Open thread

bullet image We lost the war on drugs by Suzanne Wills, Austin Statesman.

bullet image Mhy Mother-in-Law’s One High Day by Marie Myung-OK Lee in the New York Times

bullet image Video: Narco-Mania! – the Beatles, Yoko Ono, and the drug war in Mexico. In Spanish. Quite entertaining, even though I don’t understand it. Anyone want to give a quick re-cap? (Via Anthony Papa)

Update: Anthony Papa sent me this English subtitled version

bullet image Presidential Proclamation

The human race reflects a myriad of vibrant cultures and unique identities, yet we are united by the innate liberties that are our common birthright. The rights to assemble peacefully, to speak and worship as we please, and to determine our own destinies know no borders. All people should live free from the threat of extrajudicial killing, torture, oppression, and discrimination, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability.

Dictators seek to constrain these liberties through repressive laws and blunt force, but hope cannot be imprisoned and aspirations cannot be killed. […]

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim December 10, 2011, as Human Rights Day and the week beginning December 10, 2011, as Human Rights Week. I call upon the people of the United States to mark these observances with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

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  1. darkcycle says:

    “My Mother-in-law’s one high day”. Highly recomended, very highly. That is why MMJ is important.

  2. Duncan20903 says:

    Have you ever watched “Midnight Express”? I sure don’t speak Anatolian Turkish but I sure as heck understood every word the prosecuting attorney said in his argument in the first courtroom scene.

  3. claygooding says:

    “”All people should live free from the threat of extrajudicial killing, torture, oppression, and discrimination, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability.””

    Except people targeted by our drug warriors,,

  4. darkcycle says:

    Presidential Proclamation….was this a joke? Is that real?

  5. thelbert says:

    empty words from the chuckling mouthpiece of the plutocracy. every day is exercise your rights day.

  6. claygooding says:

    It is real dark,,but I am searching for the memo too Gitmo,ONDCP and other federal agencies to disregard the proclamation.

  7. darkcycle says:

    Pete, It’s a spoof blaming Yoko for the breakup of the Beatles and hence the drug war. Coupla threads ago malcolm posted it in response to one of my posts.
    Yeah yeah…everybody always blames Yoko. As if that B*tch Linda never told Paul “They’re just jealous…you wait, you’ll find your wings…”

  8. malc says:

    Pete, I’m shagged out at the moment, been working all day and it’s now 10 PM and I’ve got another 30 minutes to finish stuff for tomorrow (I know, it’s Sunday). If nobody else hasn’t done it by tomorrow, I’ll give you a comprehensive run down of that ‘Narco Mania’ vid

  9. Francis says:

    For anyone who’s interested, here’s a comment I wrote a while back in response to the study about medical cannabis being associated with a decrease in traffic fatalities. Let me know if anyone has any other examples to add or suggested edits for future use.

    Anyone starting to see a pattern? I’m starting to think that anytime the drug warriors make a claim about cannabis, it will eventually be discovered to be not only false, but the complete opposite of the truth.

    1. “If we legalize pot, stoned drivers will wreak havoc on our highways!” Oops, cannabis legalization appears to be more likely to DECREASE traffic fatalities.

    2. “Only stupid people smoke pot.” Oops, illicit drug use is associated with higher-than-normal IQ.

    3. “Weed is a ‘gateway’ drug that leads to harder drug use.” Oops, there’s evidence that cannabis can be an effective TREATMENT for addiction to harder drugs (such as alcohol). In other words, cannabis is an “exit” drug.

    4. “Smoking pot causes lung cancer.” Oops, not only did the Tashkin study find no increased risk of lung cancer among marijuana smokers, it revealed that they had a somewhat LOWER cancer risk than non-smokers. (In contrast, the tobacco smokers in the study had a 20-fold increased lung cancer risk.)

    5. “Smoking pot kills brain cells.” Oops, cannabis appears to be a neuroprotectant. It may actually promote neurogenesis.

    6. “Smoking pot makes you fat, you know, because of the ‘munchies.'” Oops, cannabis appears to regulate weight. A recent study showed that tokers were significantly LESS LIKELY to be obese than their “just say no” counterparts.

    7. “Smoking pot makes you crazy!” (a.k.a. “REEFER MADNESS!”) Oops, it looks like cannabidiol (one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis) is an effective ANTIpsychotic.

