The real villain is the drug war

Radley Balko’s latest post is a sobering one in a lot of ways (watch the video).

Various thoughts come to mind afterward.

What a tragedy.

Finally a case where there is some accountability.

Four years? When they go after state-legal marijuana providers with longer sentences?

It’s good that the officer was held to account, but what about the policy?

The drug war makes everything worse.

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  1. stlgonzo says:

    Cops fear menthol ban will spark black market boom

    Yet they can’t expand that logic to the war on drugs.

    • Paul McClancy says:

      Wow, reading that article made me furious! Here are a couple of excerpts:

      “Thomas Stanton, who previously headed cigarette interdiction efforts for the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, said that both Big Tobacco and the law enforcement officials who oppose a menthol ban because of black market concerns “have no idea what they’re talking about.”

      ‘All I can say is, they’re not very bright,” Stanton said. “The ban on them, menthols, is not going to do a damn thing.’

      ‘Stanton said that if there were a ban on menthol cigarettes, it would make it effectively impossible for smuggled menthols to be sold in conventional retail settings because they would be, by definition, illegal to be sold.’

      “That would contrast with the current black market, where legal cigarettes bought in lower-taxed jurisdictions are smuggled to high-tax jurisdictions such as New York City and sold openly in bodegas and other stores, Stanton noted.”

      Pardon my French but what a crock of shit. As I have always said, “if you ban it- they will come”. But here’s the part that really pissed me off:

      “Peter Hamm, spokesman for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, said the law enforcement officials who wrote comments to the FDA should be asked if they “think that heroin and yellowcake uranium should be legal because in the absence of them being legal it leads to a black market.’

      ‘That is really the logical flack in the whole counterfeiting and smuggling argument … It’s an industry-generated farce,’ said Hamm, whose group supports an outright menthol ban on health grounds.”

      I’ll give credit to Mr. Hamm, it is an industry generated farce, but not in the way he thinks…

    • Duncan20903 says:


      They don’t give a crap about the black market, they just don’t want to be labeled racists. Menthol cigarettes are for colored people you know.

      No, I’m not kidding, just delivering the facts in a tone of ridicule for these nutcakes. Menthols would have been banned with clove and all the other flavored cigarettes a years or so ago if they weren’t so joined at the hip with people of color. Newport even introduced a non-mentholated Newport Red in anticipation of that event.

      Now it’s plain to see that nobody can argue that the entire line of “reasoning” by the new tobacco free FDA isn’t just plain stupidity. Well at least not without being laughed at in utter derision. But keep your pants on because as far fetched as it sounds they’re intent on outdoing their current level of stupidity. Within the last few weeks they’ve discovered that e-cigarettes are a “gateway” to smoked cigarettes. I bullshit you not! There’s just no way that such a thing could happen in a work of pure fiction.

      E-cigarettes: Healthy tool or gateway device?
      By Jen Christensen
      September 13, 2013

      The anti-e-cigarette camp

      Critics point out e-cigarettes come in kid-friendly flavors such as gummy bear, atomic fireball candy and cookies and cream. It makes them worry that e-cigarettes will become a gateway to encourage kids to develop a lifelong nicotine addiction — or worse, try the real thing.

      Only about 20 states specifically forbid the sale of e-cigarettes to children.

      It just might be time to admit that the best thing we could do for our society is to drill several shafts down to the planet’s core and deploy our WMDs, vaporizing the planet.

  2. stlgonzo says:

    Mr. Balko says it all right here.

    “Throwing cops in jail for making split-second mistakes under unimaginably perilous circumstances isn’t going to prevent future Wendell Allens. The problem is that bad policy keeps creating those unimaginably perilous circumstances in the first place. Over 100 times per day in America, break into private homes to serve search warrants for consensual, nonviolent crimes. They aren’t preventing violence, they’re creating it. They aren’t saving lives, they’re putting lives at risk.”

