Reform Conference – 2013

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  1. Jean Valjean says:

    Good to see an African- American church figure, rev Sanders, emphasizing that the drug war is the mask for all prejudices, a way for authoritarians to disguise their promotion of bigotry, to make racism “acceptable.” This approach has been lacking for generations despite millions of black youth being railroaded into prison. (At about 1:20 on the video)

  2. allan says:

    wasn’t it Rev Sanders that organized the DC anti-WOD rally this summer? Even if not, this event has to be an eye-opener for many.

    I mean… “holy crap! It’s not just those white hippie kids anymore Vern, they’ve got the blacks and laa-teenos joining up with them!”

    I smoked my first (but not last, thankfully) hash in Denver. Saw my first big rock show – Alice Cooper’s Killer tour – there. Saw the Exorcist on acid at a midnight show there… (I was on acid, not the Exorcist).

    Thanks to the USAF for two tours in their photo school in Denver at the late Lowry AFB.

    Ate my first Whopper there. Ate my last true deli pastrami on dark rye there. Learned to ski while there (I’m Scandihoovian and skiing is like walking, it comes pretty natural, ancestral memory and all that ya know). Learned that blue balls is a funny term until ya been there, there… drove in my first snow there… damn, I hadn’t realized how busy I was when I was young.

    oooh… drank my first legal alcohol there (3.2 beer when I was 19, woohoo!). It was invaluable training for tavern life later on. Learned public pool table etiquette and all the important stuff like that…

    Larimer Square was the “bad” part of town back then… all in all a nice place to visit Denver, but wouldn’t live there again. I would attend a drug policy conf there.

    • Jean Valjean says:

      if it was the same guy he’s had a remarkable change of view on the drug war. Maybe he’s been reading Michelle Alexanders “The New Jim Crowe.” Maybe he just senses which way the wind blows.
      OT just listening to Waiting for My Man…for me one of the all time great songs about addict life. RIP Lou.

      I’m waiting for my man
      Got 26 dollars in my hand
      Up to lexington 125
      Feelin’ sick and dirty
      Huh, I’m waiting for my man

      Hey white boy, what you doin’ uptown
      Hey white boy, you chasin’ my women around
      Pardon me sir, it’s furthest from my mind
      I’m just waitin’ for a dear-dear friend of mine
      I’m waiting for my man, come on

      Here he comes, he’s all dressed in black
      Pr shoes and a big straw hat
      He’s never early, he’s always late
      First thing you learn is that you always gotta wait
      I’m waiting for my man

      Up to a brownstone, up three flights of stairs
      Everybody’s pinned you and nobody cares
      He’s got the works, gives you sweet taste
      Then you gotta split because you got no time to waste
      I’m waiting for my man

      Hey baby, don’t you holler, don’t you ball and shout
      I’m feeling good, I’m gonna work it on out
      I’m feeling good, feeling so fine
      Until tomorrow, but that’s just some other time
      I’m waiting for my man
      I’m waiting for my man
      I’m waiting for my man

    • Windy says:

      Wow, you were brave, allan, to see The Exorcist on acid. I saw it completely straight and it scared the you know what out of me. Now, Yellow Submarine, that was a whole different story all the way around.

  3. Jared Polis Challenges Federal Marijuana Prohibition: from the Conference

  4. cy klebs says:

    The time is ripe for all to end pre-employment drug screening. It is a very modest expectation for seeking honest lively-hoods.

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