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October 2012



Legalization is not a single point at the end of a continuum

… it is a continuum.

I was reading an article by Tom Chivers in the Telegraph: Drug laws and evidence-based policy: it’s time to start doing experiments on the British people. Interesting article with some good points, but this hit me:

I’m asking these questions to show that it’s a complicated business, the “War” on […]

Your tax dollars at work

Big press conference today from all the dinosaurs of prohibition, with such names as Bill Bennett, John Walters, Peter Bensinger, Robert DuPont, Calvina Faye, David Evans, and more, pushing to get the Attorney General to speak out against the marijuana legalization votes in November. Here’s the press conference announcement. In small print at the bottom […]

Open Thread

Decriminalise drug use, say experts after six-year study. Advisors say no serious rise in consumption is likely if possession of small amounts of controlled drugs is allowed.

Front page major article in the Guardian tomorrow. Also front page of the London Times. This is pretty huge.

The panel didn’t go all the way to […]

You keep using that word…

The ONDCP is wants you to Celebrate National Substance Abuse Month. Celebrate?

But “celebrate” isn’t the word that they keep abusing. It is, in fact, “abuse.” Check out their definition.

Millions of Americans suffer from substance abuse, which includes underage drinking, alcohol dependency, non-medical use of prescription drugs, abuse of over-the-counter medications, and illicit drug […]


40 Years of Drug War Failure Represented in a Single Chart


A kinder, gentler prohibition

The prohibitionists know that the con game they have to sell is a pig in a poke that that the public has seen through, which is why they keep trying to put lipstick on it.

You have Kerlikowske, for example, constantly touting the notion that there is no drug war, and that the ONDCP is […]

Governor Christie veto certain to result in deaths

Christie conditionally vetoes Good Samaritan Emergency Act

“This bill as drafted … fails to carefully consider all the interests that must be balanced when crafting immunities to the protections provided in our criminal laws,” Christie, a former U.S. attorney for New Jersey, wrote in a veto statement. “Thus, although the bill addresses perceived impediments to […]

We don’t need any more…

Occasionally in comments for newspaper articles, I’ll see some comment along the lines of:

We don’t need any more unmotivated zoned-out stoners, so let’s keep marijuana illegal.

Wow. What a concept. The “we-don’t-need-any-more” system of legislating. Forget analysis of whether the laws work, or whether they might affect other responsible people. No, this is much […]

Think of the children!

“Think of the children” is one of the most maddeningly ridiculous mantras of the drug warrior, as if the entire world was intended to be some kind of padded child-safe cocoon. It’s certainly a terrible reason to lock up adults (for merely the “message” that their activity sends to children).

It’s nice to see an […]