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Tweet from Transform Drug Policy

Trying to blame the Denver 420 shootings on marijuana is like trying to blame the Boston bombings on running #growup

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  1. claygooding says:

    The violence surrounding marijuana will evaporate when we quit funding criminals and police.

  2. Clone of Chong 58 says:

    Spark, Meet PowderKeg. Stay the Course. Courage under Fire, Man.
    I’m Hungry.

  3. Duncan20903 says:


    The problem with that assertion is that we’re getting blamed for the Boston Marathon massacre too. One of the assholes that planted those bombs used to be a fan of wake and bake according to people who knew him and may or may not be telling the truth. But I think that everyone here knows that the truth is not a welcome visitor in the home of a prohibitionist and is therefore irrelevant. Somebody said that he was a fan of cannabis and the rule is that anything bad that happens in the general vicinity of cannabis no matter how remotely associated was caused by the cannabis.

  4. There's more than one way to spin a headline says:

    New study says whole plant medicinal cannabis is effective in treating pain:

    Using Marijuana to Treat Pain?
    A Pill May Outlast a Puff

    Study shows a pill containing THC lasts longer and may be safer than smoking pot

    When researchers tallied their data, they found that both the smoked drug and the pill were about equally effective at controlling pain.

    After smoking the strongest cigarettes or taking the highest strength of the pill, it took people an average of about 12 to 13 seconds longer to report feeling pain from the cold water compared to when they took the placebos. Both forms of the drug also significantly increased pain tolerance, the amount of time a person was able to stand the pain before they pulled their hand out of the cold water.

    Additionally, study participants reported that their pain was decreased after they smoked either strength of marijuana cigarette and after they took the highest strength of the dronabinol capsules.

    The biggest differences between the puffs and the pills had to do with how long it took the drug to work and how high people felt after they used it.

    Please notice that the whole plant cannabis for the study was supplied by Dr. ElSohly from the Federal government’s bunk weed farm at UMiss.

    Naturally there’s no mention that smoking is not required to gain the benefits of cannabis whether for medicinal need or just for enjoyment until some wiseacre noted that in the comments column. Neither did they acknowledge Dr. Tashkin’s 2006 study that debunked claims that cannabis causes lung cancer and instead warned that it could happen.

    I must say it’s just plain stunning how they threw their golden boy under the bus because he produced a study with unapproved results. Almost as stunning is the fact that it pains me to have seen them do that. All those years I thought Dr. Tashkin a research hack producing results on demand I never would have dreamed that I’d ever feel sorry for him. Of course neither did I expect that I’d ever link to one of his studies as supporting evidence promoting our agenda. The day that his study came up in my Google news searches is one of those vivid memories like where I was and what I was feeling on the days when JFK and RFK were assassinated, or watching the second tower fall on 9/11 live on TV.

  5. ezrydn says:

    All I can say is Indica is a Godsend for PTSD sufferers.

  6. Am I premature in saying that marijuana prohibition is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on America?

  7. Servetus says:

    The plot thickens in the alleged link between the marathon bombers and marijuana.

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev is suspected of killing his best friend, Brendan Mess, along with two other individuals on the tenth anniversary of 9-11. The three may have supplied pot to his younger brother Dzhokhar.

    The bodies were covered almost ceremoniously with marijuana. And $5,000 was found in the apartment. Also, there was no sign of forced entry, suggesting Mess knew the killer or killers.

    One theory is that Tamerlan may have taken exception to Mess either giving or selling pot to his younger brother. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was known to be an enthusiastic pot smoker. Mess seems to have been similarly fond of marijuana, as indicated by a tribute video posted after his death. The footage shows him taking a deep toke from what appears to be a joint at a summer pool party.

    If the suspicions are verified, this makes the marijuana legalization movement the good guys. It would mean that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was not only a terrorist, but also a fanatical prohibitionist. This plot is probably not what the prohibitionists were hoping for.

    • allan says:

      wow… now if that just doesn’t beat all. Thanks for posting!

    • B. Snow says:

      I heard this on the news earlier, and I was immediately intrigued – As to why this guy might have been killed & covered in marijuana (possibly) by Tamerlan… And left w/ something like $5K in cash too.

      Was it the ‘Fanatical Prohibitionist’ thing, Did he have a “quarter-life crisis” & go uber-religious in a horrible/militant way? Did he maybe try and talk his old friend into becoming a zealot/radical = and meet with a “No way dude… Hey, is this what happened to you on vacation/trip home?” response.
      Maybe he got *laughed off* by his friend entirely, or a total BS assurance “oh, well okay then = sure I’ll stop”.

      Only to find out he never stopped, OR maybe he was even supplying the guy’s younger brother? And this chucklehead saw himself as an Islamic “Judge Dredd” Radical = ‘sending a message’ (to the community?)
      Something along the lines of: “Here’s what happens to stoners (who keep smoking after they’ve been warned) around here!”

      Actually, my VERY FIRST thought was that this guy that “didn’t fit-in”, and somehow thought he’d get away with killing the dude = he just needed to sprinkle some weed on him.

      I’ll explain – he’d seen/heard the old Dave Chappelle skit about sprinkling crack on people- Sound clip = Dave explains a reason for not calling the police after a break-in “Let’s sprinkle some crack on him…” and took it seriously.

      Or just maybe he thought it was absurd enough to actually work? And perhaps it did, up until now? THAT might just spotlight the level of absurdity we’ve reached w/ drug prohibition!

    • Opie O'Phile says:

      I saw that in the news too Servetus. If we must draw a line of causality between behavior and drug use wouldn’t it be more accurate to say the younger Tsarnaev was motivated to violence by abstaining from pot, not smoking it? In other words he only became motivated to commit violence after he gave up wake-in-bake. Why isn’t anyone commenting on the connection between stopping marijuana use and violence?

      • Servetus says:

        People should talk about it. Something could definitely be screwed-up with someone who quits using marijuana. It would mean rehab facilities are treating the wrong symptoms. Rehab might be enabling and fomenting terrorists and terrorism.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Sir Paul McCartney became the 1st billionaire rock and roller Somewhere over a decade ago. Sometime after that he fell in love with a [gold digger] who demanded that he quit smoking pot as a condition of their relationship. Less than 4 years later she was off with the nearest truck driver she could find, taking north of $300 million of Sir Paul’s money with her. That made Sir Paul the first rock and roller to lose his billionaire status.

        So let’s recap:
        1) Sir Paul chooses to enjoy cannabis and becomes a billionaire.

        2) Sir Paul chooses to abstain from cannabis and becomes an ex-billionaire.

        BTW Just as a point in fact Sir Paul did not make the bulk of his money from writing Beatles songs. Those rights were sold off decades ago. The last I heard those rights were owned by Michael Jackson. Sir Paul actually has to pay royalties every time he plays one of his Beatles songs in his live shows. Sir Paul made a pile of money buying the rights to Broadway musicals. Grease was one of those properties.

  8. That'll/do/quite/nicely says:

    “Tamerlan Tsarnaev was not only a terrorist, but also a fanatical prohibitionist.”

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