Will there be a Colorado surprise?

Check out the calls that are being placed in Colorado right now:

Hello fellow Democrat. Like you I was thrilled to vote for Barack Obama in 2008. In 2008, candidate Obama promised not to use the Justice Department to prosecute medical marijuana in states where it was legal. But the real Obama did just that, more than doubling prosecutions, putting people in prisons and shutting down medical marijuana facilities in Colorado. That’s not the change you wanted on health freedom. But you can still be a force for hope and change by voting for Gary Johnson.

The Johnson campaign is smart. While in most places, they’re more likely to take votes from Romney, in Colorado, they could actually end up taking the state away from Obama. On drug policy alone.

See the full article by David Sirota: The libertarian/marijuana conspiracy to swing the election.

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16 Responses to Will there be a Colorado surprise?

  1. darkcycle says:

    BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!! Say Barry, doesn’t that knife in the back hurt? We know, you stuck us with it. Here, let me twist it a little for you.

    • sowhat says:

      I’m not for it at all if Romney gets elected. Romney will be 10 times worse than Obama. Romney will bring back that puke face John Walters or more likely somebody far worse (if you can imagine that). At least, Obama was open to discussing it with the forums and saying legalization is a legitimate debate. Obama also hasn’t spoke out against the legalization initiatives. Quite frankly, I can’t stand the medical marijuana industry because many among them betrayed the legalization initiative in California. When you burn down the forest it grows back stronger, so when the feds tear down the dispensaries it only emphasizes for many people the need for legalization across the board. This is not a perfect world and I’m sure as hell not going to waste my vote on horse that has no chance whatsoever of winning.

      • darkcycle says:

        How could Rmoney be any worse? It’s not possible. The DEA is raiding as fast as they can get their agents from place to place. And you say Obama hasn’t spoken out against the legalization initiatives? Where were you last election? What, were you born in 2011? Remember Prop. 19 in Cali and Holder’s letter? The one that people credit with derailing the initiative (there weren’t enough pot heads in the state against it to have killed it. They were a fringe of the medical group, itself a fraction of the vote.)? Go ahead, vote for Obushma. But don’t think that that’s going to move this ball one stinking INCH down field. If you want to influence this debate, your best bet is to steal as many vote for Johnson from Obama as you can. Because only if it means their precious elections, will they modify their positions.

        • sowhat says:

          There are HUGE differences between Obama and Romney on drug policy. Anybody saying otherwise is friggin liar.

          I don’t care about 2010. Obama, Eric Holder, and Drug Czar whatshisface hasn’t said anything against the three initiatives that people are voting on TODAY in 2012. Change will happen in November this year under Obama’s watch. You think Romney or other Bush-like Drug Czar would stand on the sidelines with their mouth shut? You think they would say legalization is a “legitimate” debate topic? You think Romney would have ended the crack/powder cocaine disparity as happened under Obama’s watch? Hell, Romney wants to punch a reporter in the face for bringing up medical marijuana as an issue.

          Obama shutting down some medical mj dispensaries is hardly the big picture. We all know perfectly well what the ultimate goal is. We are about to legalize marijuana in at least one state and where is Obama’s Drug Czar? Were you not born when Bush’s John Walters was always campaigning in Nevada and other states around this time?

          Gary Johnson is a racehorse that hasn’t even left the gate and I absolutely will not waste my vote on him in a critical swing state.

        • Pete says:

          When did Obama end the crack/powder cocaine disparity? Last I looked, it was still 18:1.

          Saying something is a “legitimate” debate topic under pressure from several Latin American countries is a far cry from actually, you know, allowing debate on it. This is also the President that didn’t have legalization in his vocabulary and ridiculed people who asked the question in a Town Hall.

          Until there are consequences at the polling booth for not supporting change, no President will have any reason to be on our side.

  2. allan says:

    great timing Pete! For those like me, totally disgusted by the faux debates, tune in Oct 23:

    Gary Johnson Presidential Debate: Jill Stein, Virgil Goode, and Rocky Anderson To Join Libertarian In Debate

    Spread this far and wide please, let people know there IS actually an alternative to the two-headed DemRep Rombama beast.

    • allan says:

      a show of hands on this please…

      How many know that one candidate for President and one candidate for vice-President got arrested last night at the debates at Hofstra?

      funny that… seems like it might be at least a little bit newsworthy

    • Windy says:

      I’ve been spreading that news, and now C-SPAN has decided to show it, Tuesday night at 9 PM eastern time. When I watch the debates I ALWAYS watch them on C-SPAN, there is no bias, no narrative from the “reporters” as is found on all the commercial networks, and you can watch the faces of all the debaters on split screen throughout the debate, no switching back and forth or showing the audience, etc., IMNSHO, the only way to watch.

  3. mr Ikesheeny says:

    Petition to stop the use of ROUNDUP which is used in the prohib fumigation in the rain forests abroad…https://www.change.org/petitions/monsanto-stop-the-use-of-roundup-label-products-treated-with-roundup?utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

  4. claygooding says:

    I posted this first in Daily Show thread,,before looking at this one dang it!

    VOTE GJ,,cause Romney is just a white washed Obama with a gold plated pin stripping of corporate greed!

    Forward to GJ????

  5. cy Klebs says:

    Colorado seems light years ahead from my own state but before the election i feel it is quite compelling to recall the fondness of Gov. Etch-a-sketch for pee testing.

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