Packets of Madness

Packets of Reefer Madness wrapped up in a caricature called Peter Hitchens.

The crazed smile that says: It’s the little packets of madness that we really need to fear

There is another aspect of this case that the smug media seem to be avoiding. Look at the strange picture of the alleged killer Jared Loughner. He has just been arrested for a crime for which he could be put to death, if convicted. And he is smiling. From this, and from many other things we already know about this man, it seems likely that he has lost his reason.

Why and how? The most likely cause is Loughner’s daily cannabis-smoking habit. The link between this drug and serious mental illness grows clearer every day. Wickedly, the dope lobby still tries to deny this and seeks to legalise it.

Loughner has been, for much of his short life, a habitual smoker of this so-called ‘soft’ organic drug. This is not in doubt. Police records, the testimony of U.S. army recruiters who rejected him partly on these grounds, and the accounts of several friends confirm that Loughner is a marijuana victim.
Yes, I know. Not all cannabis-smokers lose their minds. And not all cigarette-smokers get cancer. But in both cases the risk is enough to cause concern.

When police caught him driving a car that stank of marijuana, Loughner was let off, as he would have been here. So much (as usual) for the non-existent ‘war against drugs’. Cannabis is now effectively legal in Britain and in several parts of the USA, where this dangerous and unpredictable poison is ironically permitted for ‘medical use’.

Arizona voters, fooled by years of cynical and shameful ‘cannabis is harmless’ propaganda, approved just such a stupid law in November.
The town council of liberal Pima (scene of the murders) last week took the first step towards licensing ‘dispensaries’ for dope.

Arizona has always had plenty of guns. America has always had heated political rhetoric. What is new is that it now has legal dope as well.

Those who are seriously interested in public safety should worry less about guns and radio shock jocks, and more about the little packets of madness on sale in every school.

Of course, it’s no surprise that this is in the Daily Mail, that bastion of Reefer Madness propaganda.

And Hitchens has long had an irrational and fact-free hatred of marijuana (makes me wonder if his girlfriend in college left him for someone with a bong). He once called for a law requiring a year of hard labor for a second offense of marijuana possession.

Mostly, he’s just a nutcase inside an authoritarian “moral” conservative, who is less interested in morality than in forcing people to act the way he thinks.

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  1. divadab says:

    And Chuck Schumer just called for people who “admit to drug use” should be denied the right to buy a gun.

    The prohibitionists are very active at the moment and lying scum propagandists like Hitchens and lying scum polititians like Schumer are leading the charge.

    My advice? Buy guns and ammo now while you still can – I’m waiting for Schumer to propose a drug test requirement to buy a gun.

    Fuck what a fucking fucked up world of fuckers.

  2. Dudeman says:

    Ah yes, the Bud Libel again

  3. Jon Doe says:

    The Hitchens parents must have been real monsters to produce two Grade A assholes.

  4. WatchinItCrumble says:

    OMG “The Horror of it”
    Caffeine and schizophrenia

  5. Nick says:

    The best part is at the bottom of the page:
    Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.
    Now what would those legal reasons be?

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  7. Jake says:

    You can comment on his ‘article’ here (just scroll down all the way to the bottom)

    I’m surprised my comment got through…

    Ahhh the Daily Mail – bastion of ignorance, scaremongering and general yellow journalism.. how I hate thee.

  8. WatchinItCrumble says:

    Or Google
    Nicotine and Schizophrenia
    Alcohol and Schizophrenia
    Chocolate and Schizophrenia
    Ritalin and Schizophrenia
    Video Games and Schizophrenia
    Religion and Schizophrenia
    Stress and Schizophrenia

  9. darkcycle says:

    “…the Bud Libel” Good one, Dudeman.

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  11. thus, the eternal question remains: how are these fuckers who are so blatantly and completely wrong the ones who are controlling the dialog?

  12. Servetus says:

    No one sell Peter Hitchens a gun. His name needs to go on the no-guns-wacko-list immediately.

    Putting him on the no-fly list is probably a good idea as well.

    So far, Peter probably hasn’t physically harmed anyone, but this is the same nutbag who suggested that people the authorities perceive as lazy need to be rounded up and sent to work camps. It appears Peter Hitchens got this idea from the Nazis, who did that very thing. Or maybe he took his cue from his soul sister in the U.S., Ann Coulter.

