Marijuana regulates weight

Great. Now there’s another big industry that will lobby to oppose legalization of marijuana — the diet industry…

Obesity and Cannabis Use: Results From 2 Representative National Surveys

The role of cannabis and endocannabinoids in appetite regulation has been extensively studied, but the association of cannabis use with weight in the general population is not known. […]

The authors conclude that the prevalence of obesity is lower in cannabis users than in nonusers.

Gives you an appetites so you don’t waste away (wasting disease), yet keeps you from getting fat. Not bad.

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6 Responses to Marijuana regulates weight

  1. claygooding says:

    It sure has kept me from wasting away,,,,260 lbs,,,hasn’t made me skinny either.

  2. denbee says:

    Of all the people I know who toke not one of them is obese…never really thought of it. Wops, only one is obese. But she drinks alot too.

  3. vickyvampire says:

    I do not toke every day but can only recall getting strong case of munchies twice this year.

  4. malc says:

    I’m all of 143 pounds after 40 full years of toking

  5. antifascist says:

    I agree with this conclusion. When I don’t have marijuana, I eat too much from simple boredom. I just lost about 5 pounds because i had an ounce that lasted me about 6 months. Now I’m almost all out and I will more than likely put those 5 pounds back on during the long, boring winter because i have no where to get anymore at this time. Since I am already 20 pounds overweight, I do take this article seriously.

  6. Duncan20903 says:

    Three or four times a week the wife and I go to the county operated indoor swimming pool. The facility also has a really nice whirlpool spa which I particularly enjoy. Being a government operation it has a very long list of drug families, which users of are not allowed to use the spa. I think they managed to cover everything with the exception of cannabis. No uppers, no downers, no hypnotics, paralytics, narcotics, no blood thinners or thickeners, no anti-psychotics, no anti-depressants, no muscle relaxers, no steroids, no drinking alcohol, etc, etc, etc. It’s amazing that anyone actually gets to use it. It just amuses me that with such an extensive list that cannabinoids are so noticeably absent.

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