  3. primus says:

    Prohibition is the problem, not the solution. If the thing prohibited is very desirable and sought after by the people, they will find a way to get what they want, and someone will supply it. If it is not desirable and sought after, baning it is pointless. Nobody wants it anyway. Either way, prohibition is doomed. In the meantime, it causes untold damage for no apparent good reason.

    • thelbert says:

      too bad the people running this country can’t grasp this simple concept.

    • Plant Down Babylon says:

      This was Stop the Drug War’s take on the Senate hearings that Leahy conducted a cpl of days ago regarding Kevvie;

      The committee also heard from Kevin Sabet of Project SAM (Smart About Marijuana), the voice of 21st Century neo-prohibitionism.

      “In states like Colorado,” he said, “we’ve seen medical marijuana cards handed out like candy, we’ve seen mass advertising. At the marijuana festival in Seattle we saw 50,000 people smoking marijuana publicly; it’s the public use of marijuana that worries me. I don’t see the evidence of trying to implement something robust, especially in the face of an industry that will be pushing back against every single provision. In a country with a First Amendment and alcohol and tobacco industries that profit off addiction, I worry that, inevitably, American-style legalization is commercialization, no matter the interests of state officials and regulators.”

      But nobody except Grassley seemed to be listening

  4. claygooding says:

    OR legislators are jumping out to put a law through before the voters initiative,,they know the initiative will pass but they want complete control of the production and distribution without working within limits or conditions set by the voters.
    I expect this to happen in AR also if it looks like the MMJ initiative will get the votes,the AR legislators are real control freaks.

    • allan says:

      ehyep… that be Phil Barnhart, local rep. I’m gonna have to have a talk w/ Mr Barnhart.

      Last year changed the position of Oregon pot politics. With the defeat of (Not)Dwight Holton the result of Oregon’s cannabis movement working together and Paul Stanford’s pie-in-the-sky legalization bill getting 47% of the vote, we be making the pols pay attention.

      And if they try and make cannabis legalization into anything other than a model very close to brewing beer in Oregon, they’ll face some stiff opposition. We have more and far-better-educated-on-the-issue legislators than ever representing Oregonians and they are standing firm. Those opposing us are looking like the odd-men out (and women, they can be Farengis too), finally.

      Here in Eugene, one of our problem neighborhoods has in the last decade been slowly getting it’s act together. Ninkasi Brewing put their brewery in the Whitaker (the Whit) neighborhood. Two more local craft breweries are moving into the neighborhood and they are bringing jobs to an area that needed a shot in the arm (bad analogy, the Whit was and is to an extent where the junkies hung out). It’s one of those old neighborhoods with nice old homes and lots of big trees…

      But I digress… I’m going to make a prediction and I’ll wager that one of those Whitaker Neighborhood breweries will brew the first commercially crafted ganja brew. And it will rock steady. Oregon – we like good pot and good beer.

      Any of you old farts remember the band, Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express? They were early into the rock/jazz fusion and mighty damn good. On their albums, the train was their trademark (the Oblivion Express) and when I think of our 300 mph train, that’s the train image I think of (and yes, I poked a lot of smot listening to their vinyl albums):

      With of course a few changes in the graphics… and just to add, like many other bands of the day, Brian Auger is still touring.

  5. Tony Aroma says:

    It just occurred to me that hemp was not mentioned at the hearing the other day, nor in the recent DOJ memo. Do the new DOJ guidelines apply to hemp too? For example, what if hemp is exported from CO or WA to another state? It’s legal to import into the country, it just can’t be grown here. Just wondering if raids will commence once hemp farms start appearing or state-legal hemp starts appearing in other states.

    • John says:

      Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer is aggressively pursuing this. Thank you Mr. Comer.

    • claygooding says:

      Tony,if they come out big and bad on hemp it drives home the claims by advocates that hemp is the reason marijuana can’t be legalized.
      The weak ass claim that they can’t determine if a field of hemp has thc in it is as bogus as their propaganda since all it takes is an agent of the state/county walking through a field and gathering random leaf for testing before flowering begins,,in other words anytime during the first 4 months of growth.
      They will attempt to regulate hemp so strictly that the profits aren’t sufficient to attract many growers.

