The feds hate people who want to be good citizens

They’re also certifiably crazy.

So with states passing medical marijuana laws, it makes sense to have good controls over those who sell marijuana to make sure things are on the up and up.

Of course, that’s nearly impossible with the feds breathing down the states’ backs and interfering with any system of checks and balances that a state might want to implement.

But let’s say an individual dispensary want to try to do the right thing. So they pay federal taxes on their marijuana sales just like any other business.

Oakland –  A leading Oakland marijuana dispensary was hit with a $2.5 million tax bill this week, which may force its closure, dispensary staff said Tuesday.

Harborside Health Center owes the Internal Revenue Service back taxes for 2007 and 2008, based on a federal law prohibiting marijuana dispensaries – unlike other businesses – from deducting payroll, insurance, rent, workers’ compensation and other operating costs from its revenues.

So, what message does that send to dispensaries that want to do the right thing and pay income taxes, but aren’t completely loony?

Item 2. Dispensaries have tried to be good players by keeping business accounts in banks, where the money can be tracked, and, if there was any wrong-doing, an investigation could occur.

Denver — On Friday, the last bank in Colorado to openly work with the medical-marijuana industry — Colorado Springs State Bank — officially closed down the accounts of dispensaries and others in the state’s legal marijuana business over concerns about working with companies that are, by definition, breaking federal law. […]

That’s where the really big safe comes in.

The owner of the Colorado Springs dispensary [interviewed by the Post] — who didn’t want his name or the name of his business used for fear of attracting thieves — said he will have to stick money in there instead of depositing it into a bank account. He’s also planning to take a class this weekend to get a concealed-weapons permit, for protection outside the store.

Our federal government likes black markets so much that it goes out of its way to create them.

[Thanks Tom and STDW]
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26 Responses to The feds hate people who want to be good citizens

  1. aussidawg says:

    “He’s also planning to take a class this weekend to get a concealed-weapons permit, for protection outside the store”

    Unfortunately he may be stuck there as well, especially if he is himself a medical marijuana user.

    The BATF recently announced that users of medical cannibis may not purchase a firearm because they are considered addicts and users of illegal drugs under federal law.

    Why can’t these assholes get the idea through their thick beaurocratic skulls that there are a lot of people out there who would rather use a harmless and non-addicting drug for pain control as well as for maintenence of other medical problems rather than resorting to the dangerous pharmeceutical alternatives?

    Oh that’s right, we no longer have a government of the people and by the people, rather we have a government for the rich and by the rich as they have duly purchased said government.

    • Windy says:

      I think we need to get away from supporting the medical cannabis thing. It just may limit the use of cannabis to those with medical issues and the tests for whose medical issues get to be treated with cannabis will get tighter and more restrictive.

      We need to focus on the individual freedom to ingest the “intoxicant” of one’s choice, the “my body my choice” issue instead. This was supposed to be a “free country”, but where is our freedom in much of anything, anymore?

  2. claygooding says:

    The cartels use banks to launder their cash,,,no way are they bringing truck loads of 60 billion dollars a year(each semi will haul appx 20 million dollars in 100 dollar bills)or appx 3 semis per day,,,every day,,and not having them caught occasionally. Anyone heard of any semi loads of 20 million dollars being seized?

  3. micropenis says:

    well of corse they hate them.fucking with the gravytrain nigga wigga. don’t fuck wit the feds nigga.they likely pull a trigga on a nigga.and to make sure u cant defend yourself nigga.they take ur gun rights away nigga. fo reals nigga .they don’t play don’t fuck with Gilly’s MONEY DAWG.

  4. Speak English Mongo says:

    WTF is that retarded gibberish microbrain.

  5. vickyvampire says:

    Yeah I agree WTF the IRS now breathing down the neck of dispensaries and banks caving the average citizen is dirt to these scoundrels,look I took a peak at the mostly conservative post forum Free I have not been n there site for months and they usually trash Marijuana users this time they kinda were not that happy about the government trying to take guns away from folks using cannabis. that’s a change from there usual.

    Our government god it just so sick and corrupt they want us to be slaves no better than serfdom of old.