    In any event, Britain can keep Hitchens and all its other Tories. Tories are the reason Britain’s colonies revolted.

  13. Mike R says:

    Personally, I think the MUCH stonger and more likely link is to American Military service. Nothing against the vets and active duty folks here – my bro is about to be deployed, so understand I have utmost respect. Still, the link it there. Think about any and every gun-weilding or bomb-crafting domestic terrorist in recent years and the all seem to have ties to military. This, coupled with the VAST numbers of traumatized, or otherwise psychologically-off, returning from service makes for a strong case. Than, take a look at the suicide rates.

    Now, does that make the military to blame? Absolutely not. It’s just… drumroll please …a link. You could just as easily say he snapped from being denied medical marijana. Just as feeble. Marijuana as the potential cause? I’d say it’s not even in the top 10.

    Most importantly though, I am sickend by the fact that these prohibitionist Nazi’s are twisting a tragic loss of life into a morally-bankrupt political agenda.

  14. warren says:

    Hitchens ia propagandized puckered orifice. P.S. Not a mouth.

  15. Bruce says:

    Awwwww, we are resisting their rule by decree. Just like Hummingbirds at a frozen feeder, the pigs are panicking. Jerking and shrieking every which way. Hate to use a pretty birdie analogy, but thats just how it looks.

  16. Duncan20903 says:

    Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.

    a bit off topic, but I’m looking up the fine for parking in a handicapped parking place without a permit in Colorado, and was surprised to find that if a veteran has lost the sight in both eyes that qualifies for handicapped veteran tags.

    on page 2 lower right:

  17. allan420 says:

    actually these are the Prohib voices that need public exposure. Let these loonies act their parts. They are lunatic fringe fanatics and to most reasonable minds appear as just that. Like Linda T, they do more for us by being so nutty than they can ever do against us.

    I seriously encourage all you drug policy wwweb pirates utilize our factual edge by also not being equivalent nutbags… Malcolm is a great example in his swashbuckling, always on point, fully loaded and all business. Being cutely snide or overbearingly obnoxious can destroy the power of any facts – no matter how good – you may also provide. We have the upper hand, use it.

    What we can’t do is be apologists. Yes, some people shouldn’t do drugs. Duh. Some people shouldn’t drive or be elected to office… it’s a long list of stuff some people shouldn’t do. It’s Prohibition which needs spotlighting, all those abominations of policy like the wrong-address SWAT raids, the shooting of vicious Corgies and black labs… cops w/ guns drawn in Goose Creek HS… Peter McWilliams… Donald Scott etc etc ad nauseum. Corruption and stupid (House of Death, etc) are all inevitable consequences.

    BTW… St Valentine’s Day Massacre anniversary coming up. I hear Chicago hates being reminded… gangsters dressed as cops armed with tommyguns, a shotgun and a .45… sounds like parts of Mexico today.

  18. DdC says:

    hitchins is going through chemo treatment for cancer. (was?) Totally a Boosh war monger. He’s also a strong advocate of Athiesm. Or just hates religion. Another fool for authoritah! He thinks people might catch a dose of Jesus if they toke. Paranoid freak drug worriers should not be published. The harm they have caused, the money they have cost us and the lives they have ruined would not be tolerated in any other arena. Time to put these war mongers on the shelf. Especially the domestic war mongers like higgie.

    • Pete says:

      Christopher Hitchens is going through treatment for cancer and is an atheist. Peter Hitchens — the one who wrote the comment discussed here — is an entirely different person and is a very religious person.

  19. DdC says:

    Oh, good now I can dispise the entire family.
    How I found God and peace with my atheist brother.

  20. darkcycle says:

    I’ve been sitting here all day trying to think of how you respond to someone with an agenda and a general disdain for the truth. But, much like Allen, I’ve concluded Peter Hitchens ultimatly condemns himself with that entirely hyperbolic piece. It falls on it’s own lack of merit and complete intemperance. He really doesn’t do their side alot of good making himself sound like nearly as big a nutbag as the Az. shooter. I think….I’ll leave him alone for now. Best of luck with that one, Peter.