    • Windy says:

      Just received this form letter, today, from my Congressional rep:

      Thank you for contacting my office regarding industrial hemp farming. I know that this is an important issue for many of my constituents and I appreciate hearing from you.

      As you may know, industrial hemp is a variety of the same plant species as marijuana. However, it has long been grown for non-drug uses in the production of textiles and a wide variety of industrial goods and household products. Currently, hemp is considered a Schedule I controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act; this status means there are strict controls on its production. A number of states, including Washington, have legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp, but growers are still required by federal law to obtain a permit from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

      The Industrial Hemp Farming Act (H.R. 525) would amend the Controlled Substances Act to ensure that industrial hemp is not defined as marijuana. Currently, the bill has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. You may be interested to know, that an amendment to the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management (FARRM) Act (H.R. 1947) would allow institutions of higher education to grow or cultivate industrial hemp for the purpose of agricultural or academic research. I was pleased to vote for this amendment, which passed 225 to 200 on June 20, 2013. Please rest assured that as a member of the Judiciary Committee, I will certainly keep your views in mind going forward.

  6. claygooding says:

    Want to throw some rocks at the DoJ/DEA? They prohibit legal marijuana being sold in states where it is still illegal,,they did not say legal states couldn’t sell to each other. If legal marijuana can be sold in other legal marijuana states the medical marijuana trade can be set up between the 20 states where it is legal.
    That is how I see it Vern.

    • jean valjean says:

      maybe the “free” states should secede

      • claygooding says:

        I keep asking at articles about the eight issues states have to address if CO and WA have to pay neighboring states to kill their citizens involved in the black market like the US pays Mexico in order to show strenuous enforcement .

  7. Servetus says:


    Cops: “If you don’t let us search your vehicle….”

    Drug/bomb sniffing rats undergo police training in Rotterdam:

  8. Nunavut Tripper says:

    Bloody Ratfinks

  9. DdC says:

    It’s Friday the 13th…

    Menthol is only one of hundreds of chemicals added causing health problems with cigarettes, not tobacco. Remember they live in an alternate universe where up is down. Harmful cigarettes produce more profits in the health biz. Why would they want to curtail profits? Unless someone is naive enough to believe prohibition is for the safety of the kids. Yes Hemp won’t be mentioned it will be incrementalized as a controlled substance and the same rules apply as heroin as far as growing. Hemp competition to the fossil fools plastic, meat and cotton poisons makes it more of a threat than recreational use profits taken or shared with Big Booze. Now our chance to tell Naughty NIDA Nora wtf’s really up…

    Doug McVay ‏@dougmcvay
    Any questions for NIDA Director Nora Volkow? Join her in a Facebook chat on Monday 9/16 … #DrugWar #mmot #DrugPolicy

    Eric Sterling ‏@EricESterling
    #marijuanalegalization will help curb teenage #marijuana use: smart op-ed by #sabrinafendrick of #norml …

    TransformDrugPolicy ‏@TransformDrugs
    BMJ: Energy drinks and alcohol: industry funded research may be downplaying harms

    Ayahuasca, Yet Another Prohibited Medicine | Students for Sensible Drug Policy

    Ethan Nadelmann ‏@ethannadelmann
    Guatemalan Pres. Otto Perez Molina will speak about drug decriminalization at UN General Assembly on Sept. 17. Good!

    The Marijuana Muddle: NYTimes on the recent Fed/State clashes

    Not Common Facts ™ ‏@NotCommonFacts
    Mosquitos don’t just bite you. They also urinate on you after sucking your blood.

    DdC ~ The difference is congress can’t fly.

  10. claygooding says:

    “”A new study published last week by the journal Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior has found that cannabis may reduce the brain damage associated with long-term, heavy alcohol consumption.””

