Mmm, chicken

I made roasted chicken today, but I haven’t tried this recipe before:

Cocaine-stuffed roasted chicken found

Authorities in Nigeria say they arrested a man at an international airport who was bringing in roasted chicken with unusual stuffing: $150,000 worth of cocaine.

And I thought fresh basil was expensive.

I’ve gotta ask… bringing a roasted chicken on a flight into a country… is this a common thing? … you know, a way of keeping a low profile?

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  1. allan says:

    I’m not one to wander off-topic (very far) but this is one of those moments when I must… and Pete, I hope you don’t mind me hanging this poster on the wall…

    … many lifetimes ago I knew a single woman who had a 3 y.o. girl. They became my friends and I at times had a hand in helping raise this child. She’s now a Captain in the Army. Stationed in Afghanistan flying helichopters…

    I rec’d an email Saturday morning from my friend the mom saying she needed my help. Well, the help she needed was rescuing a pooch from Afghanistan. The GI’s found the dog, left for dead in an off-base trash/burn pile. They rescued the pup and nursed it back to health but now it needs to either come home with his soldier (Rachel) or get turned loose to the whims of the locals…

    I got everybody involved over there in contact with an org in the US that does just that, rescue dogs. The organization is Guardian Rescue and they’ve done a few of these Afghan rescues. It’s non-profit. So if a few of you – especially you veterans! – could throw some change our way you’d be helping me make a bunch of GIs in Afghanistan real happy. It costs around $3,000 to get the pup – Toby – to New York. Guardian Rescue will house and train Toby until my once-little-friend-now-badass-Army-chopter-pilot returns stateside sometime this winter.

    You can go to the link for donations to Toby’s rescue here:

    Thanks Pete, all… btw, I haven’t seen that girl in almost 30 years but it just tickles me to think I can still lend a hand when she needs one… And an extra dose of Props and Kudos to Meredith at Guardian Rescue who has worked all weekend with us setting this up…

  2. Duncan20903 says:

    Chickens and smuggling on airplanes aren’t anything new.

    Coming in from London
    From over the pole
    Flying in a big airliner
    Chickens flying everywhere around the plane
    Could we ever feel much finer?

    Coming into Los Angeles
    Bringing in a couple of keys
    Don’t touch my bags if you please
    Mister Customs Man

    ~~ Arlo Guthrie “Coming into Los Angeles”

  3. SCOOBY says:

    Shake and bake ??

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