  21. Maria says:

    “little packets of madness” at every school. That’s rich, does he mean the increasing demand by school boards to require medicating children who exhibit ADHD or other “abnormal” energetic/anti-authority/”troublesome” tendencies? No… not those packets of madness? Oh. Carry on then.

    I agree that we need to allow Hitchens and others enough rope so that they may comfortably hang themselves with. However, we can’t sit back and assume that everyone else sees the crazy like we do. I can guarantee you that Hitchens is reinforcing beliefs and sowing doubt and irrational fear with his words in a wide segment of the population. So we need to respond with our words loaded with facts and rationality. I really don’t like where this is going.

    The media and the politicians will keep shrilly blaming Laughners insanity on their scapegoat of choice and frankly. This guy was across the board with his belief so there’s a LOT of scapegoats for idiots to blame.

  22. vicky vampire says:

    Yeah for some reason I’ve always liked Christopher Hitchens even though he is the cranky atheist brother Pete Hitchens another crazy religious right prohib anti-cannabis quy screw him.

  23. Common Science says:

    Just a theory – but, even so…



    by M.L. Chazottes

    WAS CHARLES MANSON’S apparent hold over his followers due to marijuana?

    It has become the accepted wisdom that marijuana is at least no more harmful than liquor. But psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Malcolm, an expert in addictions, has produced a disturbing theory that, if correct, may mean that marijuana is in fact frightenly dangerous.

    Dr. Malcolm, a staff psychiatrist with the Ontario Addiction Research Foundation, says that though pot may be non-addictive, it causes chemical changes in the brain, In The Pursuit Of Intoxication, published by the foundation this month, Dr. Malcolm says marijuana diminishes the natural inhibitions of brain activity. With the “safety valve” removed, normal consciousness is distorted.

    Pot thus diminishes the sense of personal responsibility that inhibits our everyday behavior. In this altered state of consciousness the victim’s sense of time and sensations of hearing, taste, touch and smell are distorted and his focus shifts from the usual external stimuli to ideas and images within his head.

    In this state the pot smoker often lacks a clear sense of his own identity, and is desperate for outside support. He can become the tool of a leader or “guru,” such as Charles Manson.

    Most damningly, Dr. Malcolm writes: “The marijuana user… senses no personal responsibility for his actions. His life is cleared of incongruity and uncertainty and he is filled with wonder and relief.”

    And if you have tried pot and not experienced anything like this, Dr. Malcolm points out that it affects individuals differently, probably because its effect depends on the smoker’s level of maturity and health.

    All of this, Dr. Malcolm admits, is just a theory – but, even so, he says further study of what he calls the “conversion” effect of drugs such as marijuana is vital.

    When marijuana is used by a violent person in conditions conducive to violence, it breeds violence, he says. Example: In Vietnam, trained-to-kill, soldiers, many of whom reportedly smoke marijuana, become assassins. And it may be because of the pot.

  24. darkcycle says:

    Every asshole with an axe to grind is blaming this (the Az. shooting) on their demon of choice. It’s like everyone of them is standing in a giant circle, pointing at one another and desperately trying to shout the loudest. It really is one of the most disgraceful, disgusting, sewer-level events I’ve been recent witness to. I’m not crawling into that sewer even to try to pull the discussion back out. The problem with trying to do that is that it doesn’t matter; once you’re covered in the same shit, you smell just as bad as everybody else and no one can tell you apart.

  25. darkcycle says:

    C.S.: It’s a theory not borne out by the research, and incongruous with observed behavior. That’s why it went nowhere when it was proposed. Alcohol, Meth and PCP are likely to dis inhibit users, marijuana, conversely seem to increase avoidance reactions, not circumvent them.

  26. Dan L says:

    “Little packets of madness”?
    What about the gun? The gun, the gun, the GUN.
    What about the entirely legal “9 mm cartridges of death”?
    Death, straight-up, and bought over-the-counter.
    Surely the gun and the bullets are worthy of more condemnation than the weed.

  27. Common Science says:

    Darkcycle: Your absolutely right. Total flights of fancy 40 years apart. Or as Abbie Hoffman would say of either of these two marijuana ‘observations’:

    “Sounds like a nun talking about sex.”

