Question and Answer (Updated)

It now seems likely that President Obama will be asked to answer the top vote-getter at YouTube (today at 2:30 pm EST)

Here is my prediction of his non-answer (note that I waited to post this until shortly before so he couldn’t steal it!)

Thanks for your question, and for your valuable service to our Nation. I understand that the specifics of how we deal with the scourge of drugs and related violence can be a divisive issue. In the past, we have not focused enough on treatment and prevention, which is why my National Drug Control Strategy calls for a balanced approach to drug policy, and I’ve backed that up with a significant increase in funding for treatment efforts.

Hearing the concerns of the men and women in blue is important to me. As I talk to law enforcement groups around the country, they tell me about the horrific impact of drugs on the children in their communities, and it makes me even more certain that we cannot and will not surrender in this critical fight.

Note: This is not his answer. It’s my prediction of his answer.


Here it is. If you only listen to the first 11 words of his answer, it’s a great answer, and the best we could hope for…

President Obama: “Well, I think this is an entirely legitimate topic for debate.”

Here’s that version:

Here’s the actual full answer:

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72 Responses to Question and Answer (Updated)

  1. stevo says:

    Is there any such thing as an illegitimate topic for debate? So he admits its a legitimate topic for debate… He takes a position in this debate… But then fails to defend his position at all. He addresses none of his opposition’s points.
    Excuse me, mr. president, but the debate has been raging for decades. I suppose it was just an illegitimate debate until today. Thank you so much for granting the topic some much needed presidential legitimacy. Now if you would address our points and concerns, or actually debate, that would be helpful.
    Your job is to represent, not dictate, the will of the American People.

  2. darkcycle says:

    Gee, you know, his advisers are telling him that the online questions are controlled by a well organized cadre of legalization advocates. I wonder what we could do to show him that we’re the same bunch of disorganized potheads we always were….maybe we could spill a dirty bong on the white house sofa….

  3. Ned says:

    Debate? The topic is legitimate, that is end prohibition, it is failed policy. It’s the debate that’s illegitimate. One side requires lies, fallacies and myths to support their side.
    His response was pure politics, an all out dismissal looks too unreasonable and he can’t quite pull off straight facing that lie. So he wrapped his dismissal in box of sweet with a bow. The institutional gravitational pull in DC is overwhelmingly against doing a Prohibition 180. This isn’t seen as worth losing ones job over.

  4. Paul says:

    Even though his answer was not what we would like to hear, the fact that it was the number one question and it was not squelched by shadowy Democratic operatives is a big win. He took the question, acknowledged the strong interest and feeling out there, and then just gave a safe answer.

    Point is, we got our question read aloud to the president as the number one most important question, for all the country to see!

    Now THAT’s progress.

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  6. allan420 says:

    Because I’m on dial-up I kept waiting for a transcript to be posted. Got tired of waiting and watched the Prez’ answer…


    First off a big tip o’ the old man’s hat to LEAP for actually making progress in the forgotten art of herding cats. To make LEAP’s question #1 was a beautiful thing. It did not allow Mr Obama to act disrespectful and it was as tight a worded question as could be asked.

    Second, a big tip o’ the cap to you all for making LEAP the powerhouse it is. LEAP may have the ex-criminal justice folks but we’re the movers of the wwweb. It is obvious that the Prohibs CAN’T win on the wwweb. But just for a moment consider what social networks and mobile communications have done for social protest over in N Africa and what we’ve done… it’s a bright light when we all light up our lighters.

    Even they know they need the wwweb, but they surely have realized that Droop Doggy Dog carries zero weight here. There is a reason they don’t have open websites, that all their discussions take place in private and we parade around unafraid and discussing the issue for all to see…

    That was a 3 minute answer to a very direct question that actually could have received a 30 minute answer.

    At this point we’re heading for checkmate. They know it. We know it. When I was posting my first “Legalize Marijuana” stickers and scattering seeds in the flower beds around the base in 1974 I had no clue that nearly 40 years later I’d still be putting up stickers. But now? Yeah… there is a pallor to the drug war, it’s shiny facade is worn and cracked and the abomination behind that facade is being seen for the ugliness it is.

    So push on me hearties… swash them buckles and we’ll keel haul their scurvy arses once ‘n fer all…

  7. darkcycle says:

    I’m afraid I just have to post this in response, Allan, me matey….

  8. darkcycle says:

    Damn. Sorry Allan. Just remembered…dialup. I posted the “Crimson Permanant Assurance” sketch from Monty Python’s ” The Meaning of Life”.

    • allan420 says:

      Monty Python is pretty much burned into my mind (a wonderful time it was when they were on regular TV, back in da day)… so thanks darkcycle, the thought counts and is appreciated. And now that you mention the Pythons… hasn’t Gil more or less taken over the real life role of the Black Knight?

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