    8. “If pregnant women smoke pot, it will ruin the health of their babies!” Oops, there was a study that tested babies for a variety of drugs at birth. “Cannabis positive” babies suffered 8.9 deaths per 1,000 births by the age of two. Babies in the “No drugs at birth” suffered 15.7 deaths per 1,000 births. (Cocaine-positive and opiate-positive babies had a slightly elevated risk of death.)

    • malc says:

      Hi Francis

      It’s brilliant! Would you mind if I streamlined it to my needs, added links and posted it everywhere applicable?

      • Francis says:

        Thanks! And you’re of course free to use it or modify it any way you like. (We can worry about the royalty rate later.) 🙂

      • Francis says:

        Hey Malc, you might want to add the (bizarre but sometimes-made) claim that legal cannabis would be associated with more crime and counter that with the study about dispensary closings being associated with increased crime.

      • Francis says:

        Sorry one more. I had originally thought about including the claim that cannabis use promotes violence but a) I wasn’t sure that one had gotten much play since Anslinger’s day and b) I didn’t know of any firm research (as opposed to anecdotal reports) showing that cannabis use actually decreases aggression.

        • claygooding says:

          check crime statistics for marijuana brawls?

        • Brilliant! says:

          Thank you Francis! Several different versions would not go amiss. I’ll post my modification later today and then maybe we can add to and edit it even further together. It’s a great list you’ve cooked up. it needs to be posted everywhere by everybody.

        • malc says:

          Francis, I give up! I’ve tried editing/modulating and even transposing it to A#, but your version is far superior to what I can come up with. So I’ll just borrow bits of it from time to time when I need a specific rebuttal.

          It’s concise and informative, therefore priceless; just add links and please post it everywhere you possibly can!

        • Francis says:

          Wait, I’ve gotta add the links now? Aww, man. Just kidding, no worries. I’ll try and work on it tonight.

    • Rick Steeb says:

      Re #5, a Google search using THC+CBD+glioma reveals a number of studies indicating cannabis killing brain *malignant* brain cells… the ones that NEED killing!

    • Common Science says:

      Smoking pot can cause ‘amotivational syndrome, which can include impaired ability to communicate and relate to others.’

      Within a year after this regurgitated canard was on the ONDCP’s 2008 ‘Stoners in the Mist / Above the Influence’ website, a number of amotivated athletes made the headlines with their own distinct cannabis connections.

      They included the most recent winners of:

      The 2008 World Record holder of the 100 and 200 meter sprint (Usain Bolt)

      The most decorated swimmer with 14 Olympic gold medals (Michael Phelps)

      The National League baseball’s Cy Young Award winner for 2009 (Tim Linecum)

      The Super Bowl XLII’s MVP (Santonio Holmes)

    • Pete says:

      I’d like to post a finalized version of it here on the main page, too (with whatever attribution you may like). This is very useful.

      • Francis says:

        Very cool, Pete. Thanks! (No attribution necessary but if you WANTED to throw in a thank you to “beloved commenter Francis,” I wouldn’t stop you. And obviously don’t forget Malcolm since he’s actually doing the work I was too lazy to.) It also occurred to me that we might want to include something re: the claim that cannabis use is linked to depression and anxiety orders and juxtapose that with the fact that many individuals use cannabis to treat those illnesses, although I’m honestly not up to speed on what research exists regarding its efficacy as a treatment. It would also be nice to address the “amotivational syndrome” claim since that’s such a go-to for the prohibs. And I liked Common Science’s take a lot, but it’d be nice to have some social science research to back up a claim that cannabis enthusiasts are MORE highly-“motivated” than abstainers, as opposed to just anecdotal examples. If for example, tokers are more likely to have college or advanced degrees or higher-than-average incomes, etc., that might make for a good cite.

  10. Duncan20903 says:

    If you find brain dead morons annoying, don’t click these links: (no commenting) (not the letter, but morons galore in the comments)

    • primus says:

      The first page of comments for the second link seemed to be mostly a few trolls and a lot of defenders of the author and the philosophy of legalization, while also attacking trolls and prohibitionism. Hilarity abounds.

