo’s don’t cut it anymore.

        Demanding change is the order of the day.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Of course it was just for PR. In 2006-2008 when Mr. Bush the lesser would have his jack booted minions raid a California authorized dispensary there was an astonishingly large number of outsiders who would object because they thought that the DoJ was targeting sick people. In 2009 we saw the Cole memo which promised that the JBTs would only target vendors not in compliance with State law. Through the later part of 2010 enforcement against medicinal cannabis vendors in California as well as other States with medicinal cannabis patient protection laws enforcement actions practically ceased. When they started back up a rather pleasant dynamic for the JBTs occurred in that almost all of the outsiders didn’t become vocal anymore. “Well all they have to do is comply with State law and they won’t get arrested.” Well played Mr. Obama, well played indeed. Now pat yourself on the back, have a glass of white milk and several DoubleStuf Oreo cookies, you deserve it. Oh Mr. O. I almost forgot, my friend darkcycle just can’t stop raving about the ponies you’ve sent him.

        Why wouldn’t the Feds stick with a successful strategy? Heck, they’ve been using the “we just don’t have enough research to know” canard very successfully for almost half a century and the “we don’t have a test to know if a driver is impaired” piece of hysterical rhetoric for at least 35 years. But what an ingenious strategy, getting the public imprimatur for something that required them to just do nothing and even no risk of getting caught telling bald faced lies. We’ll still be hearing those same lame excuses to justify arresting people who aren’t criminal as long as the general public swallows those pieces of propaganda when regurgitated by the prohibitionist parasites.

        P.S. 2006 was when I started observing. There may have been massive protests by outsiders previous to that time of which I’m unaware. It’s actually very likely because things like that just don’t happen overnight.

        • Duncan20903 says:

          Is another case of the vexing synchronicity which leaves me so beleaguered, here’s an example posted today on one of the Denver Post comments columns:


          I’ll take a stab at it and guess that since the IRS is involved, there is an issue with money laundering/taxes. Congress has the right to tax, otherwise Obama care would be unconstitutional.

          P.S. I’m also betting if someone had played by the rules this wouldn’t have occurred.

    • Jean Valjean says:

      i understand the DEA and IRS, but why are the Denver PD getting involved with this? (Free lap dances on a Byrne grant?)

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Around these parts it’s SOP that the local police accompany foreign law enforcement agencies when those agencies engage in a police action in the locals jurisdiction. If that’s true in Denver then in and of itself it’s pretty meaningless. Now if the Denver Police initiated the action using the Federal alphabet soup to do their dirty work, then it’s a whole other story.

        Regardless it’s not the same thing as when agents of New York State arrested Mr. Gambino and his associates because NYS had repealed their State level laws inspired by the idiocy of the 18th Amendment because transporting booze for sale was perfectly legal in NYS at the time of their arrests. Colorado still has laws criminalizing production and distribution of cannabis by unauthorized people or business entities. So no matter that it’s just plain wrong Colorado has the right to investigate.

        See Gambino v United States of America, 275 U.S. 310 (1927) for details of that case.

      • Justin Auldphart says:

        I would bet that overtime and a chance to dress up in the fancy gear and prance around might have something to do with it, Jean

        • Duncan20903 says:


          Well unless you’re a member of a self appointed militia living in the wilderness of Montana you will accept the reality that State and local authorities have no power to stop the Feds from lawfully enforcing Federal law.

          So, have you got any evidence that actions by the local authorities precipitated the most recent raids in Denver? Any evidence that there was any reason other than SOP for the presence of the Denver Police? Barring that you’re just sniggling, and there aren’t any eels here.

        • Windy says:

          Duncan, the State and local “authorities” also are NOT required to aid the feds in these busts (especially in States where cannabis is legal for medical, or both medical and rec use) and if they do participate in such States (like in CO or WA), the people of the State should be crying foul and demanding resignations or outright firing of every department that participates.

  10. Crut says:

    Not sure how much to believe this, the ending coincidence is a lot to swallow…

    More drivers positive for pot in Washington state

    • Crut says:

      Our favorite Prohibitch Kevin found a way to not answer direct questions and vomit his talking points again.

      • allan says:

        good lord… I hardly got thru the second paragraph before my stomach started revolting.

        “… a potentially dangerous new drug” Say what!?