  6. darkcycle says:

    And Bank of America pays ……nothing. Hell, yeah! U.S.A! U.S.A!
    It’s time to bring it down.

  7. TINMA says:

    Well of course government does everything it can to keep MMJ dispenderies from doing it right. At what point did anyone think government would allow this thing to become a legitamate buisness. Government cant prosecute a damned illegal thing if its not illegal.

    Seriously, according to government, anymoney collected from this is illegal drug money. They cant openly take illegal funds so they must prosecute it from you….there by keeping you …criminal.

    What a f**king merry-go-round!

  8. simply more evidence that pressing for complete repeal is the only way to go. the piecemeal shit just doesn’t work and never will.

    liberty can only be stolen little by little — taking it back can only be done in one big move.

    everybody knows it: complete repeal of prohibition is the answer. politicking is a game we simply cannot win.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      It sure looks like it’s working to me brian. It’s ridiculous to think there won’t be pushback to an incrementalist approach. But you’ll have my eternal awe, wonder, and gratitude if you can figure out how to unite the Cannabinoidians to participate in such an endeavor. Shit, I don’t think we can be talked into screaming a simple script of 13 words out of a window at a set time. We could probably almost all talked into doing the screaming out the window part, and I’ll even count the potheads who will insist on using their front doors. But then factions would start splitting off. Some would insist on doing it at 4:20, others at “high” noon. Several factions would object to using “as mad as hell” and would substitute other words of their own choice. There would be a not insignificant number who would forget to adjust for time zones and/or daylight savings time in the places that don’t participate. And you think we could actually agree on a strategy to take it by force? Well, good luck, don’t forget that dedicated pacifists are significantly overrepresented in our numbers, and remember not to schedule the revolution to start before noon. Give me a call when you have the details worked out.


      • Windy says:

        The one thing we can do as a group is spread the word about the only candidate for president who has better than half a chance of winning WITHOUT the support of cannabis users (Ron Paul) who WILL follow through on his promise to end the war on drugs (he’s been trying to do it in the House for decades and his principles not only prevent him from sliding it to the back burner (as Obama may have done), but WILL DEMAND his action. Become an activist for him, become a delegate for him, vote for him. No matter if you disagree with his economic policies or his foreign policies, if you want to be free to grow, trade, use cannabis freely, in your lifetime, then you have no choice but to support Ron Paul as much and in as many ways as possible for you.

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  10. Plant down Babylon says:

    RON PAUL 2012 RON PAUL 2012 RON PAUL 2012 RON PAUL 2012 RON PAUL 2012 RON PAUL 2012

  11. DdC says:

    OT Steve Jobs Requiescat In Pace

    “I wish him [Bill Gates] the best, I really do.
    I just think he and Microsoft are a bit narrow.
    He’d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once
    or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.”
    ~ Steve Jobs The New York Times

  12. Francis says:

    Dispensary owners (i.e., “drug dealers”) as responsible tax-paying citizens doesn’t fit the narrative. Therefore it can’t be allowed.

  13. Scott says:

    The feds are not getting the crime statistics they desire, so they are doing what they can to manufacture them.

    All part of public servants out of control.

  14. warren says:

    I would rather have the mafia run the country.

  15. Dante says:

    “The owner of the Colorado Springs dispensary [interviewed by the Post] — who didn’t want his name or the name of his business used for fear of attracting thieves — said he will have to stick money in there instead of depositing it into a bank account. He’s also planning to take a class this weekend to get a concealed-weapons permit, for protection outside the store.”

    Think about this chain of events. Fed cops force banks to close MMJ accounts. MMJ operators now have to keep their cash on the premesis. Fed cops raid the premesis and take the cash as “forfeit” due to Fed drug laws.

    Now, do you think that was the goal all along (to get the cash)? Has the entire, single-minded focus of Law Enforcement become “get the cash” at the expense of all else?

    Protect & Serve (Themselves!)

    It’s getting a lot easier to spot who LE is working for.

  16. Servetus says:

    Drug cartels around the world often own the banks they deposit their cash into. Perhaps it’s time for medical marijuana dispensary owners to do the same.

    Banks are just another type of corporation. Assuming one has some business capital and a lawyer, starting a bank isn’t that difficult. It can be based in the Netherlands Antilles, like many so many American banks. Non drug consumers could use the banking services as well. No discrimination, unlike the present banking situation.

