A comic

by Stuart McMillen. Good read.

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9 Responses to A comic

  1. Maria says:

    That is beautifully done.

  2. darkcycle says:

    Very nice. The guy has a facebook page. I went there and “liked” it. Lets see if we can get him a few more “likes” 109 is the current count.

  3. stlgonzo says:

    Wow that was really well done.

  4. claygooding says:

    Now I figured out why the government seems to support gay marriage,,,too avoid sexual harassment complaints while fucking both sexes.

  5. Duncan20903 says:

    This one is pulled from the “I was wondering where heck I left that thing” category:

    Marijuana joint falls out of assistant city attorney’s pocket — in court

  6. stlgonzo says:

    OT: Drug Squad Confiscates 1624 Daisies in Suburban Garden Raid


    I really don’t even know what to say. I wish I could say I was surprised.

  7. Duncan20903 says:


    Up until 2006 or 2007 there was an Internet forum called Overgrow.com which was quite popular with fans of home cultivation. It was sponsored by a Canadian cannabis seed dealer and the Feds busted them down to pleasant memories. For those that don’t know they called their site Overgrow.com because they were promoting growing as many pot plants as humanly possible in a bit to overgrow the government. That website is gone but it appears that their tactical strategy is still alive and thriving.

    Huge Marijuana Field Found On Chicago’s South Side

    Police also found evidence of a camp, and officials said the tarp, sleeping bag, soda bottles and Cheetos wrappers at the site indicated someone may have been guarding the field.

    The Department of Streets and Sanitation cut down the plants early Wednesday. The police department’s Bomb and Arson Unit was tasked with destroying them.

    A city truck driver told CBS Radio station WBBM that he called police after spotting a man running from the area while the helicopter was overhead, but no arrests have been made in connection with the field. Officials are using DNA testing to try to find the person who was watching over the plants.

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