    • Francis says:

      “I believe that the people who write to you insisting that marijuana is just a harmless herb and wonderful end-all pain reliever … are the very people who sit on their couch every night getting stoned.”

      So… the people who think “cannabis is a harmless herb and wonderful end-all pain reliever” are the very people that have the most personal experience with (and hence knowledge of) cannabis’ effects? And this helps your argument how? Seriously, I think it’s hilarious that drug warriors think “you’re a pothead” is an effective ad hominem in the debate over legalization.

      Prohib: marijuana is bad
      Me: I disagree. I think cannabis is a relatively benign herb that has many amazing medical benefits. As a recreational intoxicant, it’s also infinitely safer than alcohol and causes far less societal harm.
      Prohib: ur opinion is dumb because u smoke pot which is bad which makes u bad
      Me: Er… isn’t that reasoning a little circular? I mean, whether or not cannabis is “bad” is the very issue we’re debating.
      Prohib: shut up u stupid pothead

      If anything, the “you’re a pothead” er… “rebuttal” that’s so frequently offered by prohibs actually undermines their position. As noted above, it suggests that the “legalizer” has some, you know, actual knowledge of cannabis. Second, it just underscores the drug war’s failure. “Yep, I’m a ‘pothead.’ I have absolutely no problem procuring cannabis. Not getting much of a return on that $40 billion a year, are you?” Finally, the drug warriors invariably get their asses handed to them in these debates. Why are they so eager to acknowledge that the person running intellectual circles around them is a “brain-dead stoner”?

      • Billy Budd says:

        You might ask, too, if they think the guy who enjoys a $250 (or more) bottle of wine is a wino…
        very much enjoy your posts BTW

        • Francis says:

          Of course not! Someone who knows a lot about and enjoys different types of wine is a “connoisseur.” Someone who knows a lot about and enjoys different types of cannabis is just a “pothead.” (It’s kinda like how a corkscrew is just a corkscrew but a water pipe is “drug paraphernalia.”)

      • Randy says:

        Evidently, cannibis users’ opinions and knowledge are inadmissable in the WOD debate because, you know, they have skin in the game on the other side. Only those who don’t use drugs or fight the good fight against drugs are allowed to debate the issue. Cannibis users’ arguments are incredibly selfish because all they relly want is to smoke their pot and not risk arrest. Selfish bastards!

        IOW, the counsel of the “enemy” to end the drug war has to be wrong, because they are the “enemy” and the enemy can’t be right, because if the “enemy” were right, they wouldn’t be the “enemy”. Got it?

      • Duncan20903 says:

        It’s even more amusing when they quote LEOs and/or addictionologists (read: phrenologists) as if they haven’t any financial, self serving interest in maintaining the stupidity of absolute prohibition.

  11. ezrydn says:

    Obama can “proclaim all he wants too. Once a liar, always a liar. It’ll be good to see his sulking, lying butt shuffle out the Back Door of the White House (we still call it that, don’t we?). Yes, I voted for him. And you can believe I’ll never make that mistake again.

    • Swooper420 says:

      So who ARE you gonna vote for? None of the Rethuglians are worth a shit ‘cept for maybe Gary Johnson. Ron Paul says he’d end the war on some drugs, sure, but we can’t afford to be one-issue voters. RP has too many fundimentalist beliefs and is for destroying the social security net which so many sick, disabled, & seniors depend on. He’s also against freedom of choice for women. His wholesale gutting of the Federal gov’t is just too extreme.

      • darkcycle says:

        I’ll be voting Libertarian, or socialist, or something. Anything. Obushma does not get my vote. Nor, for that matter does any national democratic candidate. I’ve been sold down the river a few times too often.

      • claygooding says:

        I would vote a Ron Paul/Gary Johnson ticket because I think Johnson and congress could keep RP off a lot of his more radical cuts,,or at least slow them down enough to allow adjustments for the changes that it would take.

        I see no way to attack S/S without hurting millions of people,,the majority of which have paid into S/S their entire lives.

        What congress needs is a reminder that S/S finances were fine until they started borrowing from them,,how easily they forget.

