Robert L. DuPont vies for stupid OpEd award, but loses.

I thought for sure that nobody could top the idiocy of Steve Adelman who danced a jig around the possibilities of marijuana’s involvement in the Boston tragedy.

But here comes DuPont. Lessons from Boston bombings about marijuana, education

While Jahar’s marijuana use did not directly make him a terrorist, it closed the door to his dreams of being an engineer or physician and it opened the door to his suicidal violence

Really? And you know this… how? And yes, at first, I thought that DuPont had topped Adelman on the stupid scale. But no, it turns out it’s not stupdity after all. Remember that DuPont is in the drug testing business…

Human loss is particularly onerous if it is avoidable.

What if Jahar had been required to take drug tests to obtain and maintain a driver’s license? Might he have changed his behavior if faced with real and immediate certain consequences for his drug use? What about the tens of thousands of kids nationwide who are caught in similar drug-induced downward spirals? New technologies make minimally intrusive drug testing part of a practical approach to preventing and identifying drug problems early. Can our society afford to ignore the measures that are available to encourage young people to find positive drug-free directions for their lives?

Yes, that’s right. DuPont is telling lies and trading on those who died in Boston to promote drug testing to increase his own profits.

That’s as low as you can go.

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21 Responses to Robert L. DuPont vies for stupid OpEd award, but loses.

  1. In rehab circles this man is worshiped like a god.

    He is an opportunist of the worst kind. A liar and a fear monger who promotes the dangerousness of marijuana to further his own vested interests. There is no morality in continuing the war on drugs that kills thousands and imprisons thousands more. That helps to deny needed research into the life saving qualities of marijuana. His hands drip red with the blood of all the victims of this horrid drug war.

  2. Francis says:

    Speaking of drug testing, I just came across this story:

    Study: Student Drug Testing Programs Linked To Spikes In ‘Hard’ Drug Use

    Researchers at the University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research analyzed the impact of student drug testing programs in some 250,000 high-school and middle-school students over a 14 year period. Investigators reported that random drug testing programs of the student body and programs specifically targeting student athletes were associated with “moderately lower marijuana use,” but cautioned that drug testing programs overall were “associated with increased use of illicit drugs other than marijuana.”

    Urinalysis, the most common form of student drug testing, screens for the presence of inert drug metabolites (breakdown products), not the actual parent drug. Because marijuana’s primary metabolite, carboxy-THC, is fat soluble, it may be present in urine for days, weeks, or in some cases even months after past use. By contrast, most other illicit drug metabolites are water soluble and will exit the body within a matter of hours. Authors of the study speculated that students subjected to drug screens were switching from cannabis to other illicit drugs which possessed shorter detection times.

    • “I think school leaders should realise that drug testing does not have a simple association with student drug use,” said Yvonne Terry-McElrath, from the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, one of the authors of the study.

      “It is likely that a drug-testing programme would associate with some degree of decrease in marijuana use but also with some degree of increase in use of other illicit drugs,” she said. “It is clear that drug testing is not providing the solution for substance-use prevention that its advocates claim.”

      At schools where all students were subject to random testing, the research found that the probability that a teenager had used marijuana in the past 30 days fell from just over 25 per cent to less than 21 per cent. But the chance of their having used other drugs rose from just under 14 per cent to over 16 per cent.

  3. Marihuana is a very dangerous drug. According to the documentary Reefer Madness marihuana intoxication results in a characteristic insanity marked by uncontrollable murderous rage. In the few cases where users do not develop an incurable insanity, even a single use of the devil’s lettuce is a gateway to heroin. And heroin is a gateway to homosexuality and communism.

    Clearly the only way to get a handle on this scourge is to implement real-time drug testing of the wastewater from every toilet in America. Combined with a camera installed in every john we can identify those dastardly drug users. Some might say that this is an unacceptable invasion of privacy of our most intimate bodily functions, but can our society afford to ignore the measures that are available to encourage young people to find positive drug-free directions for their lives? I just happen to know a company that could manufacture such a device, it won’t be cheap, but our children’s future is worth any cost. Don’t you care about the children?

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, testing people’s sewage for substances on the naughty lists is nothing new.

      Sewers being tested for cocaine content

      WASHINGTON, March 27 (UPI) — Officials in Fairfax County, Va., have agreed to participate in a White House pilot program analyzing wastewater for cocaine content.

      County workers have collected five days’ worth of water samples at the pollution control plant in Lorton, according Anthony H. Griffin, a Fairfax County executive.

      The samples were then shipped to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Rockville, Md., where they will be analyzed for traces of benzoylecgonine, the main urinary metabolite byproduct of cocaine.