      • Howard says:

        Speaking of “vomiting” talking points. How’s this from Kevin Sabet;

        “We also know that the illegal market for marijuana is much more tame than the illegal market for other drugs. It’s not fine and dandy, but it’s much less violent than that of other drugs. Compared to the alternative of national marijuana conglomerates supplying a growing number of users, I would rather have a black market supplying a small number of users. The choice isn’t between big, violent cartels and Big Marijuana; it’s a question of keeping drug use down, accessibility low, and promotion low.”

        Anyone preferring the cartel-conrtolled illegal trade in anything — and all the horrific activity that goes with that — has ZERO concern about public health. Absolutely none.

        • Duncan20903 says:


          Howard, what in the world made you think that they ever had any concern about public health? These lap dog prohibitionist parasites are concerned about their pay checks.

          That being said, I swear that Kev-Kev is writing some of the most bizarre propaganda for the last few months and I do mean bizarre for him. He’s shoveling some of the most easy to disprove pieces of hysterical rhetoric lately. I’m very concerned hopeful that he may be losing his mind. Am I a bad person if I root for him to develop a significant mental health disease like schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder? Oh well, if I am then so let it be written.

        • kaptinemo says:

          Like I keep saying, the more the innate weirdness of the reasoning behind prohibition is exposed, the more the Average Joe will realize those promoting prohibition are either mercs for hire…or just plain nuts.

          The more that their propaganda gets exposed, the more people with at least 3 brain cells to click together will realize that, at its’ core, it’s the Nutty Aunt Carries that are behind maintaining prohibition. The kind of raving loons you would normally cross the street to avoid…and certainly not put on the public payroll.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Well if Kev-Kev is the new quarterback for the Parasites they’re not even going to get a wild card berth in the playoffs. I don’t think they’ll even be able to beat the Good Fairies.

        The genuinely stupid thing about Mr. Sabet’s idiotic argument is that he thinks that a repeat of the 20th century tobacco companies perfidious tactics is even possible. Are people really stupid enough to think that they could have done what they did without the ignorance of the general public? Because that ignorance is in the past.

        Oh, one other thing, the doctors on our side of the table have actually earned the right to tag their names with “M.D.” It’s the prohibitionists who dress up actors in lab coats to fool the feeble minded. Kev-Kev is almost certainly providing a real life example of what the head shrinkers call “transference.”

    • darkcycle says:

      Not letting anybody point out the obvious….that they’re testing more that they ever have before.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        In 2011 there were 11,101 (eleven thousand one hundred one) cases of drunken driving charges laid in Washington.

        It seems peculiar that such a large percentage are over the 5 ng/ml per se level. Previously statistics said that the average test in Washington returned 6 ng/ml, and stats from Colorado had right around 7.5% of tests coming back over 5 ng/ml.

        I’d also want to keep an eye on the cases that tested lower. One of the more amusing things about per se limits is that it makes it practically impossible to convict those that tested under that limit. For some unknown reason people think that a driver isn’t impaired at .079999 but make it 0.80001 and it’s case closed.

  11. Jean Valjean says:

    “Right now, the marijuana industry is employing the exact same tactics as the tobacco industry in terms of denying the research of the scientific community and funding their own science.”
    What a projection….denying science and funding their own is exactly what Kevin and the rest of the Prohibition Industry do for a living.

  12. Nunavut Tripper says:

    Health Canada , in a continuing assault on MMJ patients
    mailed out documents with “Medical Marijuana Access Program” on the envelope thus compromising their privacy and security.

    Pretty sad governments we all got stuck with.

  13. DdC says:

    Cop shows all suck. Dragnet sucked, Cops suck even more now future cops. Gimme a break, shame. More civil to watch someone pull wings off flies. What’s next a show watching cancer develope? Or a full length half hour of fat christians sprare changing for starfving kids? Gawkers, bet they could sell tickets to car craches on the interstate.

    Read Obama’s lips. No raids on places legal under state law. That is possession for individuals. Nothing sold is legal under state law since Raich v Gonzales. Maybe wishing hard enough will magically change the ink on the paper to licit but I’m not holdering my breath. Incremental retardation is the advice of the “excerpts” why am i not surprised the war is past 75 years old? With the patents on sublingual spray and the schwag farm keeping it in Big Pharmaland. It seems pretty clear. More martyrs, oh ya that will do it. Another stoner serving mandatory minimums will make em all feel sorry and just toss that old CSA in the garbage. Hey anyone want to by a bridge? Geeesh

    Al Capone and Watergate new info .

