Parenting choices


Tamerlan Tsarnaev delved deeply into religion in recent years at the urging of his mother, who feared he was slipping into a life of marijuana, girls and alcohol.

So… how did that work out?

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  1. chandler says:

    really pete? this is the type of argument a prohibitionist would make, just in reverse…

    “pot found at the home of a man who blew up a train” –OMG SEE POTHEADS ARE MURDERERS, they should have stayed in church!

    you can try and say you’re being ironic, but you’re not. you went low on this one. shame

    • Josie says:

      actually Tamerlan claimed to give up on all drugs once he adopted his religious lifestyle.

    • Pete says:

      I don’t recall making an argument. Only an observation. I was noting irony, not calling for policy based on an individual case.

      • darkcycle says:

        Prolly shouldn’t have to say this, but…Perhaps the fact he was as crazy as fuck had nothing what so ever to do with the fact he once used marijuana? Perhaps cannabis and mass murder are as loosley associated as mass murder and chocolate? Perhaps I’m a little nutso myself, but you know, we create violent killers in this society. That’s what we excell at. We make the bloodiest movies, we fight the most aggressive wars, we torture and we imprison without trial. Hell, we beat and sexually violate our children. We bully and dominate, and then we wonder “what the fuck?” when sombody actually does what we’ve been subjected to in the popular media and games five thousand times this month.
        Boston doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is that this isn’t the status qou on every street in this bloody country. Read: “Why They Kill” By Richard Rhodes, or read any of the very raw and difficult to see research by Lonnie Athens.
        It really suits no purpose to even bring the two together in one post, Pete, especially here. It’s almost like you have given these trolls license. So Here’s my vote of disaproval.

        • Duncan20903 says:


          Perhaps the fact he was as crazy as fuck had nothing what so ever to do with the fact he once used marijuana?

          Was his insanity caused by cannabis? Not bloody likely.

          Was he using cannabis in an attempt to quiet the demons in his head? Not farfetched at all.

          But since when does the truth matter to the enemies of essential liberty?

    • darkcycle says:

      Where is the argument? I may be confused, but Pete’s isn’t an argument, it’s a rhetorical question. You need to work on your inferential skills.

    • allan says:

      wow… sorry chandler but you’re off base.

      Anzor Tsarnaev said he was “outraged” by his son’s decision to drop boxing. He said Tamerlan told him that a Muslim must not punch another man in the face.

      But setting off bombs intended to shred anything under 3′ (like kids) is ok… what about all this isn’t ironic chandler?

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Wow. I must be even dumber than I thought I was because I thought that Pete was making fun of the prohibitionists.

  2. John says:

    Just imagine what this guy would have blown up if he hadn’t replaced marijuana, girls, & alcohol with religion!

  3. The irony is in the poor taste of anyone hungry enough for a story that would stoop to such slanderous depths for story content.

  4. thelbert says:

    what can we learn from the mistakes made by the young brothers? having drug free blood streams did not make them model citizens. religion seems to have given them the right to judge and punish others without so much as a warning or trial. their big mistake was not loving their neighbors. in their way they were a lot like the dea and other prohibs: killing people for bogus reasons, judging their neighbors, feeling morally superior, trying to jam their beliefs down the throats of others, an inability to leave others alone.

    • War Vet says:

      I heard they were influenced by various radical websites. I also heard websites cost money to run and the videos on those sites cost money to pay and train terrorists depicted on said videos . . . so I would say the act of keeping drugs illegal made it where drugs were sold illegally for cash worldwide and thus it’s logical to assume that drug money played a part in financing the websites and videos that influenced them. Of course, if it wasn’t for the fact that Massoud was a real human being and allied with the U.S. and fought with Anti-Taliban forces and warned us in April 2001 about 9/11 (assassinated Sept 9th 2001), I wouldn’t believe drug money played nearly 100% in financing 9/11. Do you remember when Hunter S. Thompson wrote a brief paragraph about 9/11 in 1988 (‘Generation of Swine’ pg. 66, published in 1988) . . . how do you interpret that? I interpreted as he estimated something big was going to happen by 2001 (His own words ‘Islamic calendar . . . 2001’) and I sincerely believe 9/11 and our two wars over there influenced or was a significant catalyst for the ‘Arab Spring’. Ironic that a few of his readers where reading about and studying 9/11 twelve years before it happened, though we didn’t know 9/11 was going to be bad or turn out the way it did: “For good or for ill” (HST pg 66).

