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  1. claygooding says:

    Pete,,saw a story on CNN,,it seems our public workers retirement(law enforcement mainly)is going default,,4 trillion dollars we,the tax payers owe for union backed retirement plans,,I hope all the former DEA and ONDCP cops are losing their retirement pensions.

    • darkycle says:

      Of course the reason we can’t pay those pensions is the Bank Bailouts and unfunded wars. Isn’t it odd that it was just revealed that we (well, the FED) gave a 4 trillion dollar SECRET bailout to it’s own board members? WHAT a fantastic coincidence! Not that I’d ever suggest that money is fungible…or anything wild and crazy like that.
      Well, they’re going after the pensions of the folks they are going to be counting on to control the riots when this shit comes apart. That is something I just can’t get too upset about.

  2. claygooding says:

    Pot-farming SC trooper gets 5 years in prison

    Read more here:

    CHARLESTON — Former S.C. Highway Patrol trooper Kurt Steffen had dreams of being a farmer while he worked as a state trooper.

    But not just any kind of farmer — a marijuana farmer.

    His dreams were dashed Monday when a federal judge sentenced him to five years in federal prison for manufacturing and possessing with intent to distribute more than 100 marijuana plants.

    Tut-tut,,,now he is a statistic instead of creating them.

  3. Mr Ikesheeny says: There is another bill about reform from assemblyman Hakkim Jeffries, don’t know how that would fare any better…

    • Matthew Meyer says:

      In other crappy news, Rahm Emanuel is walking back his decrim proposal:

      “It’s not decriminalization. It’s dealing with it in a different way. Different penalty. Very different” than decriminalization, the mayor said of the hot-button ordinance that will be considered by a City Council committee Thursday.

      “I want to make sure our children get a clear and unambiguous message as it relates to drug use. It is wrong, and it is dangerous.”

  4. AllInWorkingOrder says:

    “Sinds de invoering van de wietpas op 1 mei is niet alleen de illegale straathandel in Venray toegenomen. Ook de drugshandel vanuit huizen is sindsdien fors gestegen.”

    Since the introduction of the weedpass, May 1st, Venray is not only experiencing an increase in street-deals but also drug dealing from private homes is seeing massing growth.

  5. darkycle says:

    Washington’s legalization initiative holds slight lead:

    • Matthew Meyer says:

      Isn’t that several points below where winning initiatives usually are at this point?

      • darkycle says:

        Generally, yes. But if I may appropriate (and misquote) a Monty Pythonism, “It’s not dead yet..” and “I don’t want to go on the cart!”

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