Marijuana leads to… beards!

There are still pockets of reefer madness that pop up every now and then. This one from Dr. Ruairi Henley writing in the Irish Times is particularly amusing:

I was aware during my college years of the existence of a few long-term cannabis users. I freely admit I regarded these people as a bunch of brain-dead, attention-seeking idiots suffering from a chronic aversion to personal hygiene.

Unfortunately, these clowns usually attracted a cult following of guitar-strumming, arty types whose idea of a fun weekend was to stand outside Brown Thomas screaming abuse at customers intending to buy fur coats.

Another interesting feature of the male section of this half-witted species was their apparent inability to use a razor on a regular basis.

In fact, I cannot recall ever meeting a clean-shaven pothead. This is an approach to grooming they appear to share with trade union officials and borderline communist politicians.

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45 Responses to Marijuana leads to… beards!

  1. Francis says:

    Yeah, but being a narc often leads to cop stache. I think we can all agree on which is the worse fate.

  2. darkcycle says:

    That’s the stupidest thing that I’ve ever heard. Marijuana leads to beards?! Ha. Harleys lead to beards. Idiot….

  3. Nunavut Tripper says:

    Snarky little prick eh ?
    And a world class hippocrite to boot. As a doctor (unless he’s a naturopath which I doubt) he’s a major purveyer of legal drugs.

  4. MaineGeezer says:

    By that logic, all Amish men are potheads.

    I’ve had a beard for over 40 years, and why I started growing one and have kept it has nothing to do with marijuana, which I have no interest in using.

  5. warren says:

    Dr. of what? Possibly the outhouse.

  6. Zack says:

    Ha, I’m a professional pot cultivator and consumer and I’ve been clean shaved for several years… except now my girlfriend wants me to have a beard!

  7. darkcycle says:

    It’s Dr. Ruairi Hanley, and he’s apparently a medical doctor of some ilk.

  8. claygooding says:

    Australia is suffering from too much science,,not real science but the science of creating a market and filling it. First they warn Australians that use is “”rampant”,then the prohibs create a medicine(hemp oil)to help all their marijuana addicts.

    Marijuana Use Most Rampant in Australia, Study Finds

    “”A study published Friday in a British medical journal may have finally uncovered the secret behind Australia’s laid-back lifestyle, and it turns out to be more than just sun and surf: The denizens Down Under, it turns out, consume more marijuana than any other people on the planet.
    The study, an analysis of global trends in illegal drugs and their effect on public health published in The Lancet, a prestigious journal, found that Australia and neighboring New Zealand topped the lists globally for consumption of both marijuana and amphetamines, a category of drugs whose use the study found to be growing rapidly around the world.””

    Spray to help alleviate marijuana withdrawal

    “”Smokers have nicotine replacement options to deal with withdrawal symptoms while they’re trying to kick the habit.

    For those dependent on marijuana, there’s no equivalent. But a team from the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre at the University of New South Wales will trial a spray to help with easing marijuana withdrawal symptoms.””

  9. kaptinemo says:

    Obviously, he’s never met me. Never wore a beard in my life. When I started using (early ’30’s, medical reasons) I was an underpaid Fed civil servant busting his arse because his lazy, perpetually late, good-for-nothing, non-using co-workers…didn’t.

    I was toking every night for the pain…and I showed up 30 minutes early, unpaid, every workday, to get everything cranked up and running by opening time. For years. A fact which was noted by my boss, who couldn’t reward me properly without noting how she was unable to get the other coworkers to do their jobs. She later asked me who should be the one to replace me after I left the position.

    Most cannabists have a surprisingly good work ethic. We just don’t like to work for exploitative dunces…or ignorant, preternaturally stupid and arrogant bigots such as the author.

    • Francis says:

      *eyeing kaptinemo suspiciously*

      Hmm, no beard but your avatar is sporting a pretty serious cop stache. He’s also wearing what appears to be a “peaked cap,” (per wikipedia) “a form of headgear worn by the armed forces of many nations and also by many uniformed civilian organizations such as law enforcement agencies.” And exactly what sort of “captain” did you say you were again? … All right, I’m just gonna come out with it: are you a cop? Because you have to tell us if you are. 😉

      Ok, this is actually a serious question (and one I’ve been wondering about for a while), is your avatar M. Bison or am I way off?

      • darkcycle says:

        Francis, it’s from this:
        The old Rankin/Bass cartoon version of 20,000 leagues. Awesomeness, after about five bong hits you’re THERE…
        BTW, Kap’n, I’ve long admired that dashing ‘stasche… as well as that Uber-Cool choice of an avater.

        • darkcycle says:

          Wait…now I’m really confused. I was so sure I had it pegged I didn’t bother to look it up (OK, Duncan, I know, I know). But I have a really good eye for animation usually, and that really looks like R/B animation… but if it is, it is NOT Captain Nemo from their version…

        • allan says:

          looks like a Miyazaki character to me… and for you, uh… potheads… Miyazaki does kick ass storytelling w/ awesome artwork masquerading as cartoons. I’d start w/ Spirited away, maybe Totoro if you prefer cute and want something your kids will love. Of course w/ Miyazaki you mostly can’t go wrong… the underground scenes in Nausicaa are extraordinary and the “castle” in Howl’s Moving Castle is straight out of Terry Gilliam’s mind. Miyazaki works for people who don’t smoke herb as well…

        • Duncan20903 says:

          What? Are you trying to say he doesn’t look like that?? I thought we all posted our own pictures in case we meet in public!

        • Francis says:

          Reminds me of Sealab 2021, except yours was weirder.