      • Doctor Woo says:

        Ron Paul is on the record, and I believe he said it this past Sunday on Meet the Press, saying that Social Security would remain largely intact. He would allow an opt out for young people. If you take a minute to think about it with a Democratic Senate and a Republican House neither of which like Mr Ron Paul all that much do you really think he will get 100% of everything he wants? He is obviously the best chance for meaningful change since Ross Perot. It’s been all the same bullshit since I was born in 76 please vote for Paul.

  12. Duncan20903 says:

    Maybe cannabis really is validly associated with violence. Here’s an article about a man who assaulted a police officer with a bag of cannabis:

    Police were dispatched to the Relax Inn on Dec. 3 in reference to a domestic dispute that was under way. According to the report, a highly agitated and belligerent man was exiting a room when officers arrived and refused to give them his name or answer questions.

    He appeared highly intoxicated and possibly under the influence of drugs, the report said. Officers reported he began cursing them and damaging items from the motel room, then threw a bag of what was believed to be marijuana at them.

  13. Duncan20903 says:

    I have found evidence that leads me to conclude that our friend ezrydn is in fact none other than Governor Jesse Ventura. I’ve always wondered why I had never seen them photographed together.

    Jesse Ventura: A Second Conversation
    Kevin Michael Patten
    Published 12/11/2011

    Cannabis Times: What were your thoughts on Proposition 19’s defeat?

    Jesse Ventura: Well I was saddened by the defeat of Proposition 19, because – how stupid are they? – it would have been a new revenue source for them. The States are in such dire financial straits. Even more so, I live in Mexico and they could alleviate the problem on the border; put the Cartels out of business.

    CT: Would it surprise you if you saw troops land in Mexico, as Representative Michael McCaul is indicting he wants to do?

    JV: I don’t know about that, but we’d be fighting the Cartels with weapons from the U.S. But that’s pretty normal cause were the biggest weapons dealers in the world.

    CT: We might have to go down there and start fighting then with pesticides and guns.

    JV: It’s totally ridiculous to do all that. Legalization is the simply way to take care of the problem. It’s no different that the prohibition of alcohol: When you prohibit something, it makes criminals and gangsters rich. And let me add: For those who claim that the rate of usage from children would go up, stats already show that where it’s already legal – in Holland – less kids, percentage wise, use marijuana than do here in the U.S. where it’s illegal.

    Gotcha! [maniacal laughter]

    • ezrydn says:

      Thanks, Duncan, for the best morning laugh of my week. I’m no SEAL. Just an ol’ Army 11Bravo RTO from the famed 7th US Cavalry. I’ve faced 20/1 odds with the NVA and have called Arty fire missions on my own position in hopes of surviving. I think you’re right about Jesse living down here, part-time. I’m here full-time, an “emegrado.”

      In late ’65, I never heard a word about drugs in-theater. We were just too busy! Right after discharge, I and some friends headed to Woodstock.

      Fast forward to abaut 10 years age and you find me here and I find Pete’s Couch. Well, Pete didn’t have a couch yet. Johnny Pee hadn’t given it to him yet. Right, Pete? LOL

      I have found many brothers (and sisters) here who fit my combat definition of “brother.” I’ve always been thankful to Pete for that. I’ve shared ammo with allan, malcolm and darkcycle on several engagements. Howard and Misty have been guests of mine. When I travel to the US, it’s always wearing my Cav stetson and LEAP shirt w/ the ASK ME WHY. I love the faces of Customs/Security. Pete has successfully taught me “elevator arguements” which I use on full auto.

      Yet, I’m just one voice of reason, crying out in the wilderness, as each of us are. I/We don’t understand failure and dismiss such thoughts. It’s like being confronted with an ambush. Go to ground and your assured of death. Therefore, one must do the unexpected. We charge into the fusilade…and win.

      Life is, indeed, strange. I never thought of using military tactics in THIS war but they work and achieve the success they provided in the jungles. If you are a combat fighter pilot, I’d suspect those tactics learned would also be “transferable.” Those of you with military service, am I right?!

      So, again, thanks for the laugh and the comparison. I take it as a compliment. My commander in Vietnam was Col. Moore. My “commander” today is “Col.” Guither. I would follow each on an assault on the Gates of Hell.

      Garry Owen to you all! If I’m among the missing, don’t worry. I’ll be rolling a phatty for you for when you arrive at “Fiddler’s Green.”