  4. Take two bong hits and call me in the morning says:


    Not infrequently we use the word acetaminophen on this blog and in our arguments against perpetuating the utter stupidity of the absolute prohibition of cannabis. Now would anyone else be as shocked as I was to learn that acetaminiphen gets at least a healthy percentage of its medicinal utility because it binds to CB-1 receptors? Don’t let me forget to mention that the study presents some pretty compelling supporting evidence that cannabis actually does help people reduce their levels of depression.

    Study finds marijuana buffers against negative psychological effects of social exclusion
    By Eric W. Dolan
    Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    Research published online May 14 in Social Psychological and Personality Science has uncovered that marijuana buffers people from experiencing social pain. “Prior work has shown that the analgesic acetaminophen, which acts indirectly through CB1 receptors, reduces the pain of social exclusion. The current research provides the first evidence that marijuana also dampens the negative emotional consequences of social exclusion on negative emotional outcomes,” Timothy Deckman of the University of Kentucky and his colleagues wrote in the study.

    The four-part study, which included a total of 7040 participants and three methodologies, was based on previous research that found an overlap between physical and social pain.

    Acetaminophen, which is used in over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, has been found to reduce physical and social pain. Aceteminophen and marijuana both affect cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors in the brain and both drugs are used to treat physical pain.


    • darkcycle says:

      Huh. That is wild. I had been aware of research on Social Exclusion and the link with physical pain, it’s very real. Ever worked with teenagers? A teenager will respond to social exclusion very much as if they had been physically hurt. Turns out, this is in fact the case. The same brain responses triggered by a broken arm are triggered by not being invited to that party…
      Anyway, this makes so much sense on so many levels, that your post was a really big “AHA!” moment for me Duncan. That’s very, very interesting.

  5. ezrydn says:

    Just another dying breed PROHIBITIONIST who’s only concern is his own bank account. What about the children, indeed. Like you care. If the child doesn’t agree with you, what’s your option? INCARCERATION! “Lock step” is no longer the dance fad it once was. YOU are illicit and should be banned.

  6. BORG 54 says:

    :Lab Sounds:
    I Love my New Calorie Reduction. 85 is Just Right. So Glad you Discovered my Hidden Liberty Device and had it Removed. Thank You, All Hail Cube HQ.

  7. Today I learned that Tommy Chong cured his cancer with marijuana, that marijuana helps people to stay skinny, that it can stop type 2 diabetes and possibly be used to treat diabetes.

    If this man had his way, I would have never read those headlines today.

    In view of DuPont’s article I seriously question who the terrorist is. I think Pete is too kind just calling him “low as you can go”

  8. jean valjean says:

    duponts buddies the semblers have a teenage girl on their drug free america site with a caption saying “its good to know someone cares enough to drug test us”

    • War Vet says:

      It’s good to know that someone cares enough to keep drugs illegal so we can go to the Middle East 12-13-14yrs after the fact . . . with a huge recession stemming from a $2billion a week war against drug money. That’s what the poster should really say when it comes to the kids and the prohibition of drugs.

  9. Servetus says:

    Power and greed certainly dominate DuPont’s career. But has DuPont’s mind slipped to the point where he believes his own hype? It’s one thing to be a fraud – delusional is something else.

    It’s clear that Dr. Robert L. DuPont, a Harvard trained psychiatrist, has abandoned the scientific aspects of his profession. Instead, he’s been a driving component in a persecuting society. How or why this happened would be interesting to know.

    We’re really missing a golden opportunity to do effective research on some of the old-guard prohibitionists such as DuPont, Bensinger, Walters and Bennett. A series of brain scans, even a genetic sample, might prove useful to future pathologists. If any specific trends or conditions are observed, psychologists may one day want to call the new ailment the DuPont Syndrome.

  10. claygooding says:

    My comment at the article was removed,,all it said was that Dupont was in the urine testing business and is trying to increase his profits.

    • War Vet says:

      Maybe you forgot to wash your hands of bleach first Clay . . . they flushed your comment down . . . you were perceived as a false positive. Next time, comment with a little Golden Seal (if that really works)

  11. kaptinemo says:

    When you corner a rat, it realizes that it has nothing left to lose and comes out fighting, but it’s with a certain degree of craziness fostered by the threat of their imminent demise.

    When you corner prohibs, they come out fighting, too…and just as irrationally as the aforementioned rat. The difference being (as yet, so far) it’s not his/her physical existence that’s threatened, only his/her meal ticket, social standing, access to Power, etc.

    But they’re just as freaking crazy.

