Apparently, there isn’t enough actual police work to do

… so that they have to harass people not only following state law, but even federal law.

Oregon State Police harass Federal medical marijuana patient Elvy Musikka

Early Thursday morning, Oregon State Police detained Elvy Musikka, one of four remaining federal medical marijuana patients, along with other state medical marijuana registry cardholders following a town hall meeting on medical marijuana in the eastern Oregon / Idaho border town of Ontario.

According to Joey Nieves, clinic manager at 45th Parallel, a medical marijuana cardholders co-operative, a state trooper had staked out the co-op to harass cardholders as they left the building. […]

Nieves reports Musikka was detained for over an hour in a squad car as the trooper did not believe Musikka’s federal paperwork entitling her to possess and use her federally-produced medical marijuana anywhere in the United States. […]

Patients on the scene recorded the encounter on video, which has been seized by the state police. […]

An AP reporter was already working on a story about Elvy and in the process of getting the return of Elvy’s prescription and ID, they learned that the state troopers were being ordered by the federal Department of Justice to engage in these seizures from state-legal patients.

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34 Responses to Apparently, there isn’t enough actual police work to do

  1. TINMA says:

    Patients on the scene recorded the encounter on video, which has been seized by the state police. […]

    Imagine that.Not only would you not have the video evidence in court, the court would also tell you what you can and cant use as defense …

  2. darkcycle says:

    Of course, anybody with half a brain knows, in this police State you better film it on the sly, then download it anonymously to YouTube ASAP, THEN send COPIES to the police and prosecutor. Along with the link so they can view it online if they have any questions.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Why not just upload it to a server in another country as it’s being recorded? Gentlemen, we have the technology.

  3. kant says:

    they learned that the state troopers were being ordered by the federal Department of Justice to engage in these seizures from state-legal patients.

    Ordered? I assume they meant paid off via federal grant but damn, they don’t even hide the fact that they’re usurping state authority anymore, do they?

  4. Duncan20903 says:

    I’d be in jail if some asshole harassed Elvy in my general vicinity. But the cop would be in the hospital. If you’ve never met Elvy it’s hard to explain, but it’s approaching the level of harassing Mother Theresa. Besides, Elvy already suffers enough because she’s stuck with GI bunkweed.

    The man in the picture is the only human being in existence that grows pot worse than the Mexican cartels. His motto is, “seeds are good smoke too.” If you were going to name his pot it would have to be “Rice Krispies.” Snap, Crackle, Pop. Literally the only pot I’ve ever declined, and in spite of the novelty factor or the likelihood it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dr. Assholey is a special talent indeed.

    University of Mississippi Professor Mahmoud El Sohly thinks he has a new way to quiet opponents of marijuana as medicine: a pot suppository. Designed to ease post-chemotherapy nausea, among other conditions, its best feature may be what it doesn’t do. “There is no high,” says Dr. El Sohly

    Say doc, are you sure it works the same for people who don’t keep gerbils? One other thing, do you remove the seeds before you make the suppository?

    Just in case anyone didn’t know suppositories are a perfectly valid delivery method, and much more efficient and fast acting than using the front door. Up to 65% of THC in edibles never gets digested. The Egyptians were using cannabis suppositories medicinally over 3,000 years ago. It’s a tried and true method. But I don’t recall reading that the Egyptians used gerbils and I think that likely makes a huge difference.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      My apologies for my most unusual devolution into primitive bloodlust. There’s not very many things that can make me feel like that anymore. Regardless, it’s primitive, barbaric and totally uncalled for.

      My remarks about Dr. Cornholio stand.

  5. claygooding says:

    Does he use the gerbils as an applicator system?

    Back in the 70’s,when all drug stores kept every kind of narcotic,including cocaine in them,I acquired some opium suppositories. From being in the guy’s car all day they were too soft to use,,so me and a buddy stuck them in the freezer to firm them up.

    We were sitting there,,waitin on them to get ready and burnin one when I asked my friend if waiting for something to get hard to stick up our ass was a good thing.

    We never did do those suppositories.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Oh for the love of god I thought a picture of an anal gerbil syringe would be amusing and Googled it. I found an article called “Rectal foreign bodies: case reports and a comprehensive review of the world’s literature” which was co-authored by my dear friend Skippy who died from leukemia in 2002. Now that was unexpected.