    Quick,,somebody send congress a couple of pounds,those alcoholic son’s of bitches are nearly brain dead and send Patrick Kennedy a quarter pound.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      It’s too late to save Mr. Kennedy’s brain. It’s fully pickled. That’s no simple feat when we consider that family’s legendary tolerance to drinking alcohol.

  11. Jose says:

    Speaking of alchohol… So often I come across news stories that mention “murder/rape suspect arrested in home, 3 grams of marijuana found “. Since I can’t have a pony for Fri.13th I would at least like to see for once something like this “murder suspect arrested in home, cold 18 pack of beer found in fridge, 4 bottles of assorted whiskey in cabinet and trash can overflowing with empty bottles”. /rant

    • claygooding says:

      Study Finds Marijuana Grow Operations Do Not Significantly Affect Child Development

      A new study found that the health of children is not significantly affected by living in houses where marijuana is grown, a conclusion that challenges current child care policies.

      The University of British Columbia study examined the effects of living in cannabis grow operations on about 180 children and did not find significant differences between the children living with marijuana and the children in a controlled setting, according to The Weed Blog. ‘snip’
      I missed this somehow and in case anyone else had,,,,

    • Duncan20903 says:


      How about mouthwash in the medicine cabinet? No age limit required for purchase and available for purchase over the counter 24/7. Hmmm, I’ve often asked, what is the “gateway” to A.A. and liver cirrhosis. Could it be mouthwash? Hey, don’t laugh, there are a lot of Listerine Ladies out there. Listerine is between 43 and 44 proof which makes it just about as potent as brandy.

  12. Irie says:

    Am speaking to those on the couch and anyone else who may know of some valuable information, realizing I on my own can seek out and find the variable sources that I need with some time, well, don’t have the time. So instead I am asking you, can some of you send me links on studies (most recent if possible) on the cannabis and breast cancer. I recently received information I have a niece, 10 years younger than me just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. If you all so fill so inclined, maybe some prayers could be sent towards Shari’s way as well…….thank you all.

    • Jose says:

      So sorry, hope this helps:

      I imagine as folks in mmj states chime in they will likely have access to more information.

    • DdC says:

      Irie this might help. We’re sending our good vibes from Santa Cruz.
      Be well…

      Charges Against Rick Simpson Withdrawn
      ☛RUN FROM THE CURE – Full Version U2b

      ☛Run From The Cure
      How Cannabis Cures Cancer And Why No One Knows

      ☛He’s a Healer, Not a Dealer
      Rick Simpson’s “Cannabis Cures Cancer” Case Settled
      Man who claims his hemp oil cures cancer says he’s leaving Canada after fine for trafficking in medical pot.

      Rick Simpson Hemp Oil – Available at Amsterdam’s Garden

      Scientists Re-Re-Re-Discover Cannabis Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers!

      Cannabinoids occur naturally in breast milk

      • thelbert says:

        i wonder what other medicines, besides the ones that get you high, are banned solely on the word of the police and alcoholic journalsts, dead and alive. without the ignorance of the general public it couldn’t have been done. be of good cheer, the ignorant are dying off.

        • DdC says:

          I remember a substance in the 60’s I found in my parents house while in high school called D.M.S.O.. A solvent and it supposedly was an ingestion method (not sure of the official term) You put it on your skin and then any drug you put on it would transfer the lsd high as if you dropped it. Never tried it and have no idea what ever happened to the bottle I had. Still wonder about it with Ganja as a smokeless way to ingest. I heard they outlawed it for that reason. Seems like they stone walled and black listed it at the FDA. Not sure if its actually banned as a controlled substance.
          Joe Biden RAVE Ax included glow sticks and bottled water I believe.

          Cannabis is just too versatile for the corporate synthetics with crude oil or meat farm poisons, cotton, steel, plastic, fish, milk and tree lumber in competition. Plus the biggies Ag, Pharma and the enforcement agencies.

