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Taking a few days off – just finished a major theatre trip to Chicago with a group this weekend.

bullet image Facts on medical marijuana are stubborn things, too is an OpEd by Joseph Summeril, who seems to prove his point by eschewing facts entirely.

bullet image Colorado to formally ask DEA to designate pot Schedule II controlled substance

Actually, they’re required to, by law.

bullet image Anybody reading this who is an Illinois State University student — please check out the Illinois State chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, which meets every Thursday night at 8 pm in Schroeder 242.

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  1. noah says:

    not that this really matters or anything.. i was watching the new episode of Dexter last night. and detectives Batesta & decteive Quinn both smoked a joint together in their car.saying how its just pot who cares. i thought it was funny as hell

    • Francis says:

      I think it does matter. It seems like pot is showing up more and more in tv and movies. And not in a “Very Special Episode” context or as a way of signaling to the viewer that a particular character is “bad.” It’s the protagonists, characters we’re supposed to like and identify with, and the depicted use is increasingly casual, i.e., the fact that a character is enjoying cannabis is not the focal point of the scene (any more than it would be if they were drinking a beer). Of course this kind of increased visibility and shift in tone makes perfect sense when you consider the change in the public’s attitudes towards cannabis. Anybody else notice this shift in the last few years?

      • Maria says:

        Yes. Definitely. It’s not just “stoners,” “rebels,” or “jokers” smoking, using, or providing. It’s the average member of the public; lawyers, teachers, cancer patients, cops, nurses, doctors, mothers, office admins etc etc. The casual, every day use scenes are my absolute favorite because they slide by so quickly and go often times unnoticed and uncommented on.

      • DdC says:

        Anybody else notice this shift in the last few years?

        Somewhat, in a different way. It makes money. The religionists had something to do with the 80’s censorship and propaganda flicks. Note the slasher flicks, where only the pot smoking kids having sex got whacked. The Cheech and Chong flicks seem more like documentaries for the Calvina set. They did the same sabotage to anything pot or hippy the same as Pat Boone did to rock and roll after the dj payola scam. Watered it down. Partridge family, munsters, addams family, jeanie or bewitched all had hippie like parts but no one protested or smoked pot. More like colorful disco than hippies. Disco sucked then and still does. The tv “bus” was geometric patterns not tye dye. Even the pretend affiliations like Laugh In rarely did much reality concerning the war or pot. Woodstock hit big for a while. SNL was fairly paranoid about the counterculture even with the crew and cast were stoned behind stage. Dragnet was our DARE. The 60’s and 70’s had several stoner or hippie positive films. Airplane and Police Academy and the other Leslie Neilson TV show about Police departments of bungling idiots. I think OJ had a part. But the attitude is swinging back to the late 60’s and with the internet I’d think we can keep it going. Now A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas might be trippy.

        O’Donnel on youtube

        Marijuana: the law vs. 12 million people
        Life magazine Oct 31, 1969. 25-35

        Life Mag Cover

        Easy Rider (1969)

        The Trip DVD (1967)

        Dragnet Jack Webb “Alcohol VS. Marijuana & LSD”

        Blazing Saddles

  2. kaptinemo says:

    OT, but maybe not.

    The fiscal chickens are coming home to roost, for LE:

    McConnell: Police, firefighter layoffs not my problem

    “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Sunday that saving the jobs of police and firefighters was not the role of the federal government.”

    Let’s see, now. That could very well translate to no money for drug task forces…that is, if ol’ Owl-Face is serious. And even if he isn’t, and starts to backpedal, the fact of the matter is the Gub’mint is broke at every level, including Federal. There isn’t any frakkin’ money left. Thanks, Mitch. You’ve been a big help, here.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Holy shit Batman! A politician (not a Libertarian) that refuses to worship at the altar of “anything LE wants”?!?

      Good grief Robin, not only that but we just got a bill from Commissioner Gordon for electricity for the Bat Signal! It’s a good thing I’m a Billionaire. I had no idea that thing used so much electricity!