      The surgical management of two patients presenting with incarcerated, apparently self-inserted foreign bodies is reported. The large volume of prior literature on this subject is reviewed, with tabulation of 182 previous cases by type and number of objects recovered and with a discussion of patients’ age distribution, history, complications, and prognosis. Management problems addressed include history, differential diagnosis of reported pruritus ani, and handling of suspected assault. The variety of surgical techniques used to remove rectal foreign bodies transanally or after celiotomy is discussed. Vaginal foreign bodies and large bowel injuries due to fist fornication, colorectal instrumentation, pneumatic rupture, foreign body ingestion, impalement, and abdominal trauma are also discussed.

      Clay, it’s obvious that you don’t suffer from hemorrhoids. I’ve been told the doctor can make those go away by sticking them with an electrified needle, and that the health insurance will pay for it. Just think, we live in a country that considers sticking an electrified needle up your ass or tossing maggots onto serious burns to be the accepted standard of medical care but can’t accept people using cannabis as medicine. Go figure that one out.

      Who the heck decided how to spell that word “hemorrhoids?”

      Speaking of Youtube, it seems my neighbors are drunk and feeling their oats. I may get a light show courtesy of the county police. Drunks are so much more preferable to potheads, aren’t they? But heck, it sounds like a catfight and it’s getting physical. I really must go investigate.

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  7. muggles says:

    My guess is that this is gonna become way interesting…this one may be another chip on the wall. Truth, plant > cops, corruption, feds, etc.
    Go Elvy!!

  8. Ned says:

    “they learned that the state troopers were being ordered by the federal Department of Justice to engage in these seizures from state-legal patients.”

    This is exactly why if states repeal their criminal statutes, “Federal dominance” won’t mean what most people think it does. The Feds rely on state LE and courts to do 95+% of the on the ground work of enforcing prohibition. Kick that crutch out from under the Feds and they are almost totally overwhelmed. While MMJ has forced open the door, it won’t be broken down until general use repeal begins with at least ONE state crossing that Rubicon. CA, WA, or CO, one of them REALLY needs to do that in 2012!

  9. Duncan20903 says:

    Oh well there was no catfight (technically) and no light show. It seems I was listening to a very drunk woman objecting to be arrested by a police lady.
    ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———-
    Because of the story about Elvy I started pondering the DC NORML action in 1994 at the National Capital Barbecue Battle. I linked the video on Youtube a few weeks back. As you know if you actually watched it George McMahon attended and smoke his GI pot like a chimney. Since it was sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department (DC police for civilian zones) the event was lousy with cops, but no one so much as looked at George cross-eyed. At the time there were no medicinal cannabis patient protection laws either.

    Upon further reflection I recalled that one of, if not the most annoying thing(s) about my years with DC NORML was that with only a few exceptions we were just flat out ignored by lawmakers, bureaucrats, and law enforcement and the main stream media. If they don’t see you as any threat then what’s the point in hassling people? One of the most marvelous things to me about the here and now is just how much people nationwide acknowledge that there is an issue that’s worthy of discussion. In a reality perverted by the Know Nothing’s heavy handed prohibitionism the fact that this happened is jolly good news. Besides, despite the fact that my dear friend was a co-author of the NIH study, I found one of the most ludicrous things in the history of our Republic for which our beloved Federal government has squandered spent money to study.

  10. allan says:

    funny… I stopped by to post this… y’all are good.

    Yep… dumb cop stories. And this one picked the wrong lady. Elvy’s a wonderful young lass and we’re glad she lives here in Oregon. Her story of finding cannabis for her glaucoma is quite the tale of undoing false perceptions. The woman has fire and I pity that state trooper. Another oops moment in law enforcement. I can hear Elvy… “and let me tell you something else…”

    BTW… my former employer, Bill Conde, had a beautiful Mitsubishi cabover, 18′ flatbed delivery truck with the cannabis leaves mural painted around the body. I remembered that in our annual local Eugene Celebration parade, Bill would load his 25′ joint on the back of the truck as his parade entry. I’d love to find a photo. Consider it a treasure hunt. Reward (one of my cannabis art photos for the wall perhaps?) if found. It was at Conde’s during the OMMA and recrim battles that I first had the pleasure of meeting Elvy.

    hmmm… ganja grannies… a council of elder women dpr/cannabis activists who act much like the grandmothers and elder women in Six Nations’… men can’t rise to leadership roles if the women don’t approve. Gil… you’re the first to go.

    • DdC says:

      Condi Truck

      Here ya go. Lil worn, looks like a few miles on it, couple dents. Truck ain’t bad either. 🙂
      Loved the Barter Fair. That’s when I first met Jack and Condi.

      • darkcycle says:

        Barter Fair rocks!!

      • allan says:

        You’re funny DdC… that’s my picture (well worn indeed! that was me about 15 years ago, ya otta see me now, talk about dents…)

        To be more clear (for those of you on drugs)… I’m looking for a photo of that truck, but in the Eugene Celebration Parade, w/ the giant joint.