          It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.
          — Upton Sinclair, “The Jungle”

          This vice brings in 100 million francs each year. I will certainly forbid it at once – as soon as you can name a virtue that brings in as much
          — Napoleon Bonaparte

      • Atrocity says:

        Various DMSO products are readily available at Amazon. I have no idea which, if any, are preferable.

        • Windy says:

          You can still buy pure DMSO, I have some in my medicine cabinet and it’s on the shelf at my local supplements store. One thing about using DMSO it makes one’s breath smell like garlic (not a great problem in my book). It is advertised as a great way to relieve joint pain from arthritis, but yes it also aids the “ingestion” of other products via absorption through the skin.

        • DdC says:

          cool. Maybe it will work on Ganja as a smokeless ingestion.

    • darkcycle says:

      Irie. I do not endorse, nor have experience with these people. I can endorse their product, Canchews. They work.

      • darkcycle says:

        …sorry. Having a really, really hard time understanding why it is we have to go through such BULLSHIT to find medicine. /end rant/

        • Duncan20903 says:

          You can find an excellent explanation if you read “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” by Charles Mackay, first published in 1841. When one of our fellows throws up his hands in frustration with the sycophants of prohibition and then asserts that “reefer madness” is real but only affects people from outside our community, I suspect that typically they don’t actually realize just how accurate that assertion is.

          “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”

          “In reading The History of Nations, we find that, like individuals, they have their whims and their peculiarities, their seasons of excitement and recklessness, when they care not what they do. We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.”

          We go out of our course to make ourselves uncomfortable; the cup of life is not bitter enough to our palate, and we distill superfluous poison to put into it, or conjure up hideous things to frighten ourselves at, which would never exist if we did not make them.”

        • darkcycle says:

          Very, very familiar with that book, Duncan. It should be required reading.

      • DdC says:

        Candyman Stoner Schmuck tried banning Hemp lollypops claiming they are a stepping stone to heroin.

        Oh and least we not forget the flyboys banning yogurt.

      • DdC says:

        thanx dc I’ve been looking for a way to get cbd’s for a patient with seizures to show their doctor. The white powders given are wicked. Phenobarbital and Dilantin. This would be so much nicer.

        • darkcycle says:

          It just so happens I spent some quality time at their display area at the Cup and tried a couple of their products. They are the reason behind my post about gaining renewed respect for CBD. Glad that was well received….I half expected a spanking for linking that, but I see the post is still up.

    • Irie says:

      Thank you everyone for contributing web sites regarding my request towards articles on cannabis helping in the fight towards breast cancer! I will be on the hunt for any new material coming forth, if you see it first, feel free to list it here, because I come to the couch often just to see what all you brilliant minds are up to and saying!! Thanks again for taking the time to let me know what you found! I love ‘weedheads’ they are so kind and considerate!!

    • Pete bulkner says:

      Serves her right dope head. fYI that’s just gonna give her more cancer.

      • Irie says:

        FOR YOUR INFORMATION MR. BULKBUTT….My niece does not consume cannabis, but I am trying to enlighten and teach her that there are other alternative medicines out there, cannabis being one, and am showing the results with studies done with the proper professionals. So unless you have more than 2 brain cells to rub together, don’t comment on something you have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE ABOUT AND ARE TO STUPID TO LEARN!! How dare you wish cancer on anyone, I repeat,how dare you wish cancer upon anyone….you(parasite) I pray for. May God help your soul.

        • DdC says:

          Sorry Irie, someone left the cage door open again and another troll got out to spew his hate. We must be more careful when feeding these critters. They could have the rabies virus lurking behind its green teeth and the putrid smell of gangrene is mask by the booze on its breath. If you want to make them mad use words with vowels in them, it drives them limbaugh… White trash on white powders and ethanol. Trailer park princes sucking up to the rich in hopes they tinkle down upon them. This pig gives cops a bad name. Hell, this pig makes politicians and lawyers seem decent… Back in your cage troll or no Kochroaches for dinner!

      • darkcycle says:

        Pete B. Not amusing. Not even remotely. Go back under your bridge.

