Presidential Debate Thread

No, not the one Monday night. But The Tuesday Presidential debate.

Third Party Presidential Debate

Live at 9 pm Eastern (8 pm Central) tonight, October 23. It will be aired on C-Span, al-Jazeera English and RT, or Russia Today, and be streamed live online by Ora TV, Link TV and on the website of debate sponsor Free and Equal Elections Foundation.

The participants will include Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson. The hour and half event is being moderated by former CNN anchor Larry King and Christina Tobin, founder and chair of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation.

Go to the Free and Equal Elections Foundation site for more information, including how to submit your own questions.

And, you can be involved in determining who advances:

As a follow-up to Free & Equal’s October 23 debate at the Hilton Chicago, viewers of the first debate will choose which two candidates advance to the final debate on October 30 via instant runoff voting online. The debate will be broadcast live online and will focus on international issues.

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59 Responses to Presidential Debate Thread

  1. darkcycle says:

    It will be interesting to watch a debate where they will discuss actual issues. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the coverage of last nights debates.

  2. darkcycle says:

    Okay. That’s it. I just frog-marched my ballot to the mailbox. While I feel a vote is a private thing, I will share the salient portions:
    President- Gary Johnson
    Initiative I-502- Yes
    That felt GOOOOOOOD!
    For the first time in my (or anybody’s)life I was able to VOTE on marijuana legalization. And, on the same ballot, I was able to vote for a President who would end the drug war. Two epic firsts in one day. And who do I have to thank for this opportunity? All of us! Me! I can look in the mirror and thank that guy! Thanks, couchmates…we’re getting there!
    Doesn’t matter what else happens today…it was a GOOD day.

    • darkcycle says:

      Pardon me while I smoke this epic fatty.

      • darkcycle says:

        Allan, did you HEAR that when I hit it this time? I swear, this wall is starting to look like a pile o’ rubble! You see that hole? I bet I could just walk right on through! Well, I’m gonna go have a look-see. I wanna know what’s on the other side!

        • divadab says:

          Jeez, Darkside, you shore talk to yourself a lot!

        • allan says:

          yeah, actually I did… whilst 25′ up a ladder. Now one thing you don’t like to feel when you’re that kind of high is movement of the ladder. And mine did and I just shook my head… “must be darkcycle smackin’ the wod wall again…”

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Just voted for Johnson/Gray myself. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for I-502…I’m in Colorado so I voted for Amendment 64! Go Colorado Rocky Mountain High! You’re right, that did feel good. Now I’ll load a bowl to celebrate the most important ballot I’ve ever cast.

  3. charlotte scot says:

    You may discover that Rocky Anderson is the candidate you’ve been looking for. Great track record as Mayor of Salt Lake City, a platform of Social, Economic and Environmental Justice.

  4. Klay says:

    I will be voting for Johnson this weekend in early voting. It is time to get rid huge invasive government.

  5. Maria says:

    coworker- “What are you doing tonight?”
    me – “Watching the presidential debate.”
    coworker – “Oh sweetie, I think you’re confused. It was last night!”
    me – “No. That was theater. Debate is tonight. Check out”
    (Later in the afternoon)
    coworker – “What the fuck? Larry King is moderating???”
    (yey for name recognition?)

    As an aside … that is one fascinating list of sponsors.

  6. think for yourself says:

    Most of the sponsors are way too partisan. Also, RT is a mouthpiece for Putin. They regularly give conspiracy theorists a platform to spew nonsense.

  7. allan says:

    and totally OT… but the pup (Toby) I’m involved w/ rescuing from Afghanistan lands in NY tomorrow morning. Yay! Bottom o’ the heart thanks to any couch mates that donated to the cause. A bunch of GIs in Afghanistan are very happy tonite, guaranteed! Small victories count too. (of course Toby is gonna be a 100 lb+ dog so it’s kind of a big victory)

  8. Mr. ikashini says:

    The bottom line is, there is no way to get rid of Willard anytime soon. Now vote for what you’ll blasted want but only one candidate in this overly long campaign are promoting drugs screening for average citizens. What other country on earth would even dream of such practice, not even the ayatolla of Iran!

    • darkcycle says:

      Mr. Ikashini, there are still SOME constitutional limits to the intrusions a politician may propose to enact. This, I believe, is out of bounds, even with THIS Supreme Court. I think we can safely dismiss that as election year hyperbolics designed to give the candidate his “Tough on Drugs” credentials.
      Within the constraints of constitutionality and budget, the federal Government is doing everything it is capable of. There is no huge reserve of money or manpower left to significantly expand this thing. They can’t even maintain it.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        I love it how some people are apologists for Mr. Obama, e.g. well he has to prosecute the dispensaries, the law is the law. If he didn’t do that he’d be called “soft on drugs” and not get re-elected. If it weren’t for all the other Members of Congress and State Governors etc he’d be able to implement his agenda. Then turn around and claim that if Mr. Romney is elected that he’ll single handedly shove a reactionary right wing agenda down the United State’s collective throat. It’s particularly amusing when they’re talking about women’s reproductive rights. Do these people have any clue how hard it is to get a Supreme Court decision overturned/reversed? For crying out loud, have they never heard of Roscoe Filburn?

