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Drug Czar-speak

From an interview with the Texas Tribune TT: You said in El Paso recently that decriminalization, or legalization of some illegal drugs is not an option, that is off the table. Why? Kerlikowske: Well, one the administration’s stance is opposing … Continue reading

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The President gave a speech tonight. I missed it, cause I was watching season four of my boxed set of Farscape DVDs. However, I did a quick search of key words in the prepared text: “Drug policy” – 0 “Drug … Continue reading

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Cheye Calvo raid settlement

Via Phillip Smith comes this news in the Washington Post Attorneys for Prince George’s County on Monday settled a lawsuit brought by Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo that accused deputies from a county sheriff’s SWAT unit of storming into his … Continue reading

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Questions for Obama

It’s already been discussed some here on the comment threads, but YouTube is once again collecting questions for the President. Who knows what they’ll end up letting through, and who knows whether he’ll give a serious answer, but if you’re … Continue reading

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Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a high-resolution camera pointed at you.

Domestic use of aerial drones by law enforcement likely to prompt privacy debate by Peter Finn in the Washington Post. But by 2013, the FAA expects to have formulated new rules that would allow police across the country to routinely … Continue reading

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Making sense of the Justice System

This bold satire by the Onion News Network hits home in funny and disturbing ways, particularly given the inherent racism often present in the drug war. Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult

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Governments can’t stand having people around who tell the truth

In the U.S. Former Border Patrol agent sues over firing The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit for a former Border Patrol agent who claims he was fired — just weeks before his probationary period ended — because … Continue reading

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Go lend a useful comment

A reader has asked that I pass on an appeal for assistance in a newspaper comment thread: Medical marijuana patient convicted at the Hawaii Tribune-Herald. I have been working the blogs in Hawaii and there is a drug counselor that … Continue reading

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Just how rare are those accidents?

Whenever we have another one of those accidental shootings during drug raids, the officials are always quick to assert that such a thing is unbelievably rare. Really? Can they still call it rare when it no longer suffices to list … Continue reading

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Best two minutes on TV today

Occurs in the pilot episode of “Harry’s Law” starring Kathy Bates. To watch it, go to the NBC video and go to the 23:45 mark of the episode (I haven’t watched the whole episode yet, but if the rest of … Continue reading

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