  13. DdC says:

    Yes the real villain is the drug war. So lets handcuff patients even more with silly state laws to appease the drug war perpetuators. That’s a plan? Enough, recall!

    California Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Seeks To End Federal Crackdown

    What’s important is that it continues to allow a city to ban marijuana if it wants to,” she said of the measure, “while still supporting great cities like Oakland, San Francisco and West Hollywood, where regulation has occurred and is successful.”

    Oh yes that is the top priority, of the DEA and dung worriers!

    A.B. 604 is a combination of Ammiano’s earlier bill and one presented by Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento).

    And when we stopped it you just couldn’t get the message so you try try again. Putz!

    “They listened to the concerns from law enforcement officials very closely,” said Nate Bradley, a former deputy sheriff and the executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association. “That’s what makes this a good bill; it understands that regulation will take a while, and offers a plan for the meantime.”

    Is it me or is anyone else just sick of hearing about the poor fucking freaky dung worrier law enforcement worries about citizens getting a safer alternative to the corporate status quo. Just sickening. Cops should not be politicians or give up your guns! Putz’

    “In California, it’s been the wild, wild west,” said LEAP’s Goldstein. “The laws have been too vague, and when the laws are too vague, it allows people to undermine the law — both the bad apples in the industry and law enforcement officers.”

    Dear Neill Franklin and LEAP

    Prop 215 is the only law we need. The only legitimate way to protect citizens is by removing cannabis federally as a controlled substance. Along with hemp. Stop this incrementalizing more restrictions than we already have and stop the fear mongering about the wild west crap! Cannabis is safe and Obama’s arbitrary non enforcement can change with the next election and with state restrictions even more persecution. Stop it! Bad law, just say NO! Prop 215 covers citizens for any reason with no limits outside of the feds that won’t be effected by these silly state laws. Stop it!

    Huff Post reply

    CO and WA are subjecting citizens to amounts you can not grow. Prop 215 is still the only law of the land legalizing recreational use up to what the feds deem commerce or over 99 plants or over 300 joints every 25 days. The Incrementalists as you advocate for are in it for the money and most don’t even use it. 215 has already established for any reason for any one with no limits set. That is recreational as it gets without selling it. That is the only ruckus, not about recreation its about selling it and taxing it and still busting it. Not under prop 215 the get out of jail free card. Designed with that purpose and it works except for those trying to sell it against Raich v Gonzales and the Supremes decision. We have the best law outside of overturning the CSA which is the true reality of removing punishment and being able to exchange it federally. Stop the gossip. This law is moot concerning the feds the same as WA and CO in spite of the hordes of wishful thinkers and wantittobees.

    To Ammianno and Nadelmann

    More Incremental Retardation?
    Ammianno should stop appeasing the prison industry…
    Remove cannabis from the bogus CSA and free all 50 states. He should know that. Prop 215 is the law of the land and no two bit politician appeasement will change its protection, so why waste our time? Why bring more confusion just to please the police? 215 works fine and nothing statewide will change federal policy so go erect a stop sign. Do something useful! And LEAP, nothing will remove my support faster than wimpy cops fearing cannabis. It is not the wild wild west and stop fear mongering for more regulations we don’t need!

    Catch 22²
    Patients Out of Time

    What happens when cops write initiatives.

    Follow CA or Bust’

    Thou Dost Protest Too Much, Methinks

  14. DdC says:

    POT TV – Coming this Monday, five days a week, in your face and with no apologies: Kubby TV. In this premiere episode: An introduction to Kubby TV and an interview with Seattle Hempfest founder and director, Vivian McPeak.

    Watch more episodes of Kubby TV on Pot TV.

  15. thelbert says:

    here’s a quote from Jose’s third link: “The therapeutic properties of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, have been known since antiquity, but the recreational use of its euphoric and other psychoactive effects has restricted for a long time research on its possible pharmaceutical application.” So it was the recreational use of cannabis that caused research. i did have spirtual relations with that plant, so i may have forgotten that i stopped all research in 1974, and wiped all record of it. or maybe it was the researchers getting high and not doing their jobs. or maybe it was the police state mentality of the entire century.