    • darkcycle says:

      DdC, you seem so negative….
      It’s happening to them, not because of them. They’re lashing out because they’re losing. They’re using dirty tactics and deceptive messaging…because they’re losing. The States of Washington, Colorado and California still have a thriving dispensary trade…because they’re losing. And the State market plans are still going forward, and not many potential participants are deterred anymore….because they’re losing SO BADLY.
      The beast is still thrashing. So what? We’ve toughed it out so far and I don’t see any reason not to keep on the way we’re going. Seems to be working.

      • DdC says:

        November 21, 2013 at 4:59 pm

        DdC, you seem so negative….

        That’s reality, not me. I know better. I’m not risking mandatory minimums for bucks. Haven’t sold a joint since 72. Stopped cold turkey after the 4th bust and still no arrests. Possibly why my Guardian Angel is in therapy. I posted that I can get the best buds delivered to my door. I just can’t depend on dispensaries 5 years down the road to ween patients off of their white powders other than drastic cases like Lil Charlie. The next politician could wave his wand and we’d be right back where we were. Low cbd’s are available and the docs and nurses seem fine with it outside of the politics. With Big Pharma getting fast tracked for low cbd for kids Epilepsy, as they did merdall. AMA licensed physicians will choose? Any guesses? Dispensaries are the right thing and I am proud of the entrepreneurs paving the way. But without over turning the CSA it is all jim crow and segregation laws trying to trump the civil rights act. If 58% of the people favoring it be legal each called Obama and said take cannabis off of the Controlled Substance List, Please. He has the authority to do it. So does Holder. Then the people have shown we can do it, safely, efficiently and more job growth and fair wages than any Walmartian flesh factory.

        It’s happening to them, not because of them.

        Oh Bullshit. They can’t be that stupid and drive to work. Greed and Martyrs is the end result. How many more times dc? Charlie Lynch and Ed Rosenthal got off easy but they could be doing MM as Eddie Lepp and Brian Epis. Or as dead as Tom and Rollie or Peter. We are right and the growers are right, morally. But don’t kid yourself. No matter how easy going Obama is or Holder they still have the law of the land on their side and NO state can sell it as long as the CSA deems it as a schedule#1 narcotic and the Commerce Clause has jurisdiction.

        OK giving you the benefit of doubt that they are just so secluded from the net, TV and English words that their naiveté doesn’t make them just profiteers. I”ve said I believe they provide a public service and are modern day hero’s, especially for patients without connections. But they have to know it is …Oooopsi. Still illegal.

        Hey I’m in grand central for research, dispensaries and delivery services that blow my mind. Since 1990 doing hospice care I’ve witnessed doctors and caregivers go from skeptics to advocates. It’s wonderful time and not overly expensive and good quality and illegal. Won’t change a thing for patients wanting it or me to assist. They will get their meds underground or from behind the counter.

        I never said Obama was right or that the bogus law wasn’t based totally on Nixon lies. I just stated the facts. That is the way it is and now WA and CO are seeing the same as Cali has been since 96. The same as predicted. Cali remaining the only state with true recreational privileges as long as it isn’t bought or sold. No limits for states to bust you and no conditions for states to bust you as states do most of the busts as it is. State prison or Feds are both bad business plans.

        The federalist wannabees are beating a dead horse with the 10th as far as commerce. Less than 99 plants without intent is listed out of MM. Without intent infers personal use. But not by states. Cali can’t enforce Fed laws and Prop 215 has no stipulations for limits or conditions. Unless they try to tweak it for profits kissing the cops, rehabs and prison industry’s ass.

        So the state can’t bust individuals or caregivers providing it for stress as long as they don’t buy or sell it. Dispensaries are not included in the Compassionate Use Act and if they were they would not over ride the Supreme Court decision that all sales are Federal jurisdiction. RvG again and again as if it is going to change within the infrastructure that created it. Dispensaries in 50 states, Hemp producing jobs and midnight movies without stashing the joint when the ushers walk by… tomorrow. Call Obama snd tell him to remove cannabis in all forms from the Controlled Substance Act.

        They’re lashing out because they’re losing.

