The real story of the Monitoring the Future results

Maia Szalavitz in Time:

The latest update to the annual Monitoring the Future survey of drug use in American youth bears mainly good news, at least if your interest is in reducing drug-related harm: both teen drinking and cigarette smoking are at historic lows; in fact, past-month marijuana use is now more commonly reported by high school seniors than smoking cigarettes.

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3 Responses to The real story of the Monitoring the Future results

  1. gravyrug says:

    “Compared to marijuana, alcohol has higher risks for addiction, overdose, violence and related driving while intoxicated. Virtually the only measure by which alcohol use is more benign is in associated legal penalties.”

    I’d say this is a perfect quote.

  2. addycat says:

    I grew up with the DARE program (I know, lucky me). Honestly, I barely remember it – it was just another stupid class time activity that teachers made us do. I DO remember, however, them giving us anti-drug comic books and shoelaces, because I guess they thought we were so retarded and superficial that they could only convince us with bribery. I think a bunch of us went on to do drugs at a subconscious level to spite DARE’s insult to our intelligence.

    • TINMA says:

      I went into the dare class high, they didnt even know. Fact is, I was high alot in school , no one knew. Yes I graduated. Honor roll last two years, the same years I started smoking grass. Go figure.

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