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September 2013



Addiction – it isn’t just about the drug

For the most part in this country, we’ve gotten past the moral argument against overall drug legalization, although that still exists. Today, it’s all about addiction. We can’t legalize drugs because they enslave people and cause them to be addicts, and if we legalize drugs their availability will insure that there will be a massive […]

Taking on Frum and the SAM club

Fighting marijuana… or reality?, by David Nathan at CNN, is a response to David Frum and really hits this point well

Cannabis is habit forming in a small percentage of users. Marijuana intoxication impairs driving, though the risk is similar to that of drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.05%, which is well below […]

The real villain is the drug war

Radley Balko’s latest post is a sobering one in a lot of ways (watch the video).

Various thoughts come to mind afterward.

What a tragedy.

Finally a case where there is some accountability.

Four years? When they go after state-legal marijuana providers with longer sentences?

It’s good that the officer was held to account, […]

Senate Judiciary Committee with mandatory minimums hearing

September 18 at 10:00 am Eastern: “Reevaluating the Effectiveness of Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentences”

Witness List

The Honorable Rand Paul, United States Senator, State of Kentucky The Honorable Brett Tolman, Shareholder, Ray Quinney & Nebeker, Salt Lake City, UT Marc Levin, Policy Director, Right on Crime Initiative at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Austin, TX […]

Dismantle the DEA

Great OpEd by Bill Piper in the Seattle Times: Guest: Is it time to get rid of the DEA?

THIS year is the 40th anniversary of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Already plagued by scandals, the agency has recently been revealed to be collaborating with the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency to spy […]

A ‘right’ drug war?

Doesn’t exist.

The Concord Monitor seems to think it does. Editorial: The right drug war, and the wrong one

The right drug war, as the appearance of a member of the ultra-violent Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel in U.S. District Court in Concord yesterday demonstrates, is essential and remains under way. Hard drugs, like the ton […]

Senate Hearing on Federal-State Marijuana Law Conflict

Conflicts Between State and Federal Marijuana Laws — follow this link for the live webcast. Also live on

Today (Tuesday) at 2:30 pm Eastern, 1:30 Central, 11:30 am Pacific.

Please limit comments on this post to discussion of, and reporting on, the hearing and related items.

Kevin Sabet’s written testimony for the hearing Seven […]

Odds and Ends

Diet of quinoa, mushrooms, cocoa kept world’s oldest person alive at 123


A 123-year-old farmer, from Bolivia, who has been named the oldest person alive, has claimed that a diet of quinoa, mushrooms and coca has kept him alive for over a century.

Ah. I found it sadly humorous that the headline […]

Marijuana hearings…. and Sabet

This has been discussed a fair amount in comments, but I wanted to address it in a regular post.

This Tuesday, September 10, at 2:30 pm Eastern, there will be a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee: Conflicts between State and Federal Marijuana Laws

Witness List

Panel I

The Honorable James Cole, Deputy Attorney General, […]

Open Thread

Someone at the Baptist Press has got their panties in a bunch. Feds surrender on marijuana policy

WASHINGTON (BP) — The Obama administration has waved the white flag in the war on drugs by deciding not to challenge state laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use, a Southern Baptist public policy expert says. […]

The […]