      • claygooding says:

        How close too meeting were we E-Z,,,I was sent three tickets to Woodstock by a vet from New York state and then couldn’t go because I had just started a new job with no plausible excuse to take off for a week to ten days.
        I had the tickets in a picture frame until 1996,when they were destroyed in a house fire.

        • ezrydn says:

          I had been out for about 7 months and requested “emergency leave” from Metromedia Broadcasting in Hollywierd. The rest is history. You should have gone, my brother. As the old addage goes, “you really missed a fun time.

  14. palemalemarcher says:

    Newt Gingrich appears to be the front runner. His ideas about capital punishment for drugs offenses seem contrary to the spirit of what the Rev. Robertson and the NAACP have staked out earlier this year. And so is the new lease on life of the drugs assay fad inserted by the house of representatives last week.

    • Windy says:

      Don’t believe the media concerning anything about the GOP candidates. MSM is trying very hard to create a self fulfilling prophecy, but they are flapping their lips in the breeze, this time. They WILL NOT succeed in choosing our candidate this election, too many people have awoken to the media manipulation in elections.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      A plurality in a field of 8 candidates almost a year from the electing is disturbing, but hardly worrisome. Undecided is firmly in 3rd place with double digit support in the Quinnipiac University Poll.

      OK it’s extremely disturbing. Say ezrydn, how’s the (actual) cost of living in Mexico? Could I get along fairly well on about 20k per year or is that a pipe dream?

      • ezrydn says:

        Exchange rate is normally 10/1. Currently, it’s 13/1, Pesos to Dollars. I just bought a 2005 Chrysler Stratus SE (clean) for $65,000 pesos (that’s around 5Gs. Food is priced according to thier peso. I get around $4.5K/mo and I’m not hurting. Plus, I’m seeing “60s” prices on decent shit. They send schwag north and keep the good for locals.

  15. malc says:

    Here’s the first bit (I have to scoot again, back later)

    Banner reads: STOP THE INVASION!

    5 secs: Hijos da puta! No translation needed.

    16 secs: Meet four agents of the American Embassy in Mexico.

    22 secs: and the women who pursue them.

    26 secs: They have lost their sons, husbands and brothers ..

    30 secs: because of the war on drugs in Mexico

    1 min: How are you friends? I am Gringo Star. Like always, I am covering the sensational news of the war on drugs, on your channel – Your Tele-Hitman!
    Followed by another sentence of self-endorsement in very badly pronounced Spanish.

    1 min 50 sec: [Gringo Star]: A cable from WikiLeeks explains that people in my country are working on an emotional (?) operation called “OPERATION Oh-No”

    2 mins: I asked one of the foremost experts on Narco-Terrorism in Mexico: What is Operation “Oh-No”?

    2 mins 8 sec: [Jorge Martin]: The United States are attempting to articulate what’s happening in Mexico, but to no avail. One important factor that we encounter is that the department is headed by an old ‘baby boomer’ called Hillary Clinton and a mountain of other babies from the seventies. And all of them are suffering collectively from “separation trauma” — The separation from their test-tubes of the 1970s.

  16. KaBoom! says:

    Support for legalization rose to 62% when respondents were asked if a proposed law would tax and regulate the cultivation and distribution of marijuana to adults like the state currently regulates alcohol. The figure was 70% for Democrats, 56% for Republicans, and 60% for “other.”

  17. Duncan20903 says:

    Just a reminder that those cell phones in your pockets are little tracking devices. In the case below a good thing for nabbing a kiddie diddler, in other cases not such a good thing.

  18. Duncan20903 says:

    I didn’t realize that the Basque have their own government.

    Growing marijuana might be allowed in Basque Country in 2012

    This new regulation is integrated into the Addiction Law that will be presented next year at the Basque Parliament.The Basque Government is preparing a new permissive regulation of ‘responsible’ consumption of cannabis or marijuana in people over 18 provided that two basic principles are fulfilled: Information of consequences and respect for the right to health of other citizens.

    • claygooding says:

      I could see where,after a day of grazing sheep,bouncing up and down mountains chasing long haired cattle or just living in the mountains would require herbal assistance.

      There being located in the perfect location for growing conditions plus being environmentally correct for indica strains from around the world probably has little to do with it.