  28. Ron Combs says:

    This guy should be struck by lightning.

    • Pete says:

      I don’t understand, Ron.

      Are you saying that holding certain beliefs or promoting certain falsehoods changes your chemistry to make you more susceptible to electrical discharge in storms?

      Or perhaps are you referring to the view held by some that certain deities express their displeasure with subjects by directing lightning strikes at them? Since this apparently is, if true, a pretty rare occurrence, why, out of all behaviors, does this one qualify, and what reason do you have to believe that his deity will follow your instructions?

  29. Sick........! says:

    The only packet of maddness needed to be worried about is the packet of propaganda this guy is selling.

    Nothing to see here move along.

  30. paul says:

    If Ron’s deity struck Peter Hitchens with a lightning bolt or two, that would be all right by me.

  31. darkcycle says:

    Perhaps it’s a reference to that old cartoon saw: “…If I be a lyin’ may God strike me dead”, followed by the character in said cartoon being struck by lightning- ZORCH-BOOM! In any event, whether Hitchens is more or less susceptible to out of the ordinary meteorological phenomena is beyond the stated purpose of your blog, Pete, what prompts you to ask?
    P.S. Lightning kills more people than any other natural phenomenon, so while extremely unlikely, it is distinctly possible, and would be uniquely satisfying.

  32. Bruce says:

    A noticeable ratcheting up of tension. Friday nights around here used to be a time of festivities with screeching tires and hoots and hollers of happiness and joviality. Gone is the happy tinkling of coins and sounds of belly laughter. Lately with the fascist vehicle impound laws and cigarette nazis patrolling the three metre rules and the homeless geting their shopping carts searched Fridays are so quiet one could hear a cat sneaking up on a Robin. Snitch societies are sick societies. Boycotting everything, Day 261

  33. DdC says:



    Now notice the clearly visible word “Poison,” which (as explained elsewhere) is a misnomer. Despite the fact that NO ONE has ever been known to die from its use, many states and government agencies still required that the word be placed on the label. This contradiction in terms sometimes leads to humorous situations. For instance, notice the lack of any mention of an antidote (which by the way is coffee) on the label. One would expect a reputable pharmaceutical house like Parke-Davis, which even lists its manufacture date, to have listed an antidote for POISON. But, can one imagine such a label?

    * Warning Poison:
    * Number of people that die each year = 0
    * Antidote = Coffee

    It must be assumed that such a warning label would have you laughed right out of the market.

    It would not be until the late 1890’s that a consortium of pharmaceutical houses (something illegal today), led by Parke-Davis & Co. and Eli Lilly, would develop a crude but effective physiological testing method (by using dogs) to standardize the strength of their tinctures. By the 1910s, reports of cannabis poisoning had all but disappeared from the medical journals.

    Take Caution Selling Medicine Bottles Says DEA

    “There’s a great concern about substances getting out and made into dangerous cocktails, especially from cough medicines,” Frierson said. “The DEA doesn’t care if a substance is 200 years old, especially if it’s included in their Schedule II list. I’ve seen them go to antique shows, and if they find dealers selling that kind of stuff, they shut them down.”

    Frierson noted that rules are a bit more lax for poisons, such as strychnine and a deadly product called mercury bi-chloride, formerly used as an anti-syphilitic and to clean wounds. “This is nasty stuff, contains heavy metal, and is very dangerous.” Though she can sell bottles containing these substances, they most likely fall within eBay’s category of “controlled substances.”

  34. malcolm kyle says:

    My new ‘Boiler Plate’ which is mostly distilled from all the great comments here.

    “Associated with” is not the same as “causation.”

    Kindly Google any of the following combinations:

    Nicotine and Schizophrenia
    Alcohol and Schizophrenia
    Chocolate and Schizophrenia
    Sugar and Schizophrenia
    Gluten and Schizophrenia

    So should we hand the market in any of the above substances to criminals (which is what prohibition effectively does) because its use is ‘associated’ with a certain minute part of the population? Many bipolar patients misuse caffeine and tobacco in an effort to bring on a manic state, thus becoming a danger to themselves or others. Should tobacco and caffeine or whatever works for each individual be prohibited to boost ratings or rhetoric also? Where does it end?