  16. thelbert says:

    add “to be stifled” after research. disregard spelling errors above.

  17. Duncan20903 says:


    Hot diggity dog, Here’s another first. Did anybody see this one coming? I sure got blindsided. This one is from the “triple thud 3-D!” category:

    State gives medical marijuana dispensary $357,000 loan

    And not for nothing, the State is New Jersey for crying out loud! A government loan given to people that are going to use the loan proceeds to finance a company that will grow and sell merrywanna. Un-friggin-believable.

    • claygooding says:

      Any bets the guy that signed that note did not ask Christie about it before he loaned the money,,any bets on how long he has that job?

  18. Jean Valjean says:

    “Farmers are planting, I consider this achieving the goal,”

    Colorado, a state with no tradition of growing hemp is ahead of traditional hemp states like Ohio and Kentucky… when the Colorado crop hits the market these two states are sure to want a cut of the hemp profits.
    The first item I see made of Colorado hemp I will buy, whether i need it or not!

  19. Interesting poll:
    Your Views on U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag [Poll]

    • Jean Valjean says:

      97.9% think she should not remain in office.
      She reminds me of a Replicant from Blade Runner, Rutger Hauer’s older and meaner big sister.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        But what about the flying monkeys? If Ms.Haag were cashiered from service there would be horrid suffering in her army of flying monkeys! Don’t you care about the flying monkeys?

  20. thelbert says:

    being an old fart i found this intersesting since i was in vietnam at the time: thanks to DdC and firedog lake. too bad we can’t dig up nixon and hang him for treason. there’s always hank kissinger though.

  21. DdC says:

    Redford and Hoffman were better reporters than Woodward and Bernstein.

    Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.


    Pissing on Drug Warrior Graves
    Tours start in December for the south and June for the Northern dung worriers who have left their stain and lies and beat the hangman by their untimely DEAths. Finally some sense of Justice from the departed and for the millions of victims. First piss stop is Nixon and Rayguns in CA. Then onto Strom Thurman, Jessie Helms and Anslinger, Rockefeller and Hearst. Jerry Ford, Prescott Bush and HQ Bush, even if he’s technically only walking dead.. Piss on him anyway! Some think he’s too mean to die. We can always hope.

    • thelbert says:

      excellent idea. my VA doc has me on a diuretic so that part is easy. i’d prefer to use a trebuchet to deliver a bigger payload. trucker bombs for ronnie and dick.

  22. Servetus says:

    Hayley Krischer has a piece at Salon discussing how women are far more likely to be discriminated against than men for ingesting cannabinoids. She says prejudice makes women more defensive and less open about cannabis preferences.

    Oppression differs for men and women in the U.S. Both groups are different kinds of victims, owing to centuries of ancient caste systems, social hierarchies, colonization, and outright slavery. Glass ceilings still abound. The accumulated weight of sexual discrimination allows disproportionality in the combined effects male-female politics, and once again, the mess lands right in the center of prohibition’s court.

    Women have as much right to use marijuana as men do. Give women a break. Give them a spliff, or a dab from a vapor pen.

  23. claygooding says:

    The doc is still at it:

    Legal Medicinal Cannabis In Britain ACHIEVED!

    “”This is the most joyous news that I have dreamed of writing for years. Legal access to herbal medicinal cannabis in Britain has been achieved!

    Following a procedure on which we have offered advice and guidance, a CLEAR member has returned to the UK from Holland with 90g of Bedrocan medicinal cannabis which was prescribed by his UK GP. He declared the medicine at customs, all 18 tubs containing five grams each were examined, he showed the various documentation which we have obtained and he was authorised to proceed.”” ‘snip’

    This may get called a foul but British customs looked at the paperwork and passed it through,,busted them for some illegal mustard though.

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