DEA raids Montana


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Federal agents with guns drawn raided up to a dozen medical marijuana operations across Montana on Monday, the same day that a bill to repeal the state’s medical marijuana law stalled in a Senate committee.

Coincidence or political?

Montana NORML is live blogging updates on the raids.

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13 Responses to DEA raids Montana

  1. This is not my America says:

    Tyranny at its finest ! The people have spoken and the federal government doent care what the people want.

    This isnt just a cannabis only issue, this goes across the board. The federal government exists for the federal government …not the people.

    The government better wake up…the people better wake up..we are destroying ourselves…is that what they that what you want?

    Tyranny at its finest….

  2. vicky vampire says:

    No I don’t even believe in good luck, I’m not saying people DON’T have free will but coincidence my ass most things happen for a reason did Czar Gil and Michelle Lion yuck babe have coffee clatch and sick the DEA dogs on this the timing so very FRAKING SUSPICIOUS.

  3. kaptinemo says:

    I stopped believing in ‘coincidences’ long ago. Leonhart was testing the waters right after Obama was elected, and has been pushing the limits even after the Holder Memo. Since no one came down on her hard enough, she figures that she’s been given a green light for mayhem.

    Leonhart’s acting like a neglected, vicious dog that keeps slipping its’ chain while the owner is easily distracted…and said owner doesn’t seem to care how many rosebushes the dog pisses on, how many yards are shat upon, or how many adults and children are bitten.

    Somebody needs to remind Obama that there are leash laws, and his dog is violating them. She needs to be told to heel, and pronto.

    • HempOrNoHemp says:

      “Somebody needs to remind Obama…”, come on…wake up! What makes you think that if Wisconsinites in their middle class battle against corporate America cannot capture Obama’s attention, Montana’s struggle against the DEA will? There is only us, the little folks ranting and doing nothing. We need to take back this country and that, my friend….requires the spirit of a people willing to do what the founding fathers of this very nation did years ago. Whatever happened to Laura Murphy and her plan to grow hemp in Montana? I think she gave up ….easily!

      • kaptinemo says:

        I assure you I am well awake…and aware. Perhaps more than you can realize. I am quite used to taking both the macro and micro view of the issue, having been dealing with both global and local aspects of drug prohibition for over three decades, now…and anyone familiar with this site and others I have mentioned would know that from what I’ve written. Grampa doesn’t need to be taught how to suck eggs.

        As to your suggestion regarding recapturing the spirit of the Founders, I heartily agree. Drug prohibition was as much a part of Constitutional overreach on the part of the Progressive Era of the early 20th century as it was a part of the racism of those supposed ‘progressives’. Traditional limits on government power were breached, with predictably disastrous results.

        Stuffing this particularly nasty djinn back in the Constitutional bottle is going to be tough, but with the universal fiscal Meltdown, we may yet get the chance, as it becomes increasingly difficult to justify the wasteful insanity of the DrugWar with ever-growing numbers of homeless and hungry – and angry – members of the electorate showing markedly less patience with how things are devolving.

        The old platitudes and bromides won’t do anymore, and eventually the old gambit of using children as ideological human shields to blunt criticism of the DrugWar will not work, not when the parents of those kids are more worried about sheltering, feeding and clothing those kids…and want the money wasted in the DrugWar to do that.

        Perhaps that that’s the tack you should take in your (presumed?) activism.

  4. Chris says:

    There’s no one to contact in the government that will actually care that this is happening, right? I mean, what would Obama say if directly asked about this?

  5. DdC says:

    Coincidence or political?

    Stupid question…

    We moved way passed coincidence when Anslinger planned raids to coincide with political events. Every election this becomes a banner for GOPerverts. Same game as the Koch blood suckers. Boosh Cheney War Inc.

    More GOPerversions.