    • B. Snow says:

      “…judging their neighbors, feeling morally superior, trying to jam their beliefs down the throats of others, an inability to leave others alone.”

      Yep, these days folks seem to be unafraid to throw stones at a moment’s notice = whether it be the sense of “those without sin”, Or “those who live in glass houses”.

      The fact/idea that some people do it for a damn living, well that’s just *beyond sad*, the fact that folks like Kev get paid to do it with tax-payers money is maddening.

      And when Kev talks about how he was “addicted to pot” – but now he’s clean, and that this somehow justifies his zealotry on the matter = Well, That makes ME want to start “throwing stones”, or to stretch the analogy – “lean down and start writing in the dirt” (or would that be allegory IDK?)

      Either way it pisses me off – that HIS weakness(es) somehow constitutes the justification of laws to protect me (and everyone else) from falling prey to the same weakness = which may (or may not) have actually “ruined” some nebulous part of his life…
      But, in practice it really only seems to have made him “qualified” to criticize others from a pedestal with a “I know because I’ve been there and struggled back” stance is just a truckload of horse-excrement!

      If it really ruined or damaged him in some = then why the frak are we supposed to be listening to him again?

      I’ve yet to find someone permanently harmed or damaged by marijuana itself, Now – there are some folks who’re just opportunity addicts, they’re “junk-heads” – whose drug of choice is “whatever you’ve got…” (Alice In Chains reference FTW =TVFM) and unlike the song these folks do tend “go broke” and things can spiral out of control from that point for them.
      But this alleged people becoming addicted to marijuana is simply NOT a universal problem, it only holds true for a select few.
      Those who, IMHO rather go the ’12 step route’ and prefer to say/think they are ‘powerless to control themselves’ and therefor not REALLY to blame for their problematic ‘drug use’ (normally just an issues of legality) OR their actual real ‘drug abuse’ problems which tend to be more of a financial or health issue on top of legality stuff = and you can damn well bet they didn’t get to the “drug abuse” part until the got into something other than marijuana…

      And that’s still not really any of Kev’s business = well it IS part of his ‘profession’ (such as it is) but you know what I meant.

      The news I heard last night or today was about the older/(dead) bomber-guy = was that his Mom was also on a terrorist watch-list of some sort. They were both put on one back in the fall of 2011 – if I’m not mistaken. It kinda brought me full circle back to the Irony bit – in the sense of the old partnership ad – “it was you, I learned it by watching you”…

  5. Servetus says:

    People tend to connect big events with big causes. Big causes aren’t always necessary. Tiny causes work. Sparks. What may have started as a simple identity conflict grew into terrorism.

    The ages of the two brothers are a factor. Girls, pot, alcohol, in whatever combination or order, are normally found on the path to male, American adolescence. Disrupting this natural processes with myth and nonsense has serious consequences. The consequences can include an abrupt halt to moral development and personal growth. For progressives, it has the opposite effect, because they can rebel against authority. Many of the religious cannot.

    I’ve known of schizophrenics who ruined their lives expecting salvation from their religion. In one case, a schizophrenic woman cast a plea for help from her Christian congregation, only to have her loving church members exploit her illness by ripping her off for large sums of her inherited money. Another woman needing therapy for a borderline personality disorder found no relief relying on her religion, and she and her family suffer needlessly to this day.

    So I’m not surprised in the least if reaching out to religion or misinterpreting archaic forms of faith destroyed the marathon bombers lives, and the lives of others. It happens all the time.

  6. DdC says:

    Have you
    threatened your children with external damnation today?

    Cops Raid Home of Idaho MJ Activists; Seize Child

    • darkcycle says:

      Yep they took those kids away from their parents. Trauma-one, healthy emotional childhood-zero.
      BTW, remember that New York assemblyman who voted against MJ, then got busted with pot in his car? He got his possession charges dropped and gets a traffic ticket. And his kids are sleeping at home, safe. Justice, American style.

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