    • darkcycle says:

      Our enemy is over extended, his re-supply lines are weakening. He has spent his energy and is vulnerable. We are only getting stronger, exponentially. We used to hide, now they hide. We are winning this. We will continue to win regardless of which of these two indistinguishable corporate tools winds up in office.
      Vote your conscience, not your fear.

      • Jose says:

        DC, you summed it up into words easily digested by an American soldier. Bravo. It is a war, thank you. As our “leaders” said last night…… More bayonets.

  9. darkcycle says:

    Just in case you missed the debate:
    Three out of four third party candidates believe marijuana should be legal.
    Do you feel like King Kong? I do. And I’ll sit where the hell I want. *oops, sorry Duncan. Just illustrating a point.*

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Damn, something just flew over my head and I couldn’t make out what it was. King Kong? WTF?

      “We’re on drugs. We’re on drugs,” moderator Larry King reminds him.

      Now that’s just plain funny. ^^^

  10. Windy says:

    Reposting this (modified) comment I left on another thread:
    I watched part online and finished watching on C-SPAN (hubby had control of TV until we sat down to dinner, then I took it over). It was well worth my time and I urge any of you who did not see it to go to C-SPAN site and view it when they post it (should be only a day or so before it is available). There will be another on the 30th, but only two will be debating then, those two who pass the instant runoff voting on the site over the next 18 hours or so. My son who was watching with me said he heard more sense from those 4 in their debate than from Romney and Obama on Monday night’s debate, he’s correct.

  11. Klay says:

    I also liked that they are planning another debate according to how people vote in response to the yesterday’s debate. I went Johnson, Stein, Anderson, and Goode as far as my preference but were there any issues that Stein and Anderson were different on? I think the Green and Justice parties would be wise to combine into one party.

  12. kaptinemo says:

    OT, but very important:

    Media Ignored Expert’s Shocking Findings That Marijuana Helps Prevent Lung Cancer — Now It’s Med-School Material

    Thanks to authentic journalist Fred Gardner for bringing this to us.

    Dr. Tashkin’s findings about the antineoplastic (anti-cancer) properties of cannabis, paid for by us but strenuously ignored by the DrugWarriors as heresy…is to be shared with med school students.

    Every reformer worth his or her salt knows their catechism, and in it is the fact that the first study that proved that cannabis had antineoplastic properties was deep-sixed by Uncle back in 1974. (After we had paid for that, of course.)

    Another study 20 years later made the same observation…and shared the same fate. It wasn’t until 2000 when Dr. Guzman in Madrid rediscovered what Uncle Sam already knew and kept to himself was true: cannabis kills cancer.

    So long as the captive corp-rat media was the only venue through which people received (heavily edited) ‘news’, the wall of silence could be maintained, but not now, not with the Internet. Word got out. And now?

    This is earthshaking. It’s on the same level as Pasteur and Curie and Watson & Crick; a major paradigm change in the medical field is about to happen. Because the wall of silence in the medical community concerning cannabis’s numerous medicinal uses is about to be officially breached. And on a subject that, literally, is ‘life or death’ for tens if not scores of millions.

    The facts of his study are indisputable. The ramifications for cannabis prohibition are incalculable. The prohibs had better find themselves several gallons of ketchup, and soon, as they’ll have a ton of crow to eat. I can just hear it now: “No medical uses! No medi- GLURG! GARG! AWLK!” And I’m not going to do a Heimlich on them; let them choke to death on their lies!

    I took care of a cancer victim for a year and a half and saw what she had to go through, and when I learned of the studies being buried, I wanted to start killing. (I am Scots-Irish, after all.) And after the word gets out of Dr. Tashkin’s study being incorporated into med student curricula, I imagine I will not be alone. But I’ll settle for those responsible getting life sentences in Solitary Confinement at a Super-Max prison, with no hope of parole.

    The prohibs have caused who knows how many MILLIONS of people to die in totally needless pain and misery for the sake of their corp-rat profits. Dante’s Hell should have a special Circle set aside for such as they…and I’d be happy to provide a one-way ticket for them.