  3. claygooding says:

    They took Savet’s oped from the search at Huffington Post,,can still find it using the link,,but doesn’t show up on the search,,I think,after having his azz sliced and diced on every ONDCP propaganda line he spouted,,HP felt that the subject was discussed.

    I also included a msg to the editor and reporters at HP in the comments,,,I told them that if they do a little research on any person that supports the war on drugs,,they will find their vested interests,,only people making money from the war on drugs support the war on drugs.

  4. claygooding says:

    Czechs work on plan to legalize medical marijuana

    October 24, 2011

    PRAGUE — A government advisory body in the Czech Republic is working on a new law to legalize growing and consuming medical marijuana.

    The experts have proposed that marijuana would exported or grown locally by registered firms licensed for such activity, which is currently illegal.

    The group also proposed Monday that all patients using marijuana would be registered.

    The draft of the new marijuana bill will completed in December. If approved by the government and parliament, the law could become effective as soon as in the middle of next year.

    Some 8,000 Czechs have signed an Internet petition supporting the move, arguing that such marijuana use is legal in a number of European countries and the United States.

    I see a road trip for Kerli coming up,,pieces of his wall are crumbling around the world.

  5. darkcycle says:

    Jeez. Being on the Left Coast always makes me the last dog on the pile. 6:12 AM, and Duncan, Pfro, and Malcolm have already left that in tatters…Oh well.

    • darkcycle says:

      Huh…I went there, read the comments that were already posted, posted one of my own, and now….comments are off!
      They seem to have turned them off,… can anybody else find them?
      Never mind…I got ’em back

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Well they’re MIA for me just now.

        Talk about simultaneous, diametrically opposed feelings…

        The Examiner is a throwaway rag anyway.

        BTW, where is Major County?

        • darkcycle says:

          There is no “Major County” in Washington. All are minor and inconsequential.
          Heh. Just funnin’ (and assuming you’re asking me about Washington State). I would guess they meant to say “Mason” county. It’s right next to Kitsap…jeez, don’t you know anything?

        • Duncan20903 says:

          No, no, Mr. Summerill represents the Major County Sheriff’s Association, which is sponsored by the Harris Corporation, a defense contractor and supplier of communications equipment for local and State authorities. They manufacture the in dash video cams in police cars which stop recording when a video record would make the police look bad. You’ve got to admit that’s a darn good trick.

          Summer Ill? I hate getting sick in the summer.

        • darkcycle says:

          Duh…..Oh. Sorry….

  6. Maria says:

    Re: Summerill
    [insert Upton Sinclair quote]

  7. Servetus says:

    Another example of someone not clear on the concept of freedom; in an interview California U.S. Attorney Andre J. Birotte Jr. defends the federal crackdown on medical marijuana:

    • Peter says:

      The video clip seems to be down….at least i can’t get it. I wonder how Birotte responds to his fellow African-Americans who point out the overwhelmingly disproportionate ratio between whites and people of color who fall victim to the drug laws he enforces. As someone pointed out here the other day, it is a universal law that those who support the drug war are invariably those who receive a pay check for enforcing it.

  8. Servetus says:

    Call off your Bali vacation. For international PR reasons, the President of Indonesia is forced to intervene on behalf of a 14-year-old Australian “Bali Boy” caught with $25 (3.6 grams) worth of pot which carries a six-year prison sentence.

  9. Deep Dish says:

    This just in: Florida’s drug testing of welfare applicants has been blocked by a federal judge. Score one for the Constitution, and for saving money.

  10. Duncan20903 says:

    RAND has officially pulled it’s dispensary:crime study. Why yes, we can insist that reality is just the way we insist that it is. No need for silly studies of factual evidence.

    Doesn’t this mean that RAND admits to being incompetent to do such studies? Oh well, the truth never was the Know Nothing prohibitionists long suit.

    Reality is just so darned inconvenient.

  11. claygooding says:

    This petition still needs 50 signatures.

    Allow United States Disabled Military Veterans access to medical marijuana to treat their PTSD.!/petition/allow-united-states-disabled-military-veterans-access-medical-marijuana-treat-their-ptsd/1MD2nrHC

    Please go to the site and sign the petitions important to you. 6 days left.

