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Marijuana – the silent killer

Malta Asked whether he would discriminate between hard drugs and soft drugs, Fr Cordina said that in terms of social responsibility, there is no difference between them. “The abuse of hard drugs is easier to detect due to its overt … Continue reading

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Tweets from the Conference

Update: Statement of the day from Uruguay — #Uruguay rep on #marijuana reform: “we’d rather breach intl #narcotics conventions than intl #humanrights law” #reformconf Exactly. I’ve long felt that that’s the easiest (and most true) approach to dropping out of … Continue reading

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Fetal protection

Shackled and pregnant Wis. case challenges ‘fetal protection law’ … seems to me there needs to be fetal (and mother) protection from drug warrior busybodies. In cases like Beltran’s, “the woman loses pretty much every constitutional right we associate with … Continue reading

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