Talking Drugs

Check out this excellent website with tons of articles about drugs and drug policy, as well as opportunities to share your own stories. Put together by Release.

Talking Drugs

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  1. CJ says:

    HEY THIS SITE IS SO AWESOME! BUT! i tried to send an email to the volunteer area and got a mailer daemon back!! 🙁 hm. well since we’re on that topic, well, if anybody, if Pete or anybody else is in the NYC area and is looking to do something reform related but would struggle alone, you can count on me. I will volunteer to do anything for anybody who wants to do some reform work. I always ask myself what more I can do for our cause and sometimes I don’t have any answers. So if others do, and you wanna do something, you wanna stir the proverbial pot or something, you wanna rent out a room, host a conference but you need someone to help with the chairs, cookies, coffee, fliers, whatever, answer phones? I am here to volunteer to anybody I will to anything anybody wants to do to further the cause. I am in this 100% for life. I think this site Pete has linked to is in a word AWESOME, IDK what their volunteer division is looking to do but for me thats exciting. Maybe they’re having some tech issues though, IDK. But again, if anybody has any ideas, you wanna do a million druggie march, I’ll be right there by your side. I am not kidding at all.

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