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January 2012



This will end badly

Guatemala president orders army to join drugs fight

One day after his inauguration, Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina has ordered the army to join the fight against drug cartels.

Get ready to start reading death counts.

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15 comments to This will end badly

  • BaggedAndBoiled

    How many fragile democracies do we actually have on this planet that haven’t yet realized how easy it is to start an un-winnable war at an horrific cost to it’s civil population? It’s a human tragedy!

  • claygooding

    And there goes more budgeting for the ONDCP,,I hope the Ways and Means committee is feeling the pinch when the budget hearings start up.

  • Benjamin

    Guatemala is so bad already, this will hardly make a difference.

  • Dante

    The war on drugs is a convenient tool for dictators.

    So is the war on terror.

    Notice, neither war has accomplished it’s main goals – the reduction of the thing we are at war against. In fact, the evidence shows that these wars create more of the very thing they were created to eliminate.

    Was that the point? Is the whole “war” routine a ploy which allows governments to gain power and kill their political foes (along with thousands of innocents)?

    You betcha.

  • Francis

    “And in Mexico, the military has been part of the war on drugs for more than five years, ever since it was deployed by President Felipe Calderon in December 2006.”

    And how has that approach worked out for Mexico? I don’t follow the news very closely, but I’m guessing it must have been a tremendous success. I mean, why else would you emulate it?

    • Duncan20903

      It certainly has been a success Francis. The cartel which employs Señor Calderon has increased market share over 37% in the last 5 years! Several of their smaller competitors have folded up the tents and the rest are hunkered down. As soon as the corrupt officials that are protecting the competition are eliminated it should have a monopoly. Now I’m just speculating, but perhaps this Guatemala thing is actually expansion rather than a discrete event?

      It all depends on what you mean the word “success” to mean.

  • kaptinemo

    OT: Dylan Ratigan brands the drug war as racist.

    They’re finally getting it. We’ve been hammering, hammering, hammering that particular nail for over a decade, and just like with our pounding the ‘prohibition’ nail, the MSM began to pick it up. Keep it up, folks, because this is the sort of bullet the prohibs cannot dodge.

    • Duncan20903

      There are some people really pounding the Ron Paul is a racist meme. It’s very sad.

    • Peter

      gary younge covered the racial disparity in jail inmate numbers in the guardian yesterday without linking it to the wosd. an extraordinary omission. this enabled every racist on the internet to claim that figures meerly reflect greater “criminality” amongst blacks completely dodging the core racial targetting of the wosd. glad to see the full story addressed in this article

  • claygooding

    The leaders of the GOP are probably behind some of it,,the last thing they want is for America to pick RP and force them to make history disqualifying him.

  • Duncan20903

    We still might see Dr. Paul on the Libertarian ticket. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

  • claygooding

    The Case for Treating PTSD in Veterans With Medical Marijuana

    “”Researchers are one bureaucratic hurdle away from gaining approval for the first clinical examination on the benefits of marijuana for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), working under the auspices of the University of Arizona College of Medicine, are preparing a three-month study of combat veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The plan is contingent upon final approval by a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) scientific review panel, which is likely to ratify the proposal after the project leader, Dr. Sue Sisley, alleviated the Food and Drug Administration’s concerns over safety precautions.

    Social and political intrigue surrounding this research is far reaching, attracting opposing factions who must cede biases for the greater good and well-being of servicemen and servicewomen.””

    $10 says the results will be “we have issues with the study”

  • claygooding

    Liberal party to smoke joint in parliament,Liberal-party-to-smoke-joint-in-parliament

    “”Liberal MP Janusz Palikot has announced plans to share a joint in a room in the parliament building this Friday as part of a campaign to completely decriminalize the use of marijuana in Poland.””


  • Cold Blooded

    I sometimes read calls for the US to use its military as well, as if the reason that the war on drugs fails is a lack of firepower. You’ll run out of bombs before you run out of people willing to smuggle drugs. The only thing you do get when you use the armed forces in this way is a military that’s corrupted by drug money.