Real people

Was our world made any safer because shortly after these pictures were taken, the women in them were shot in the back of the head?

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  1. kaptinemo says:

    And when you consider how much “China White” was flowing through Western people’s veins, and that much of Hong Kong – which was founded as a site for the opium trade – to this day runs on the profits of the traffic, this is doubly damning to the Chinese government.

    The southern provinces like Guangzhou are still major transfer points for the old ‘Golden Triangle’. Given the degree of the traffic still extant in the region, and the extent of corruption in the Chinese (so-called) ‘Communist’ Party, to state the Chinese government is ‘combating’ it is very bad joke.

    But…so long as the US maintains the fiction of prohibition, the Chinese will carry out these exercises in “My prohib swinging cod is bigger than your prohib swinging cod!” one-upmanship by engaging in these pointless executions. Pointless, for just as with the original ones in 1947, the traffic has always continued, regardless of the penalties.

  2. Tony Aroma says:

    Isn’t this what Newt Gingrich wants to do in the US?

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