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Stupid Drug War Tricks

A truly bizarre article. U.S. News and World Report, covering a report from Borderland Beat (translation from Proceso Magazine): “Bin Laden-like SEAL Team Raid Could Take Down Mexican Drug Kingpin” The Pentagon may send Navy SEALs into Mexico to take … Continue reading

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If the Drug Czar has his mouth open, he’s probably lying

Well, we know he’s required by law to lie, but he does it so… enthusiastically. Mike Riggs has a good piece at Reason: Obama’s Drug Czar Is Lying to You About Drug Courts He points out a couple of areas … Continue reading

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Whither spam?

Totally unrelated to drug policy… While you occasionally see a spam comment that gets through the filter, the vast majority of them are filtered by Akismet, which keeps statistics of the filtering it does on this site. Sometime in late … Continue reading

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