        Multi national corporations don’t lose. They are lashing out because they have vested interest at stake. Big Pharma is moving in and they don’t want competition. Obama could remove cannabis any time he wants and hasn’t. GOP is still full tilt bogey waging war. So when i can legally not quasi as I can now. But legally grow it or buy it anywhere in the US or on the planet, then I’ll agree they are desperate and lashing out as a final battle. Piss tastes and cages or asylums are all profits. Nothing personal.

        LIFE MAG said sooon we will know… Oct 31, 1969.

        They’re using dirty tactics and deceptive messaging…because they’re losing.

        The same tactics, so were they losing in 1937 when they said Ganja made blacks make eye contact with white women? Or it caused insanity and death to the degenerate lower class races? They use dirty tactics because the truth is still hiding at the HHS. The 1999 IOM report should be finishing trials with the FDA but hasn’t even been presented to test until the HHS releases it. No dude, I think you know better than that. They are in it for the money and anything goes as far as perpetuating this longest war on citizens.

        The brave souls who built the distribution infrastructure have done mankind a service. The Hempsters are pushing a billion in sales and still not in the US where farms are going belly up. Unemployment and putting your savings into something built on bogus but legal lies. Against the Wall St profits on the status quo markets, illegally. How are they not Martyrs?

        It is all illegal until cannabis is removed as a schedule#1 narcotic. The cannabis underground has proovided quality buds at reasonable prices for decades. Now they are semi less at risk except for Feds and state laws. Prices have dropped. Just the lack of integrity knowing Nixon lied and it goes unchecked says a lot more know the truth, and do it anyway. That seems criminal on the government side and yet they are 4 decades of lying in court, planting evidence and hurting sick people. With the same access to past scientific studies. Justified for the good of the kids BS.

        The States of Washington, Colorado and California still have a thriving dispensary trade…because they’re losing.

        If wishes were fishes. Did you not just see the link that CO is getting busted? Obama isn’t going hog wild as Walters and McCaffrey did. But again he hasn’t changed the law and the next contestant to win the white house can go either way but Wall St is not going to finance any campaign that takes profits from them. So again. Being optimistic to the point of delusional is not a happy place to be.

        And the State market plans are still going forward, and not many potential participants are deterred anymore….because they’re losing SO BADLY.

        Are you watching the same results as the free world? What exactly are they losing dc? Their budget? No. Number of employees? No. Less confiscations, forfeitures and arrests? Not really. Less feds and more state arrests for the new laws putting limits and conditions.

        Incrementalretardation. Ask someone in Georgia or Wyoming how much better it is. Or Utah or Alabama or even Pennsylvania. It’s a done deal as long as Big Pharma has the same whole plant products and patents and raw materials. Why would they just be so charitable to us? Have they ever been before? In the History of Corporations have they ever stopped making profits for the good of the people? No and they aren’t going to just give their drug war empire and wall street profits over to stoners either.

        The beast is still thrashing. So what?

        So now you are making my point? So what indeed? Same ole shit. people going to jail for supplying natural medicine or less toxic recreation than what is legal. Whack a mole and that is why I can’t trust dispensaries for chronic patients needs. As it stands I might or probably would have to put them back on their seizure pharm aids because no one thought it was still outlawed? So I’m not sure of your point. As it is the profiteers are like House slaves, some even afraid of emancipation. As cartels and DEAth are afraid of legalizing. They have a good deal and never go into the fields or get beat. Like GOPers afraid of independence, preferring being told what to do and what is right and wrong. Safety over Liberty.

        We’ve toughed it out so far and I don’t see any reason not to keep on the way we’re going. Seems to be working.

        It is working in the Central Coast. It’s not any more “legal” than in 1995 according to the Feds. So the slaves under Jefferson treated more as low wage employees without the beatings and chains were better off than free men? No and we aren’t either. Not until the CSA removes cannabis in all forms. States with individual laws, limits and conditions are all helter skelter band aids. All but California’s Citizen’s Initiative. Not put together by politicops to retain the profits of prohibition at the state level. Except for those growing commercially or dispensaries cutting in on the profits destined for Big Ag and Big Pharma. Hemp is in the same boat. Without removing it from the CSA we are nothing but beggars pleading that the mean ole gubmint sees the right thing and moral thing and its really better for the kids thing if we legitimize and remove the lies. Like I said, anyone want to buy a bridge?

        • darkcycle says:

          DdC, it would have been just as effective to say “I don’t share that opinion.”, and it would have saved you several hundred words.

