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June 2013



Regulation is only as hard as you make it

Legalizing marijuana is hard. Regulating a pot industry is even harder. by Mike Konczal in the Washington Post.

It’s hard to slog through all the hand-wringing in this article — fears about making the wrong decisions in regulating marijuana, as though legalization involved suspending a massive anvil above the population and you only had one […]

Let them smoke pot

Nice editorial in the New York Times: American Mayors – Let Them Smoke Pot

What the Conference of Mayors resolved seems appropriate — and sensitive to the reality that public attitudes toward marijuana are liberalizing rapidly. In 1969, the Pew Research Center found that only 12 percent of Americans favored legalizing the drug. By 2010, […]

Something to read

So this showed up today from Amazon. I’m looking forward to reading it, as soon as I get some time. I’d hurry up and review it, but it doesn’t really seem that Radley needs my review – he’s already got rave reviews on the cover from Norm Stamper, Anthony Romero, Arianna Huffington, Ron Paul, […]

International Drug Day Celebrations

As always…


Chinese authorities have once again commemorated the UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by stepping up their drug enforcement efforts.

Ahead of the UN anti-drug day on Wednesday, Xinhua News Agency reports that six men were executed in China on Tuesday for separate drug-trafficking charges. Another four individuals were […]

For those concerned about the Voting Rights Act

Thought I’d share with you a post I made on Facebook.

It would be a mistake to assume that the Voting Rights Act in any way ensured that all African Americans were able to vote. The biggest factor in suppressing minority vote is not even addressed by the Voting Rights Act — felony disenfranchisement.


DEA dog and pony show today

The DEA just can’t contain itself. I’ve gotten multiple press releases from them about a special press conference today, where they’re going to get to show off their latest big bust. Must be a doozy, because they’re milking it (and teasing it) for all the publicity they can get.


World Drug Report

The World Drug Report for 2013 was released this morning by the UNODC. This is actually a useful report in terms of all the international information it contains, but of course it is also a product of the UNODC, and so any commentary within tends to hew to the standard pro-drug-war rhetoric.

In the preface […]

U.S. Mayors and marijuana policy

As you may have heard by now, the US Conference of Mayors unanimously passed a resolution on Monday urging radical change of federal involvement in marijuana laws. The resolution includes:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the United States Conference of Mayors reaffirms its support of fair and effective criminal justice and drug policies and […]

Asset Forfeiture Gone Wild

BuzzFeed has a hilarious/horrifying piece: The 14 Most Ridiculous Things Police Bought With Asset Forfeiture

Just of few of them…

Michael McDougal, then district attorney for Montgomery County, Texas, spent over $400 on tequila, rum, and kegs and $139 on a margarita machine. The DA’s office even won first place at a county fair for […]

Open Thread

Getting ready to open a show in Chicago Saturday, which has kept me busy and on the road, and the NSA leaks story has been getting a lot of my attention, so I don’t have much today.

Should Pot Be Legal in Barrons.

Whether Congress realizes it or not, a good number of citizens […]