    • claygooding says:

      Every President since 1974 should be charged with a crime because they endorsed keeping marijuana away from the people and allowed millions of people to contract and die from cancers that may have never developed or could have been cured with a weed people can grow in the yard.and every drug czar since then should also face a war crimes panel made up of advocates and ex-prisoners of marijuana crimes.

    • Maria says:

      Interesting. I wonder if someone will post the media of Dr. Tashkins latest talk? I’d like to link to it.

  13. josh dean says:

    Weed cause cancer dumb asses.

    • allan says:

      “cancer dumb asses”

      a self-descriptor perhaps… because we know cannabis kills and/or inhibits some cancers. And to not be able to research further on cannabis’ cancer fighting potentials because of ignorance and bigotry is truly a crime. A great and treasonous crime actually…

      • Duncan20903 says:


        allan, did you ever stop and think that maybe the prohibitionists are against cannabis because those people are a form of cancer? If you were a cancer you’d be against a cure for cancer too.

    • darkcycle says:

      You gotta have better than that. That barely even counts as trollery. Maybe you should spend a little time with Wiggles.
      Now I’m being nice here, you aren’t going to get very far in the business of trolling unless you can successfully identify, then push, emotional hot buttons. I’m sorry, but “Weed causes Cancer” is just oppositional. That’s what my four year old does. You need to be able to trigger outrage. You want people to stop what they’re doing and respond in anger. Not pause, and scratch their heads, then move on. Josh, you’re not ready for the big legues. You should go to They’d appreciate your input there and you’d have a much better time. When when you’ve polished up a bit, come back. Good luck.

    • Liam says:

      Away, you bottle-ale rascal, you filthy bung troll, away! (Shakespeare… sort of)

      National Cancer Institute:

    • kaptinemo says:

      (Outraged voice) Dammit! Where’s Troll Quality Assurance? Get ’em on the horn, right now! I ordered a full troll, and what I get is half-assed!

      (Muttering) They must be falling down on the job, again. As usual, the quality of the delivery is anything but acceptable.

      (Hands on hips, inspecting latest troll in exasperation) Another half-baked troll arrives from stock, and it doesn’t even have all the wingnuts tightened down; Hell, it’s even missing a few of those, too! As we used to say in the military, “Its’ sh*t is flaky!” The Troll Factory must be running out of steam if this is the best they can offer.

      (Ruminating) Why can’t we get some decent trolls with enough meat on ’em to make it worthwile? I’m getting tired of gnawing on bones and gristle!

      But in retrospect, in all my years posting here, the trollery has been, at best, pathetically mediocre. Perhaps it is because of the mental caliber required to be a True Believer.

  14. wiggles says:

    You see to identify with thee,yah need ta be drunk but instead yo shit stinks worse than a skunk. Your trollings been debunked,cast out as a prohibitionist punk. Now my trollery is legendary. Really its actually scary. Your worse than Chuck Grassley. He couldn’t even silence me. Prohibit this “you’re just a noobish bitch” still caught sucking on kevin sabets baby dick. Run off before I grab that switch. And beat ya down till ya twich.

  15. Peter says:

    If you hate Obama (socialist Satan) and Romney (pedophile polygamist Satan) here’s an alternative third party candidate:

  16. Servetus says:

    The Chicago Trib has a piece by Dawn Turner Trice, who cites David Simon (The Wire), who calls the drug war a “slow moving holocaust.” Trice discusses an anti-drug-war exhibit put together by Mariame Kaba:

    “Mariame Kaba has assembled for an exhibit on the history of black criminalization and incarceration that opens Oct. 23 at the University of Illinois Chicago’s African American Cultural Center Gallery.”

  17. allan says:

    and gosh, look what the London School of Economics and Political Science just parked in front of the wall:

    Global drug policies need radical reform, says new LSE report

    The global war on drugs has failed and international policy requires radical reform to remove outmoded, unscientific thinking, according to a major new report from the London School of Economics and Political Science which has been endorsed by President Santos of Colombia.


    The Global Drug Wars, published by LSE’s IDEAS centre for the study of international affairs, says that the failure of the global war on drugs is no longer a point of controversy, yet the UN and key governments continue to pursue ineffective policies “driven by a mixture of bureaucratic and ideological inertia.” [emphasis mine]

    • kaptinemo says:

      “…driven by a mixture of bureaucratic and ideological inertia.”

      Not to mention self-serving ends such as money, perks and power, with money being the most obvious incentive to keep on keeping on with an absolute failure.

      Usually, the most costly battles in any war are towards the end, when the losing side becomes desperate. (And as is often the case, to try to damage the winning side so much that they’re weakened, and forced to scale back their demands during any future peace negotiations.) We’re seeing that now with the prohibs. That famous funerary ‘bell’ is ‘tolling’ for them, and they can damn well hear it.