  19. claygooding says:

    Townsend: Show that medical marijuana works

    Physician: Decrease in use of other pain meds can validate cards

    Physicians are not concerned with protests and speeches.

    I, like most physicians, was taught that ‘medical marijuana’ was a political movement and marijuana has no medical use. But we were also taught to listen to our patients and base our decisions on evidence, not dogma.

    My patients didn’t tell me it helped them; they showed me by getting rid of narcotics. That is why I certify patients for medical marijuana, because I’ve seen it work. Show your doctors how it works for you.

  20. GO, SANDY!!! NAIL HIM says:

    The fireworks begin at the 4:50 mark in this video and the bizarre Weich body language follows the 5:00 mark. Also note the frequent audible “throat clearings” by Weich who twice rises out of his seat:

    Rep. Sandy Adams (R, FL): …let me ask you another question, because one of my colleagues asked you about your e-mails and you went straight to your work e-mail. Hardly anybody has that. I’m going to ask you a very direct question. You have a personal e-mail account. Did you at any time – at any time – e-mail on your personal account with Lanny Breuer – or Lanny Breuer and Gary Grindler in regards to Fast and Furious ever?

    Attorney General Eric Holder: Ever?

    Adams: Yes…


    Judiciary Chair Lamar Smith (R, TX): The gentlewoman is recognized for an additional minute so the attorney general can respond to her questions.

    Holder: I don’t know. I can tell you that I didn’t know…


    Adams: Would you check and get back with us? If you need some help, I’m sure that your agency personnel can get into those computers.

    More Here

  21. ezrydn says:

    Hey, AG Holder. Did you know that “excuses” and “reasons” mean the same thing? Another of many situations that demand a new Administration, all the way around!

  22. Servetus says:

    Why do people defend unjust, inept, and corrupt systems (like prohibition)?

    In times of crisis, according to Duke University psychologists, people need the emotional security that comes with believing the system works. It’s called “system justification”.

    • claygooding says:

      Thanks for that,,it is exactly why we are going two steps forward and 1 step back in ending this insanity,,first you have to wake them up,,then keep them awake long enough to wake up some more.

  23. stayan says:

    Budget Cuts: Governor Brown Kills DOJ Drug Enforcement:

    Watch the spokesman for the Special Agents of California Association begging for the public to protect his job and the jobs of his fellow prohibition industry hitch-hikers.

    The nerve of this scoundrel. Don’t forget to leave some comments.

    • darkcycle says:

      DON’T BOTHER! That old bat doesn’t want comments, she wants $$$. You cannot read any comments, can’t access any comment thread…they just want your e-mail so they can plead for more dollars to oppress us. GRRRRRR!

  24. ezrydn says:

    Granny’s pronunciation comes true:

    PO’ Lice! And about to become Mo’ Po’!

  25. Jake says:

    “Five years after a California SWAT team raided the home of a man already imprisoned and pointed weapons at his loved ones, a Ninth Circuit panel will allow the family of Javier Bravo Jr. to sue the detective working the case.”

    “After pointing assault weapons at the 8-year-old grandson of the Bravos, the child ran off to the bathroom screaming. Hope Bravo then produced a letter penned by her son that was mailed from prison as to proof of his incarceration. As noted on the rap sheet attached to the warrant, Javier Jr. had been behind bars for six months already at the time of the raid.”

  26. Duncan20903 says:

    The Norwegians are facing the horrid prospect of Christmas without cookies due to an acute shortage of butter. This has resulted in the price of butter skyrocketing and now trading for hundreds and hundreds of dollars per pound. $740/box according to this report:

    P.S. Just because I link to Stephen Colbert reporting on the tragic shortage of butter in Norway doesn’t mean this isn’t real. Perhaps we can organize an airlift of butter so that they won’t have Christmas ruined? If not real butter, how about snot butter?

  27. LutheranPastor&HonkyTonkPhoneyMoon says:

    Ole and Lars were bumming down dat rail road track on their very first orange special, heading to Minneapolis. They had brought along 2 lbs of Fish heads for lunch. Just as they began to suck the eyes out, the train entered a long, dark tunnel. “Have you eaten your fish head yet?” Ole asked excitedly. “No,” replied Lars. “Vell don’t touch it den,” Ole exclaimed. “I yust took un bite and my clarinet exploded!”

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