    Oh, and one more thing. DuPont hasn’t reached the nadir of self-serving opportunism in the face of tragedy. That award belongs to the denizens of DEAWatch who, only 1 day after 9/11, were suggesting exploiting that tragedy to link it to drug prohibition in order to garner more funding (the debate mentioned was one that took place the day before the tragedy, between the then-head of the DEA and then-Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson):

    12 Sep 2001, 14:09 PST, 5th Edition
    “N.M. Gov. Debates Legalizing Drugs with DEA Boss, con’t:

    Instead of screwing around with Gary Johnson Asa should be making public statements equating community drug dealers with terrorists.

    We all know that a good portion of drug money is going to terrorist organizations. Drug dealers and terrorists are one and the same: they both work to undermind our national security. Somebody should tell Asa to leave the debates to ONDCP and start acting like a law enforcement executive. He is missing a good media opportunity to raise the drug war issue. Terrorists and drug dealers are one and the same… or is it only the flower part of the poppy that Afghanistan ships to the U.S.??? (Emphasis mine. -k.)

    The rest, as they say, is History. The DEA got what it wanted, even to the point of operating like a military unit in A-stan…and the heroin from the poppies grown there is still pouring in, cheaper and purer now than ever before. All because they wanted to take advantage of a tragedy. DuPont can’t hold a candle to them.

  12. kaptinemo says:

    The past is indeed prologue.

    I went looking for that DEAWatch quote in CannabisNews’s extensive search database…and found some old postings by the regulars back then that, sadly, have been borne out by time as being unfortunately prescient.

    Start at the one titled “N.M. Gov. Debates Legalizing Drugs with DEA Boss” and then move up the list of links. It just goes to prove that it seems the ones truly concerned about what was about to – and DID – happen to our rights were very people who’d been warning about their erosion for years…but nobody wanted to listen to a bunch of (sneering) druggies.

    But you didn’t need a crystal ball to see what was coming…and DID happen. just a sense of History. As a line from the Bible goes, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. And tyranny is as old as Humanity…

    • War Vet says:

      Seek power by creating a drug war that limits freedom of said drug users while wasting taxes . . . use this same drug war to seek further power and rob freedoms and finances from the non-drug users of America via the fear of terrorist attacks, fear of economic woes and fear of an increase in immigration coming from fleeing Mexican citizens. So, the drug war is two fold: go after drug users with the support of the people who have been lied to about the drug war and then go after the very people who initially supported drug prohibition lies via allowing terrorism and long expensive wars to wallop around . . . and then the Feds come up with cure to combat drug money financed terrorism and drug war induced recession like a snake oil salesmen faking the cure to liberation. They promised to liberate us from drugs and now they promise to liberate us from terrorism and recession . . . the Devil tries to cover his face with a mask that strangely resembles that of the Devil’s face. Or in short: creating a beast so one can create a beast to capture the first beast . . . though both monsters were born from the drug war. America is like that old lady who swallowed a fly and then needed to swallow something to catch the fly.

  13. Fallibilist says:

    Now I’m in the limelight cause I rhyme tight/
    Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade/
    Born sinner, the opposite of a winner/
    Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner


    So Robert DuPont is using a cowardly act of terrorism (and one that killed an 8-year-old boy) in order to increase his rehabilitation business’s profits?

    If DuPont’s position is triumphant, the murderer Tsarnaev (an Islamic radical) could avoid the death penalty.

    By providing Tsarnaev with a plausible defense to plead “not guilty by reason of [cannabis-induced] insanity,” I think that DuPont is “providing aid and comfort to the enemy.”

    So, remind me, what’s the punishment for Treason?

    • War Vet says:

      I second that motion. Let DuPont have the joy of picking either a hemp rope or a synthetic rope to swing on.

      Either way, the drug war finances terrorism. One can state accurately that all Prohibs and people who practice prohib laws are Radical Muslim Terrorist Sympathizers by consequence. If we were at War with Radical Terrorist Canadians, we’d call these prohibs, cops and DEA: Radical Canadian Terrorist Sympathizers. But we’re not at war with our dear friends up in Canada now are we. You cannot spell Al Qaeda without a D or an E or an A . . . without the drug war, they’d be in desperate competition with other crooks, thugs and the mob for the rest of the non-drug black market money. Its the age old question: do you want killers to have millions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars?

  14. W. Mullaney says:

    DuPont and Adelman work together. Adelman is Director of Physicians Health Services, inc which is under the same umbrella as the ASAM and the FSPHP– both political organizations fronting as medical organizations. The doctors are afraid of these people.
    See pages 55-73


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