Biden connects with his homies

Biden tells African-American audience GOP ticket would put them “back in chains”

(CBS News) DANVILLE, Va. — Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday told a diverse crowd here, including many African-Americans, that presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney would “put you all back in chains” by unshackling Wall Street.

Unfortunately, many of the Vice President’s intended audience were unable to attend because they were serving mandatory minimum sentences crafted by Joe Biden.

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7 Responses to Biden connects with his homies

  1. ezrydn says:

    He never claims any credit for his beloved CSA. I hope someone LOUD makes people aware of his involvement.

  2. divadab says:

    In other words, Biden is saying vote for us: we may be pretty bad, but the Republicans are really bad.

    Biden is an unjust dominionist. But he has nice teeth.

  3. Servetus says:

    As Joe Biden’s audience ponders the last time they were in chains, we bid adieu to the VP’s senseless claptrap as it sinks into the political black hole known as the vice-presidency – reputedly the place where unwanted politicians are sent to retire out of politics, a way to get rid of trouble makers and gaffe-stricken bureaucrats.

  4. Dante says:

    Joe Biden’s mouth. Priceless.

    He has shot more feet than a bad western movie.

  5. War Vet says:


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