    So screw the Feds. Bank offshore. Cannabis Bank of Commerce. With many convenient locations serving all your banking needs.

    • Windy says:

      The dispensaries should begin their own credit union, rather than a bank. Credit unions are safer, and are not affiliated with the Fed or the likes of the Rockefellers or Rothschilds, which ALL banks are. Credit unions are wholly owned by their members.

      • DdC says:

        How to Start a Credit Union
        The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) charters federal credit unions. A charter is a license to operate the credit union. Below are some resources to assist those who are considering the formation of a federal credit union. The list is not exhaustive, but outlines the steps necessary to begin the chartering process.

        I haven’t heard of Credit Unions refusing anyone here. It’s also good to have the Community support and ways to communicate and inform outside of Korpse Media. The Feds are going after the profiteers. Last time they fucked with WAMM the DEA’s van was hijacked. For the Know Nothings, anyone in Cali is legal. We don need no stinkin badges! Note. Compassionate Use Act not the MMJ Act means just that. Some lowlifes may feel legalities are a priority but keeping everyone out of cages is what it’s really about until the CSA is overturned. Obombo under the Commerce Clause has jurisdiction over Buyers Clubs, including WAMM. But non profits are a lower priority and it’s a publicity game. They learned dragging polio patients to the floor gets more sympathy for us than busting profiteers. The inexperienced conservatives are the only ones wanting the convenience of a more expensive buyers club and “medical marijuana”. They have No connections. Many are in it strictly for the quick cash and many are anti stoner puritans in both Hemp and Medicinal advocacy’s. I’ve been getting patients Ganja 6 years before Prop 215 and never heard a peep from cops or doctors. Since computer patient lists are a higher priority than the buds during raids, I’m still weary of cherry picking piggies. Of the half dozen or so doctors I’ve dealt with was done on a hand shake. I feel it is important to advise them and advocate for the patient, but I don’t believe the doctors know that much about it or that it warrants the scrutiny of Big Pharma deadly chemicals with side effects.

        Santa Cruz Community Credit Union
        About Us Our Mission
        Santa Cruz Community Credit Union is a nonprofit financial cooperative that promotes economic justice. We are local, independent, and member-owned.

        We’ve come a long way from our first days in 1977 near Harvey West Park when we could (and did) keep our money in a cigar box. Through decades of service, we have proven beyond a doubt that community development credit unions can make a difference. Not-for-profit, self-sufficient community development financial institutions have an impact, and micro-enterprise lending is effective.

        Community Television of Santa Cruz County

        Free Radio Santa Cruz

        Santa Cruz Indymedia

    • Duncan20903 says:

      I was wondering just how hard it would be for them to open a credit union. They don’t need to re-invent the wheel. There are a couple of wholesale level credit unions and almost all retail CUs use them for back office support. Pete could likely open DWRFCU were he so inclined.
      ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

      I guess I should read the responses before I post. But Windy, DWRFCU would stand for Drug WarRant Federal Credit Union. That makes me suspect that it is indeed associated with the Feds. I could be wrong but I’ve never been aware of a CU that didn’t have Federal as part of its name.

      • Windy says:

        We have a number of CUs in our small city which do not have the word “fed” or federal” in their names: ICU, GaPac, WECU. I’m sure there are more, but you get the idea. I think ALL of them are local to our county and a few of them have expanded into other counties (I see ads for them on Seattle’s TV stations). I do think that some, perhaps most, credit unions belong to a national association of credit unions, but don’t quote me on that.

        • Duncan20903 says:

          Now that WECU home page is precious. CEO Wayne Langel writes a column called Wayne’s Words. Party on Garth.

          Regardless of the name the NCUA is run by the Federal Government. Sorry I was too lazy to look that up.

          Still, it seems worth a try. If they can get a charter without fibbing or obfuscating it would embarrass the hell out of the Feds at the very least. Perhaps ASA could hold the charter since they aren’t involved in the actual day to day business of getting medicine to patients.

  17. Windy says:

    So no one has addressed my first post in this thread. I think it is something that needs serious discussion among reformers.

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