        I do appreciate the effort tho’ D!

        • allan says:

          my kids were little back then but I would quite often take them on my deliveries when I had a full day of dropping off lumber. They loved it and got to see some of the fine backroads of Western Oregon.

          I never got to attend one of the Barter Fairs (the So. Oregon, or also called the Ruch Barter Fair) is another story of the over the top police harassment. In fact the case against Jackson Co. went to the state Supreme Court (see Brentmar v Jackson County) and the Barter Fair won the decision but lost the Fair.

          Conde’s HempFests also drew the wrath of authorities and cost Bill (and his employees, like me) his growing and profitable business. Of course when the state of Oregon needed a festival for the hippies they threw one and kept law enforcement away – Vortex.

          Funny (not) how that shit works…

  11. Peter says:

    As we appear to have sunk to the bottom on this thread I thought i’d include this from a surgical site:

    “I have a butt page story for you, but, unfortunately, no documentary evidence. The story was told me by my brother, who used to lodge with a nurse. It is the nurse’s story. About five years ago an old WW2 veteran used to come into a hospital clinic in the east end of London suffering from bad haemorroids (piles). The clinic did what they could, but they could never relieve the most painful pile, which would hang down and get stuck on the seam of the man’s underpants. To rid himself of the nuisance of this pile, the old man used to push it back up into his rectum using the artillery shell from an anti-aircraft gun he used to man in the war. One day the shell got stuck and the man was forced to hobble down to the hospital to get it removed. As the doctor was about to insert his fingers into the old man’s rectum to remove the shell he said ‘Of course, this shell is spent, isn’t it?’ ‘Oh no,’ said the old man ‘There’s enough ammo in that shell to blast a Messerschmidt (sp?) out of the sky.’ So the doctor called in the army bomb squad, who built a lead box around the old man’s asshole and defused the shell in situ, before removing it.
    A good little story for VE day, I thought. —
    Melanie McGrath

  12. darkcycle says:

    What can I say? I guess it’s good we all feel comfortable with one another… This hasn’t been that usual sort of ranting to which I have grown so accustomed.
    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon your perspective) I have no funny Anal object insertion stories to tell. If this is going to be a recurring theme, perhaps I should make an effort to collect some…though I’m not as excited by that prospect as you might think….

  13. tintguy says:

    The comments in this thread have left me feeling violated. Ya’ll owe me some of my innocence.

  14. kaptinemo says:

    If there has been a directive from Federal sources, then it should be fairly easy to determine who signed off on it.

    If the source proves to be a high functionary of the (so-called) Justice Department, then many bloggers on the (supposedly) ‘progressive’ side will be forced to either begin making even more excuses for ‘their’ man Obama, or finally realize he really is nothing but GWBush 2.0. Just another enthroned puppet of corp-rat interests intent upon maintaining the astronomically profitable and morally corrosive status quo of drug prohibition.

    Those who claim ‘progressive’ propensities and sensitivities will be forced to either act on their principles (“A sick women who’s legally authorized by the Feds to use cannabis to prevent blindness is being attacked by those same Feds! What an outrage! We must do something!”) or just keep taking it up the sewer pipe…like they have been, with their constant apologias for ‘their’ man, Mr. O.

    In any event, the smiley mask is slipping, revealing the same old snarl behind it. Or as a philosopher once said, “Meet the new boss; he’s the same as the old boss.”

    • darkcycle says:

      Nemo, the “progressives” in the Democratic Party went under the bus FIRST. I know it ain’t your speed, but go take a look at the comment threads (any of them) over at

      You back? Good. How many “Obama supporters” did you find? What was the consensus about voting him a second term? Never mind that…did you find a SINGLE commenter who supported Obushma’s policies? I know, there’s usually someone who will step up and try to defend him…but the exact same thing happens there as here when a prohib shows his face. The instant he outs himself, the rest of the thread participants jump on him and shred him to bits, leaving nothing but bones and the tattered remains of his “YES, WE CAN” t-shirt to mark his resting place.
      We “progressives” (I don’t think of myself as progressive, it’s a label and I don’t wear labels well) don’t like him any more than the other side. Which brings up the question which has been buggin’ me for some time….Who the hell does he think is gonna vote for him? It won’t be the Left….and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the Right. Does he think that the top one percent of income earners, who he has bent over backwards to protect, will magically become a majority of the voting populace come November of 2012?