      They honestly believe, in the face of all the demographic evidence to the contrary, that they can maintain prohibition if they destroy the medicinal cannabis industry, selectively ignoring how many voters want cannabis legalized outright.

      They also mistakenly believe that they can nullify that demographic polity with political sleight-of-hand, and brazenly, arrogantly declare ex cathedra that Sativex and its’ clones and derivatives will be the only legally tolerated form of cannabis allowed.

      Such magical thinking deserves a kick in the naughty bits with a simultaneous ‘Oops upside the head’ courtesy of the initiatives passing…if only for that reason.

  18. cy Klebs says:

    Well it goes to show about the tumor inhibiting properties of Pot, Priceless… Telling the public what it wants to hear; even when its true!

  19. wiggles says:

    I dare whoever put up the dislikes, to shut up and pick up a mic. You wanna battle me fight me. Nigga please I’m way above your leauge. I spawned from the prohibitionist razeem. Got caught up in the drug scene. Now I’m spitting the truth as if I could pass for 30 days clean.1 2 3 kevin sabet’s a prohibition addict. Give him treatment, seem like he’s tweekin. Speakin of lies,constently denys science.this boy is a tryant. We all must stand up to the status qu and be definent.tell our governmental officals we anit buyin it.quit lying and shit. I just smoked a jay. Take it to the head for good old jerry. This is america land of the free,controled by the deceved, but their a dying breed. We’re the birth of the new creed. America’s ready to wake up and see the truth,all thanks to the marijuana youth. Makes me sit in the addic, playing with my flute. This boy josh. He soft,he still masterbates to lura croft. He don’t know the meaning of idoiticy.his mother should have termonated prenancy. That would’a been a true blessing. Now everybody on the couch hit the bong and someone else finish this trolls song

  20. wiggles says:

    Oh yeah where can I regesiter and have my own picture? And how do I donate? sorry dumb question guys

    • darkcycle says:

      Up in the left hand corner of the top of the home page there’s an “About”. Click it and it will give you instructions to go to Gravitar, and that will tell you how to get your Avatar. (something tells me I might regret that) To donate click the link that says “donate”. No questions are dumb.

  21. allan says:

    PBS news tonight has a very good piece on yesterday’s presidential debate.

  22. claygooding says:

    Just in case you need a medical study to back up an argument with a prohib or in a posting:

    “Granny’s List” as a facebook page-…0974909?ref=nf

    GC’s 420 pages of MMJ links!…ly-2010-a.html

    New HUGE 2012 Granny’s MMJ Reference List. FREE!
    Email me- stormcrow(at)

    It is the Ragu of the studies list,,,”it’s in there” with studies on everything from autism to sleeplessness.

  23. Duncan20903 says:

    Not an “unscientific” Internet poll:
    Marijuana Legalization Wins Solid Majority Support In HuffPost Poll

    The difference in the results from the HuffPost/YouGov survey and other polls may be partly explained by their methodologies. While most of the other polls used live interviewers over the phone, the HuffPost/YouGov poll was conducted online.

    Differences in question wording may also be part of the explanation. Whereas most surveys have asked only whether respondents favored or opposed marijuana legalization, the HuffPost survey offered a third option of legalizing pot and then taxing and regulating like alcohol. That option may have garnered support from those inclined to favor legalization but concerned about the consequences, for example, when young people smoke it or when individuals use marijuana and then drive a car.

  24. claygooding says:

    Physicians Endorse Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act

    “”Arkansans for Compassionate Care, the committee behind Issue 5, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act, will soon announce a growing coalition of more than 70 Arkansas physicians who have endorsed the measure. The campaign plans to hold a press conference to discuss the support for Issue 5 among physicians in the coming days.””

    If AR passes this medical initiative with no more time than it has been since it was announced,set up and put before the voters,,then our work has been effective,,,cause this is a Baptist belt state and all the NAACP and Black religious leaders denouncing marijuana prohibition as a racist tool has started waking even the Baptist up.

  25. Duncan20903 says:


    I believe I’ve mentioned here that there are so many jury nullifications of medicinal cannabis charges in San Diego that it was a big deal when the idiot D.A. actually got a conviction. The Claifornia Court of Appeals overturned that verdict today. This one dedicated to Bonnie Dumanis and is plucked from the “sometimes you just can’t win for losing so why the hell do you keep playing?” category:

    Jovan Jackson’s Conviction Reversed: California Appeals Court Finds Medical Marijuana Defense Applies To Club Operators, Too

    • claygooding says:

      Love it,,if the left one don’t get you,,,the right one will!!!

      If people saw the statistics for jury trial losses by the prosecution due to incompetence and wrongful procedures by the prosecution attempting to gain a guilty verdict there would be a lot less plea bargaining going on.

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