  12. claygooding says:

    I been posting that everywhere,even my wall at FB.

  13. Duncan20903 says:

    We all know that the motto of the Know Nothing prohibitionist is “never let the facts stand in the way of disseminating an effective piece of hysterical rhetoric.”

    In that vein I submit some mo’ reefer madness compliments of the Toronto Sun. Could any person be any more out of touch with reality… Never mind, I keep forgetting that every time I ask that question the Know Nothings prove that they can indeed be even more absurd than previously thought humanly possible.

    Panama Red? Christ, that’s what I think about when I hear the nonsense that “this is not your granny’s smoking hemp.”

    From the “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics” category:

    With names like Panama red, stink, and bhang, it’s not just new words that today’s parents may need to learn when talking to their kids about marijuana. It’s also about what’s in today’s pot.

    For while many adults remember (some more fondly than others) the highs of their own youth, today’s marijuana is not what it used to be. Not only are we learning that what our kids are smoking may be particularly potent, but doctors are also warning that marijuana can trigger psychosis in vulnerable young people.

    Marijuana today is stronger than 20 years ago, notes Dr. James Kennedy, director of the neuroscience research department at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). In the 1960s, marijuana had an active component of THC of four to five percent.

    Currently, THC is about 12% and in some samples found in British Columbia, the level is as high as 20%. Modern growing techniques have resulted in potent strains with higher THC, the main psycho-active or mind-altering substance of marijuana, hash and hash oil (all derived from the Cannabis sativa plant.)

    • darkcycle says:

      Man, they got them some Trolls. I don’t get it myself, some people must derive passive aggressive satisfaction from Trollery I suppose. But as such, one has to wonder how timid a person must really be to engage in that sort of passive aggressive behavior.
      Aggression will manifest it self in various ways. Physically dominant Alpha males will usually choose violence. As the personality becomes more passive, the aggression is manifested in a safer way. People will only use a level of aggression they are comfortable with. Passive aggressive (I mean first person passive aggressive) behavior is the safest, and usually reserved for the most timid. that’s because it is the most controllable/safest aggressive behavior available. Now…to engage ANONYMOUS passive aggressive behavior…like trollery..Wow. There’s actually a lot more to it than that, but…Wow. In that head is where I don’t wish to be.

    • DdC says:

      Pot Potency? Boomers’ blissfully unfazed by mere facts

      These mindless twits have chronic short term memories. Shorter each time they drag out the same old shit. Granny’s pot again? Clinton said it was 20 times stronger. Then Waldo had an original thought to say it wasn’t gran dad’s pot. Nam Tea and pin rolls will out skunk any of the pretty buds today. Alcapolko Gold and Green, Mechmacon out of Georgia to Gainsville. Plus the Green. Pittsburgh coal dope or Panama Red. The horse choker I got at the May Day demo’s kicked my schools stoners asses. Why are they such terases? Same as fuckhead Nixon promising flashbacks that never turned up. Assholes!

      Toke-A-Day May Keep Old Memory Functioning

      This is your brain from reefer abstinence…
      Cannabinoid Deficiency is becoming more prevalent than in past years. Short term and long term memory problems. ADD/ADHD, Obesity and Alcoholism are just a few of the conditions abstainers and prohibitionists find themselves in these days. Like Whales beaching themselves, they just can’t seem to stop. If your family or loved ones start showing warning signs please seek help immediately. Or take matters into your own hands and twist them up a fatty. Any Questions?

      A decade ago
      Penthouse Exposes Mindless War On Marijuana 10/14/01

  14. vickyvampire says:

    The use of Cannabis is our right Francis I watch a huge variety of TV and its so casual I think about three years ago is when they ramped up pot use in movies TV and have not stopped since. I have lost track so they threaten and close dispensaries yeah no trouble finding Cannabis and I hardly get out that much cause of constant pain a source dried up and about 6 opened up from a friend that can link me up.

    Hey I’m sure everyone has heard by now great new a Judge blocked Florida’s drug testing for welfare recipients good I hate intrusion into any sovereignty concerning the body,and our right to use any drug has long has we do not neglect or abuse anyone get violent in our private use.

