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A reader has asked that I pass on an appeal for assistance in a newspaper comment thread: Medical marijuana patient convicted at the Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

I have been working the blogs in Hawaii and there is a drug counselor that floods the threads with his reefer madness. Here is the latest thread about a legal patient a Kona judge convicted for 1 gram ( they call it 2 in the article but that included the bag)

I have been countering his arguments for over a year and was wondering if you might ask your readers to jump in and post some useful information. I normally end up putting up lots of post and think it may be better if they were coming from a wider variety of people.

Looks like just the job for the folks on Pete’s couch.

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9 Responses to Go lend a useful comment

  1. darkcycle says:

    Ding-Dang, Duncan. Get in there! I used to work with statistics, but I don’t like to wade around hip deep in them the way you seem to enjoy. More power to ya.

  2. me says:

    I think since the reason it was banned in the first place is totally not why it is now and seeing the number of dailly users ……the united states should follow the first 3 words of our national preamble and let WE THE PEOPLE decide and NOT have that decision made for us

  3. malcolm kyle says:

    I’ve been sick as a poor dog the last 36 hours -No, not cold turkey, just flu. During this time, I have been active, but only from an horizontal position, and only in very short bursts before crawling back under the duvet.

    Anyway, since 10 minutes ago, I’m able to sit in front of my iMac again. I’ve showered, shaved and changed my under-togs, and the only thing I feel like doing is ‘boiler plating’ the universe. So look out for me, cause I’ll be everywhere ;>)

    Duncan, DC, Allan etc, it’s cosmic sharing the battle on comment threads with you all; please drop me a link if I don’t turn up on my own accord.

    Love & Light

  4. Matthew Meyer says:

    Wow, that alohavit over there is really fired up! How do people allow themselves to become so convinced like that? And how come throwing stats at them doesn’t change their mind? (Yes, I know the comment wars are more about swaying the fence sitters lurking, but still…)

  5. malcolm kyle says:

    ‘alohavit’ could be any one of the many officials involved in the persecution of patients, so we can hardly expect to change his mind. But indeed, every time we post reason and facts, more citizens decide that a fence is not the most comfortable place to linger.

    Maybe when this is all over, we’ll get to subpoena the personal details of prohibitionists of his ilk. After all, there’ll be an awful amount of free penitentiary space and thousands of prosecutors and lawyers looking for something useful to do.

  6. darkcycle says:

    Glad you’re feeling better Malcolm. Stomach flu is the worst. Well, let’s off…

  7. taxedtodeath says:

    alohavit is a drug counselor in Hawaii county. He profits from the court ordered marijuana treatment.

    Thanks to all who helped out, this has been an ongoing situation were he floods the blog with twisted information. It was great to have some new voices heard. I noticed he has not been back which may be a first for him…..

    Thanks again great job……..

  8. malcolm kyle says:

    taxedtodeath, It was a great pleasure! Every time were needed just drop us a link titled “Assholohavit Alert”

    Hoist that black flag DC!

  9. Common Science says:

    Sad thing about his posts, as detached and nasty as alohavit got by the 90th entry, his extremely creative hyperbole mirrors that of the government’s propagandic style. I can see a beaming ONDCP supervisor pouring over his sample text;

    ‘Excellent! I believe we can make an opening for you in our writing department. Don’t worry about these dope fascist retorts. We don’t allow that to happen.’

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