    Cover-Ups, Prevarications, Subversions & Sabotage

    The federal government’s lack of credibility on medical marijuana raids

    Michele M. Leonhart (Lying Heart)

    “She has proven her leadership to be anti-science, pro-lying, pro-death and destruction, and devoid of competence, so the Senate decided she was perfect for this job”. ~ Pete Guither DWR

    Obama DEA Nominee Pledges To Ignore Administration

    Apparently Michelle Leonhart, President Obama’s nominee to direct the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, didn’t get the memo. Speaking yesterday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, on day one of her Senate confirmation process, Leonhart pledged to ignore the administration’s formal medical marijuana guidelines.

    In February of 2009 Eric Holder vowed to end DEA raids on Medical Marijuana. In his statement he said, “the Justice Department will no longer raid medical marijuana clubs that are established legally under state law.” But left in place from the dubya era is Michele Leonhart. Ms. Leonhart is defying the administrations ban on raids against legal growers.

    Multiple DEA Raids Target Marijuana in Hawaii
    Hawaii’s THC Ministry and the homes of several medical cannabis growers were raided Wednesday by federal agents from the United States DEA and IRS.

    Ashes At The End of Rainbow Farm
    The question that lingers five years later is how in the world a minor-league dope bust managed to go so wrong, and how this stoner utopia, albeit one with connections to the Michigan Militia, passed in just a few months from flawed paradise to nightmare — a small-town tragedy detailed in a new book by Dean Kuipers, “Burning Rainbow Farm.”

    Government Shows No Compassion for Medical Pot
    On the morning of January 13, 2004, Tehama County prosecutor Lynn Strom unexpectedly announced that the state of California was dropping charges against Cynthia Blake and David Davidson for possessing and growing cannabis with the intent to distribute. While the two medical marijuana patients waited in the courtroom, Strom and the defense attorneys disappeared inside the judge’s chambers to discuss the motion to dismiss. Moments later, more than a dozen sheriff’s deputies pounced on the hapless couple, handcuffed them, and shoved them into an unmarked police car waiting outside the courthouse in the Sacramento Valley town of Corning. They were already en route to jail in Sacramento when Strom informed their lawyers that the state was bowing out because the Feds were taking over the case.

    * DEA Raids Calif. Marijuana Collectives; Ignores New Federal Policy …‎
    * DEA Raiding Organica in Marina Del Rey NOW! (7-31-08)‎
    * DEA raids LA County Clinics‎
    * DEA, State Cops Raid Legal Michigan Medical Marijuana Grows

  6. James Little says:

    Nice usage of federal funds by a bankrupt state. Can we borrow more money from China to pay for this? I’m sure the tax payers would love that.

    • This is not my America says:

      The feds: Well sure, we can loan you money from china to squash the votes and voice of the people. Why not..its communist money after all..might as well put it to good use ruining the lives of non violent people, sick people, legally run buisnesses and yes childrens families….all on the taxpayers dime…God we love our tyranny! carry on lil slaves ..carry on.

  7. divadab says:

    If there’s one thing that will motivate Montanans to support MMJ, it’s unjust dominion by the federal government. The only message the feds seem to be able to deliver is “OBEY!” – fuck them, fuck that, the whole out-of-control corrupt mess will fall sooner than later and this kind of heavy-handed illegitimate unconstitutional action only hastens the process.

    • HempOrNoHemp says:

      What’s going to come out of all this tyranny and Federal/DEA bully tactics? Americans invested money,sweat and tears trying to establish a legitimate industry that could help small farmers with a new cash crop called hemp,help the sick, create jobs and more tax revenues, etc..All POSITIVE things for America!Now, those same entrepreneurs who sought to find solutions to the economic crises in this country are now being hunted down by the feds. This is not going to stop in Montana…California is next. We need to unite and send a strong message to Washington that America is about to unravel. Michael Moore told us a week ago,”it’s time to get off your couches. America, if ever there was a moment…it is now!”

  8. DdC says:

    Medical Marijuana Raids More Extensive Than First Thought
    This week’s raids on medical marijuana businesses across Montana were much more extensive than first thought with officers executing 26 search warrants across 13 Montana cities, including Kalispell, Columbia Falls, Whitefish and Olney, capping a federal investigation that’s been underway for 18 months. full story

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