  15. allan says:

    Ya just have to love the title given to Robert Sharpe’s (MAP letter-to-the-editor writer extraordinaire, he has about a gajillion published by now) letter by the Reno News and Review – Obama Supports Mexican Drug Cartels (

    I mean… ya know… it just seems the first black President of the US would do something about a policy that incarcerates more black men per capita than South Africa did during Apartheid… it just seems he might speak out against the obvious racism in NY’s arrest pattern… it seems he might just acknowledge the NAACP when it condemns a policy as obviously racist…

    If reform comes together (wow, now there’s a novel idea!) it could blow a hole in the Drug War wall this next election. If ever a time was right to turn up the heat, it’s now.

    I mean really, that pap by Summeril is such a nothing list and his contention that no supportive evidence exists for cannabis as medical… I mean it’s just stupid. Any 12 year old could blow his Oped out of the water. What’s in their Kool-Aid anyway?

    • darkcycle says:

      Just gimme that old time delusion…
      Just gimme that old time delusion…

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Didn’t the larger plantations in pre-Civil War America often have sycophantic slaves who would act as the boss of the other slaves in return for extra privileges? I can’t quite pull up the correct descriptor, I know “Uncle Tom” is often used but inaccurate. Oh well, what the heck, accuracy be damned, let’s go with Uncle Barry.

  16. DdC says:

    I edited Acapulco?

  17. darkcycle says:

    Here’s one out of Mexico. We’re infiltrating the Mexican Cartels, folks (probably illegally). Drug war will be over any day now…

    • Duncan20903 says:

      I really like this part:

      “Typically, the officials said, Mexico is kept in the dark about the United States’ contacts with its most secret informants…partly because of laws prohibiting American security forces from operating on Mexican soil.”

      It’s the LAW!! Blah, blah, blah.

      It seems like we’re the only ones expected to obey the LAW. Authorities can do as they please.

    • Servetus says:

      A more detailed discussion than that found in the NY Times piece on infiltrating the Mexican cartels can be found at, along with this gem:

      “Under that agreement, the Sinaloa Cartel under the leadership of defendant’s father, Ismael Zambada-Niebla and “Chapo” Guzman, were given carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago and the rest of the United States and were also protected by the United States government from arrest and prosecution in return for providing information against rival cartels….”

  18. darkcycle says:

    Right Now-7:20 AM West Coast time.
    “police massing at Occupy Oakland, reports of rubber bullets/tear gas. LRAD sound wagons deployed:

  19. AeronwyRemembers says:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
    prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
    speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
    assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    But unfortunately, according to the (un)Patriot Act, interfering with commerce can be considered a terrorist act.

  20. Duncan20903 says:

    Endorsing the re-legalization of cannabis isn’t just for retired politicians anymore.

    …and the dominoes continue to fall:

    Marijuana should be globally legalized: Santos
    Tuesday, 25 October 2011 14:42 Natalie Dalton

    Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos said that legalization of soft drugs, such as marijuana, would allow the war on drugs to move forward by shifting focus to harder drugs and helping to stop international violence and drug trafficking.

    In an interview with Metro News, Santos proposed that more world leaders should rethink their approach to the war on drugs in order to deal with problems of drug trafficking and the use of hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroin.

    “The world needs to discuss new approaches… we are basically still thinking within the same framework as we have done for the last 40 years,” the president explained.

    The Colombian head of state said that legalizing softer drugs could be a way forward, “provided everyone does it at the same time.”

    However, Santos explained that he cannot be the first to make the move, “because for Colombia, this is a matter of national security.”

  21. Duncan20903 says:

    Endorsing the re-legalization of medicinal cannabis isn’t just for retired politicians anymore.

    …and the dominoes continue to fall:

    State, Local Officials Call On Feds To Change Course On Marijuana Policy

    State and local officials held a news conference in San Francisco today to call for reform of the federal government’s policy on medical marijuana.

    The event, held just blocks away from where President Obama held a campaign fundraiser later in the day, was attended by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, Fairfax Mayor Larry Bragman and San Francisco Supervisor David Campos.

    The officials are calling on the federal government to change course after the U.S.

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