        • darkcycle says:

          I don’t “avatar” well. No matter what I tell them Gravitar will not believe that I am me and this is what I’m stuck with. It’s embarrassing to look like this. I can’t find a hat that fits. People point. I hate my body.

    • HipCowboy420 says:

      I have smoked for 43yrs worked 3 business at the same time work average 12 hrs a day everyday for over 10 years with one 2 week vacation after the first 5yrs. I do much better in everything I do when using Cannabis.

  10. claygooding says:

    I once sent a request to the Social Security Admin and requested my work history according to my SS paid in.

    7 pages,,everything from truck driver,heavy equipment operator to air conditioning repair. But it shows that I didn’t work more than 2 years for any employer,explained to me as a symptom of ptsd by a Dr at the VA. He said I had trouble accepting orders,,he was right.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      clay, when we get down to brass tacks, after we scrape away all the prohibitionist bullshit designed to muddle the issue, when they absolutely reach the bottom of the hysterical rhetoric barrel, we can clearly see that the true reason that pot should be illegal is because potheads refuse to follow orders.

      “The LAW is the LAW. Blah, blah, blah.”
      ~~ The lament of the Know Nothing prohibitionist

  11. allan says:

    omg… he’s right! I never noticed, but… I have a beard! Wow… insight like that is downright spooky.

    And ditto on Kap’s rant. I’ve always been an excellent employee/worker. And I’ve been smokin’ da herb 43 years. I’ve been let go from two jobs since I was a teenager – once for having a second job and the other because they found microsopic particles of some substance in my piss, even tho I was one of the top employees and had nothing but praises from my boss.

    Bigots suck.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      I’ve noticed all the women that enjoy cannabis also have beards. Not on their faces obviously.

      When I was a boy my daddy told me the secret to happiness. He’d say “boy, when you grow up you need to marry you a fat, tattooed lady. Then you’ll have heat in the winter, shade in the summer, and movin’ pictures all year long.” Then he’d break into a song lamenting his unrequited love:

  12. vickyvampire says:

    Chronic aversion to hygiene wow that’s why I love to take showers sometimes two in a day cause I sweat and warm water helps calm my pain a little and well I do have had hormones problems yeah I’m a hairy chic facial hair so if don’t cream my face I would have a slight beard HAHA. Yeah if his stereotype was true I would be a dirty bearded woman.

  13. Nunavut Tripper says:

    Remember Papa John’s Pizza ? That’s the outfit who’s delivery guy ratted out a medical cannabis user in Colorado a while back.
    They’re in the news again for making racial slurs in writing. ha–abc-news.html

  14. claygooding says:

    After seeing his picture and reading the article two things struck me,,he was one of the str8 nerds in college that didn’t get no pussy while the “cool” guys were tearing it up and he looks like he still can’t grow a decent beard.

  15. Duncan20903 says:

    The obvious conclusion based on Dr. Henley’s argument is that prohibitionists are bald faced liars.

  16. Maria says:

    This one makes me lol. My father would love it; that’s my conservative, communist hating, reefer madness believing, beard sporting father. I might just forward that link along to tease him.

    And as for personal hygiene issues … No pot smoker I know has ever pissed their pants in public or vomited on themselves due to too much of their drug of choice. Oddly enough, most of my guy friends do sport beards … except the lawyers. Clean shaven. Can I get a multimillion dollar grant to do some science on this trend?

  17. TokingFor40Years says:

    and not even a five-o-clock shadow

    Pete, that should be Hanley not Henley.

  18. claygooding says:

    PS: they didn’t publish my comment,,prolly because it wasn’t from Ireland.

  19. x1134x says:

    Thus, to be a good stoner, sport a well-groomed cop-stache, with a “high and tight” haircut. Works like a charm {:-)

    • allan says:

      I had long hair since military discharge in ’74 until 2 Thanksgivings ago when I had my niece buzz me down to 1/4 inch. It was then I realized the advantage to that… undercover hippie

      Problems over men w/ long hair in Oregon disappeared years ago. We earned our place because we worked our asses off. Read about the Hoedads and other hippie forest crew cooperatives.

      God I hate bigots… and I suspect what clay says is spot on – “Doctor” Henley’s bigotry could very well indeed stem from early sexual frustrations…

      Beards have more uses than just keeping a face warm…

      Miz Taylor once’t upon a time tried to call pot a date rape drug… that from one who has never had either pot or a date.

      There’s no end to the lies they are willing to tell.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        …nor even a rational fear of being raped.

        • Duncan20903 says:

          I don’t think I’m physically capable of passing on an opportunity to gratuitously insult Ms. T. It’s pathological I tell you. Who in their right mind would believe that a kind, loving, omnipotent and omniscient god would allow such a vile creature to exist?

  20. Chris says:

    I’d shave my 5’o clock shadow, but it’s time to put in some more hours on my second job before I finally get to relax for an hour, maybe two before I go to sleep and do it all over.

  21. wiggles says:

    all potheads have beards?really i don’t have any hair on my head or face whatso ever.all i’ve ever noticed is when i smoke pot. I tend to jack off at internet porn..and then i plant my seed inside of a wine glass,just to gargle it,for the taste yummy…

  22. Duncan20903 says:

    Snoop Dogg got popped by a sniffer dog because the Border Patrol agents thought he’s a Mexican. I’m already tired of the jokes we’re going to be forced to endure.

  23. allan says:

    OT but worth posting:

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    • Duncan20903 says:

      I’ve got some bad news. I looked up the word “marginalized” in the newest edition of the dictionary and there was Mr. Johnson’s picture. Better luck next time Gary. Just remember Ron Paul’s motto, “If at first you don’t succeed…”

  24. Bruce says:

    It’s Mellowanna, idiots. :KellyBundy:

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