        • Windy says:

          Enough good points that I am posting a link to it on fb. I especially liked the part about the 58% who favor relegalizing cannabis in all its forms contacting Holder and Obama (no ability to email the president directly, anymore, Obama got rid of that back in his first term, but perhaps snailmail or calling the WH will do).

    • Tony Aroma says:

      Don’t go dissing Dragnet! It was hilarious. Even as a preadolescent at the time, I was very aware that their portrayal of “hippies” was more an old person’s interpretation of what hippies were like, not in any way based in reality. In fact, I still remember to this day my favorite line from Dragnet. When Joe and Bill caught a hippie with a baggie of green leafy material and asked what it was, the hippie replied, “It’s oregano, man. I’m a gourmet cook.” Now that’s comedy!

      • DdC says:

        Tony Aroma
        November 21, 2013 at 5:55 pm

        Don’t go dissing Dragnet! It was hilarious.

        Any brainwashing instrument is hilarious to those implementing it. Dragnet and Mod Squad and Ironsides all were propaganda flicks to trash alternative ideals and lifestyles, especially hippies. As far as entertainment value, worthless. Lenny Bruce, Mort Saul Moms broke it open and away from Dragnet Obedience School. Then George Carlin, Rodney and Richard Pryor…that’s funny. Dragnet is sick. It insults the intelligence and deadens compassion the same as the modern cop shows. It denigrates a portion of the population they deem unfit. They also cause the conditions making it all unfit. It’s not the drugs killing people, it’s the prohibitches. Exaggerations and flat out myths are employed as well as the ugliest actors as bad guys. Or the most fucked up on crack or drunk. Bad = black hat, black markets and blackmail. Good is the chemical white smoke from the cigarettes. The psychology behind marketing. Hate Love violence sex and big breasts. Just to show negativity and one sided justice or Just Us. Not funny, mindphucks.

        Even as a preadolescent at the time, I was very aware that their portrayal of “hippies” was more an old person’s interpretation of what hippies were like, not in any way based in reality.

        it was their reality. Just like DARE is reality for them. Or Hitlers Enabling Act was reality and the propaganda to reconstruct humans in their image was and is reality. Dragnet was the precursor for DARE. Yes it was so farfetched sometimes we laughed at their far out antics but they were serious about it and their message was serious. Sometimes military recruiting agents would tell jokes and promise easy gigs in the army. Then when they found themselves on the front lines… ooops. 20 million arrested for pot because Dragnet kept the elderly afraid enough to keep the laws in place and not question Nixon. Hogans Hero’s tried to mellow out the Nazi’s into comical characters. I wonder how many escaping the Holocaust found it was funny?

        In fact, I still remember to this day my favorite line from Dragnet. When Joe and Bill caught a hippie with a baggie of green leafy material and asked what it was, the hippie replied, “It’s oregano, man. I’m a gourmet cook.” Now that’s comedy!

        Or when Joe Friday took the drowned baby from the tub and blamed it on the mother smoking pot and forgetting about the baby in the bath? Or that none of the “hippies” when they became mainstream ever smoked pot or protested the war. Just fancy circus costumes and groomed long hair with lots of beads. I Dream of Jeanie or Bewitched or hey it’s the Monkey’s, Partridge Family or Hawaii 5-0 book em danno. Jed Clampet turned into detective Burnaby Jones and Fathers knows best became Marcus Welby. With a long haired cycle riding side kick who also never fired up a doober. The FBI with Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Jake and the Fat man or Mannix all with messages to deliver to the audience.

        None portrayed hippies as a counterculture activist smoking pot and carrying signs saying hooray for our side and stop the war. All propaganda best not watched, but if need be at least smoke a fatty first. Sorry its all designed to mold kids into the shape of the profiteers ideals. I’ve been helping people get cannabis doing hospice work since 1990. It’s never been better, but then its never been draconian outside of selling it or getting your name in the papers. Lungren and Wilson had no respect for the CUA or did they try to enforce it. CA cops still teach it isn’t medicinal. P&G are infamous for producing soap operas to sell their own products and paint a rosy picture of how America should be as opposed to what it is. Oh they would rarely but occasionally have a character take LSD and get a few episodes of drama out of demonizing it and playing the user as a victim.

