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Andrea Barthwell claims that marijuana is ‘untested’

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has been on a PR campaign, peddling an old “white paper” of theirs, claiming that they know better than doctors regarding the treatment of patients for things like cancer and neuropathy. In actuality, they’re … Continue reading

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Not everyone’s buying what the UNODC has to sell

With the Commission on Narcotic Drugs continuing this week in Vienna, delegates are in meetings wrangling over slight word changes in amendments without ever addressing the abject failure of the entire operation. But others are. And the UNODC is having … Continue reading

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Florida Governor institutes unconstitutional drug testing program

At Stop The Drug War: Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) Tuesday issued an executive order Tuesday requiring that current state employees submit to random drug tests and that applicants for state jobs undergo pre-hiring drug tests. The order will go … Continue reading

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