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Drug Testing Industry’s Contributions to the Drug War

A very good article by Isabel Macdonald in The Nation: The GOP’s Drug-Testing Dragnet. The article goes into depth how drug testing industry came about in part as a back-door method to go after marijuana users… But the Reagan administration … Continue reading

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There are too many of these stories

Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic: A Heartbreaking Drug Sentence of Staggering Idiocy John Horner, a 46-year-old fast-food restaurant worker, lost his eye in a 2000 accident and was prescribed painkillers. Years later, he met and befriended a guy who seemed … Continue reading

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Kleiman’s disease model of economic growth

In the previous post, I asked the commenters to discuss Mark Kleiman’s statement: Just 20 percent of users consume 80 percent of all the weed in the U.S., Kleiman said. (Forty-six percent of all alcohol consumed in the U.S. is … Continue reading

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