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It’s always the money

The cops depend on drug war money from seizures and drug war funding… prisons, treatment centers, drug testing companies, federal agencies, politicians, and more all profit from prohibition. So it should be no surprise… New Study Finds That State Crime … Continue reading

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Urging people to become ascended beings composed of pure thought

Prohibitionists depend on a lack of conscious thought and sweeping generalizations. Here’s someone who took the impossible notion of “drug-free” even a step further… Hudson Summer Fest to showcase positives of being drug free “We’re trying to show the positive … Continue reading

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How dare we take this away from them?

Delightful article from Ryan Grim on the reaction from some police groups… Police Groups Furiously Protest Eric Holder’s Marijuana Policy Announcement WASHINGTON — A broad coalition of law enforcement officers who have spent the past three decades waging an increasingly … Continue reading

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Well that certainly clears things up

Obama won’t sue Colorado or Washington state over pot laws Nearly a year after Washington state and Colorado voted to legalize recreational marijuana, the Obama administration announced on Thursday that it won’t sue the states to comply with federal laws, … Continue reading

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Great Moments

Radley Balko has a fun piece in the Huffington Post: Great Moments in Drug War Propaganda There are a lot of classics, here, that brought back some memories. What are your favorites?

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Air Force admits to being too stupid to manage drug tests

Air Force Bans Greek Yogurt With Hemp Seeds Over Anti-Drug Policy Concerns The Air Force warned personnel over the weekend to steer clear of a specific flavor of Chobani Greek yogurt that includes hemp seeds. Hemp contains trace amounts of … Continue reading

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Arbitrary enforcement, secrecy, self-interest, and the loss of government legitimacy

The drug war and the national security scandals have overlapped in so many ways, not the least of which is a growing sense of the erosion of the very foundation of legitimacy of government. Certainly in a Democracy at the … Continue reading

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Whenever you think the DEA can sink no lower…

Step 1: Force Pot Clubs To USe Cash. Step 2. Bar Them From Hiring Guards. Step 3: Finger-Wag About Drug Violence … the Drug Enforcement Administration has ordered security and armored vehicle companies to quit serving state-legal cannabis providers, according … Continue reading

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It isn’t just in the U.S.

Racial disparity is a fact of drug prohibition. Release (UK) has released a new report: The Numbers in Black and White: Ethnic Disparities in the Policing and Prosecution of Drug Offenses in England and Wales Here’s just a taste of … Continue reading

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That so-called Third Way

Strong article in the Atlantic by Jeff Deeney: To Stay Out of Jail, Must Nonviolent Offenders Submit to Medical Diagnoses? The following passage, I think, really points out the problem that we’ve been railing about with the so-called “third way” … Continue reading

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