      • DdC says:

        Oh come on dc. Who the hell are they going to vote for , Perry? lol Obombo will get the lesser evil vote. Probably a lot of middle road republicans on SS too. Krats may have to barter with the top 2%, but they aren’t their base as with the Neocons. The great hope is the teabog dipshits scare enough normal people into booting most of them out. With a more centered Congress Obombo won’t have to spend his term defending himself from crazy fascism. Without the GOPerverts maintaining the drug war as they have for 40 years. It won’t be a such a high priority and potential reform looks good. Krats have some investment in the two police actions but not the stake Haliburton and Dyncorps have. Winding them down will please the libs too. With the support we already have, over turning the CSA isn’t out of the picture. I don’t see any argument left to keep Hemp or Medicinal illegal. The drug companies will continue trying to keep the monopoly. But with the ease in which the people are finding deadly prescriptions. I think cannabis would be the best alternative. Now they could hijack the vote and give it to Perry as they did junior. Then we’ll have to wait for someone to invent a backbone.

        Bill Maher on Rick Perry’s Extremism

        The only thing GOPerverts are right about, is that the right wing are cowards picking on the poor. It’s clear who the enemy of the disenfranchised is. Republicans. It’s clear who the workers enemy is. Republicans. This would be a much better, more peaceful world if we just stuck all the republicans in a meat grinder. Eh? Soilent Redneck? Divide the spoils. Everybody’s happy and no cages for Ganja. Fair wages and no potholes. No made up wars. No Immoral religionists. Win win for all Americans. Happy Days are Here Again… They sacrifice the workers and poor’s lives in horrible conditions and sub standard wages. Cages for being sick treating it with Ganja. Then these maggots forfeiture their homes and confiscate the furniture. Clearly Non American activities. Fuck em all. We know the enemy and yet we let them live here stealing our heritage. Sending our kids to die in their wars. Stealing food from babies when they have no need of it themselves. Seems the logical solution.

        Profound Hatred for Democracy

        Rid us of the Trolls Too! Simply Worthless. Now I get it, Better Dead Than Red. Red states are better off dead than republican. They used to be just boring whiny opposition political parties, now they are the sworn enemy of all Free people. If you’re one of the 46 million in poverty in the richest country on the planet you need to collect your dues. The republickers obviously take your measly funds just for meanness. They don’t need it. They could have invested in Americans jobs but choose to shelter their responsibility in offshore banks. Then steal what’s left while outsourcing our jobs to India and China. Its way past time for negotiations. Time to take back the country. It’s more than clear who’s trying to stop us and who we have to remove. Personally I don’t care if that’s alive by voting them out or if they just die from greed. As long as they’re removed from office. I just know I feel damn good Hating GOPerverts who are hurting Americans. Down right patrifuckingotic!

        Bush Crimes Against Humanity

        Are the Teabogs Traitors, Serving a Southern Neoconfederacy?

  15. kaptinemo says:

    WRT to the issue of ‘progressives’ as opposed to the real McCoy, the litmus test is simple: I ask what they’ve done MATERIALLY to end drug prohibition. In far too many cases, said ‘progressive’ will pay lip service to the ideal, but will plead (IMNHO, cowardly) pragmatism will better serve the liberal agenda by getting their people into power via elections, and then we’ll have the clout we need to make REAL change. And that means avoiding the issue of the failure of drug prohibition as much as possible, lest one get slapped with the ‘soft-on-crime’ paintbrush….which their opponents would do, anyway.

    Well, we all know what Senator Obama thought about cannabis, namely it’s prohibition was stupid. Flash forward to all those times he said during the Presidential campaign that policy should be based on science, not ideology. Sounded real good, huh? But I learned long ago to ‘put not thy faith in princes’…

    DC, all I can say about the political situation is what I say at many of those ‘progressive’ blogs I frequent:

    Google the following terms:

    Obama Clinton June 6 2008 Chantilly Virginia

    Please note that the search string contains no connotations; only names of people and a place and a date. But what comes up is the kind of thing those ‘progressive’ bloggers just won’t touch. The implications are too stark, too horrid, for many to face.

    Almost every Presidential contender who meets with them gets elected. Perry met with them in 2007. Left? Right? Try Uber-Rich/Everybody else…

  16. TINMA says:

    same as the ol’ boss indeed…

    That never changes…yet some just dont get that nor understand the one party thing.

  17. allan says:

    I’m not sure if this is the vid of Elvy being detained or not (dial-up modem here) but was recently posted to the DPF Oregon list (I suspect it is, Sam was there, w/ Elvy):

    shot by Sam Chapman, founder of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Chapter at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR.


    Russ Belville’s (not so) NORML blog

    Sam’s interview last night (9/18) with Elvy about the arrest, Sam says to help spread this to the hinterlands.

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