Spam comment of the day

I loved this one:

I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very konwledegable?

Thanks for asking, Jenelle. I find konwledeg to be very important, and the research I do helps me to konw lots of things that I can share with you.

A question for the tech-savvy… This spam comment, as have many recently, merely had their URL listed as What value do spammers get out of that? I’ve seen the same thing with Google urls. I’m pretty good at catching the ones that slip past the Akismet filter (we get about 2,000 spams a day here), but I really don’t understand this one.

I also get a lot of requests from people who want to pay me for text links, but I know that scam and never accept their money. That’s a clear effort to drive up google rankings. But what do commenters gain from linking to Bing or Google?

Oh, and regarding konwledegable… I’d like to believe that it’s someone who really messed up that word that bad, but the truth is that it’s probably part of an automatic function that sends out millions of spam comments and slightly misspells one of the words in multiple ways to escape notice from spam filters.

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4 Responses to Spam comment of the day

  1. Ben says:

    The value of that specific message to the spammer is in learning how to beat the filters. Which ones get through, which don’t… And once they know, THEN they send the penis enlargement emails.

  2. John says:

    You and Ben pretty much hit it. Placing Bing or Google as the link means ANYONE who clicks it will cause both Bing and Google to INDEX that comment page. The giant internet spiders that they are, they just can’t help themselves, anything that links to them is recorded and saved. Maybe it will be relevant to a search some day? In this case, it’ll help the spammer make money.

  3. darkcycle says:

    It’s weighting the search. When you search something, then link to a website from that search it registers as one hit. Because they run their search engine like a big popularity contest, if you place a link at that site that somebody ELSE links to, it then counts for something like ten hits. That’s how people try to force THEIR website to the top of the list for those search terms. I had some guy try to sell me this service. I’m putting up a website (if all this business stuff continues to go through) and I registered at (a small business website). Shortly thereafter I got this call, promising to get my website into the top five google results for my chosen search terms. I didn’t ask the price, but I asked how they do it, and the guy was very upfront. Seems like with the information he gave me you could get it done in a couple of days all by yourself. That’s why they want you to put their link in your website.

  4. C.E. says:

    I think “konwledeg” is too good a word to pass up, like “truthiness” or “santorum.” A good definition would include the misinformation peddled by government sources, like the ONDCP. So we could say, “Gil Kerlikowske wants to make sure the public is as konwledegable about drugs as possible.”

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