Think of the children!

“Think of the children” is one of the most maddeningly ridiculous mantras of the drug warrior, as if the entire world was intended to be some kind of padded child-safe cocoon. It’s certainly a terrible reason to lock up adults (for merely the “message” that their activity sends to children).

It’s nice to see an example of that turned on its head.

King County sheriff makes case for pot

For all the warnings to kids about how marijuana is as illegal and harmful as, say, heroin, the end result is that more kids smoke pot today than smoke cigarettes. And find pot easier to get than alcohol.

“With alcohol being highly regulated, we’re able to have a more reasonable discussion about it, in societies and in our families,” Strachan told The Seattle Times’ Jonathan Martin, in announcing his support for the pot-legalization Initiative 502 on this fall’s ballot.

With pot, “people are sort of winking at it,” he said. “It lives in this kind of limbo — it’s illegal, but also not.” So we have created an “ambiguous, confusing message we’re sending to our kids.”

Exactly. If you must think of the children, then you should support legalization.

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4 Responses to Think of the children!

  1. darkcycle says:

    I think an Off Topic post is what is needed to set this thread off on the right foot. Regardless, all us kids on the couch will enjoy this news. Colorado amendment 64 has a ten point lead in the most recent polls:

    • darkcycle says:

      BTW, Kevvie makes a one sentence appearance, and with that one sentence managed to boil my blood.

  2. Cold Blooded says:

    We’re all children to them.

  3. War Vet says:

    A cop who has decided to not ride in the short patrol car . . . unlike that one Sheriff in Colorado who needs a saftey helmet and floaties on his person when out on duty.

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