        TV is a propaganda tool the same as censored school books and the drug war gossip. Wall St profits, that is it. They really don’t care about anything outside of their bottom line. Cannabis is just too versatile and prohibition brings more income tax than minimum wage. So cages profit while schools tax profits. Racism is about cheap labor. Sumbudy got to do it if we’re all equal who shovels the shit? Minorities have long served for less cost less education, less health care and worse living conditions and environments. Because that is the way the script is written and passed on through the boob tube and silver screen. Radio before that and books before that.

        Slasher flicks replaced real horror movies and it was always the people smoking pot and having sex who got killed off first. Guaranteed. If you were black, smoking pot and having sex, with a white woman you were killed off before the credits rolled, literally on many occasions in the southern bible belt. That is their job. Same people selling crappy soap operas are selling anti drug ads and pro war ads. Dragnet included. Harry Morgan .rip. made more sense in The Apple Dumpling Gang but will be remembered for TV M*A*S*H, Not the Robert Altman movie breaking ground. New and improved militarized cop war stories. Take Back the Airwaves and subsidized cable!

        Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.
        Frederick Douglass, Civil Disobedience Manual

      • Don't you know my name? says:


        So Tony, did you ever see the time they caught a man named Blue Boy when he was tripping on LSD? Here’s the whole episode on YouTube but Blue Boy tripping is in the first 3 minutes. Now that’s comedy! Don’t you know my name? But I have to agree with the assertion that Dragnet was one of the funniest sitcoms ever. If you’ve already seen Dragnet’s perception of tripping on acid it still cracks me up. You might get a laugh from watching it again.

  14. claygooding says:

    I have not checked out the raids going down in CO but I bet they follow the same pattern as WA’s recent dispensary raids
    where the majority of the hits were on disp operators with questionable sources and customer base,,the same thing happened in CA also and although they actually got some that were legal a vast majority of them were not within the states regulations.
    Everybody here knows the temptation of making an extra buck and it must seem so easy when you are sitting there with some of the finest marijuana in town(more than you can ever smoke)and customers are beating your doors down.
    If one of your employees doesn’t deal under the table or a local thug(s) doesn’t rob you the fucking feds come by and collect taxes the hard way. IF i opened a dispensary all I would sell is edibles and tinctures,,not a bud on the place for anyone to drool on or be tempted by.

    • DdC says:

      There are NO provisions in the state of California for dispensaries, buying or selling. Period. Local zoning laws but they do not have authority to enforce Fed laws and the CUA is more about keeping individuals out of jail. Supremes decided the fate of Commerce and what it is concerning cannabis. Only gossip and wishful profiteering make the waters murky and confusion, that is still no defense in court. Feds not busting something doesn’t make it legal. Just because its the best thing to do doesn’t make it legal. There are NO states Legal to sell cannabis buds or grow Hemp. So now its the bad outlaws messing it up for the good outlaws? This flick is better than anything on Netflix. The risks have always been there for growers. Some of the toughest people around. The lengths to provide a service and small profit for themselves the past decades is one of the few things you can point to that is admirable imo. The breeders and growers hiding small crops, miles from roads with ample water or it is hiked in. Pests blights and flying monkey’s. The risk has changed to the same low life crime in any city, any business risks. Armed holdups and thugs. Dispensaries have more security than liquor stores except the Feds coerce the banksters into not dealing with pot. More cash from banning plastic cards, armored cars and licensed security. Another of a long line of prohibition side effects… Collateral damage for the sake of the kids.

      DEA Bans Dispensary Security and Armored Cars From Picking up Cash

  15. Francis says:

    Cops that are almost human? I like sci-fi as much as the next guy, but that’s a little too far out there for me.

    • DdC says:

      After decades and generations of brain manipulation through propaganda and demonizing. 3/4th of a century of prohibiting nourishment for the Endocannabinoid system. Reaching a robotic Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency. Thus evolving Larger ‘Fear Centers’ in Their Brains. More fear causes more need of safety and a willingness to give up liberty for it. Serving with a blind belief and obedience in what they are programmed to believe. Then passing it on along with the standard hypocrisy and stigmatizing those outside of the system. Not letting themselves think or believe heretics. Turning their backs on their own people and even fighting against the one thing that could make them whole again. Using Pot To Save Brains! Plant a seed and save a cop!

      The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus by the Supreme Being as his father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.
      — Thomas Jefferson, 1823

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