    Persons with chronic mental illness die 25 years earlier than the general population does, and smoking is the major contributor to that premature mortality. This population consumes 44% of all cigarettes.

    Cigarette smoking rates in the American population are approximately 23%, whereas rates of smoking in clinical and population studies of individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders are typically two- to four-fold higher.

    Caffeine is most certainly linked with mental illness; psychosis even. Here’s some reading:

    Broderick, P. & Benjamin, A.B. (2004). Caffeine and psychiatric symptoms: a review. Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, 97(12), 538-542.

    Hedges, D.W., Woon, F.L. & Hoopes S.P. (2009). Caffeine-induced psychosis. CNS Spectrums, 14(3),127-129.

    According to Bryce Tierney, Loughner, once said, “I’m going to lead a more healthy lifestyle, not smoke cigarettes or pot anymore, and I’m going to start working out.” Tierney was happy for his friend: “I said, ‘Dude, that’s awesome.’ And the next time I saw him he was 10 pounds lighter.” Tierney never saw Loughner smoke marijuana again After Loughner apparently gave up drugs and booze, “his theories got worse,” Tierney says. “After he quit, he was just off the wall.”

    We can continue to blame, and attempt to prohibit, any of the above substances, but nothing will change except for the fact that criminals will become richer, terrorists will grow stronger, and our corrupt politicians will call for even more infringements on what’s left of our freedoms by passing laws that will take us even closer to total economic and social collapse. So pat yourselves on the back …as this ‘once great & free’ nation dies a little more with each passing day.

  35. Sick........! says:

    Malcolm kyle said:
    We can continue to blame, and attempt to prohibit, any of the above substances, but nothing will change except for the fact that criminals will become richer, terrorists will grow stronger, and our corrupt politicians will call for even more infringements on what’s left of our freedoms by passing laws that will take us even closer to total economic and social collapse. So pat yourselves on the back …as this ‘once great & free’ nation dies a little more with each passing day.

    Absolutely Kyle, thats why opposing government now and in the future , at their every turn, is important. They fail to understand why shootings happen to government officials…or do they?

    Maybe its what they hope for, insurrection, in order to hand themselves total power over us all.If thats not it, then they are all fools ,too used to power and glory unto themselves…for them selves and are blinded.

    I feel they seek power over everything…they aint stupid as they would have you think. Wolves in sheeps clothing.

    Yes everyday this great nation dies alittle more at the hands of these….’people’…and I use that term lightly.

    Prohibition and all else WILL have to be ripped from them for they are masters of argument and deciet and will never give in to we the people.

  36. darkcycle says:

    Good Malcolm. Don’t forget to add that Schizophrenia affects approximately one percent of the population. That percentage has held steady since the disease was identified, while the percentage of people who have smoked marijuana has varied from about 5% to around 40% of the general population.

  37. Dante says:

    I would be willing to bet that the Arizona shooter drank water and breathed oxygen prior to carrying out his deranged crimes.

    Looks like we’ll need to ban water and oxygen.

  38. denmark says:

    Eventually, and that word is terrible to use for this, however, eventually the truth will drown out the lies.
    This guy is just seeking attention.

    Checked my email this morning and found one from Orrin Hatch in Utah with his AZ statement.
    One sentence caught my attention. “Acts and threats of violence have no place in our political discourse or in a civil society”.

    Really? Moron…… what do you think is happening to non-violent citizens who choose cannabis over your esteemed alcohol?

    And I did an unsubcribe, I forgot about being on his email.

  39. darkcycle says:

    It’s no thing. Comments are off. Comments are off for two reasons: 1. He knows the truth, and he knows his lies wouldn’t withstand the scrutiny. and 2. He knows we’re out here, along with countless others, willing to spend our time responding to lies with reason and fact. In short, he’s an intellectual coward, and not worth our time.

  40. Duncan20903 says:

    And Chuck Schumer just called for people who “admit to drug use” should be denied the right to buy a gun.

    Mr. Schumer isn’t up to speed on Federal law. The Feds already refuse permission for you to buy a gun if you admit to being a pothead on the forms you fill out or if someone that knows that you do so has the power to intercept your application. We know we’re in it deep when even the jack booted thugs can’t even keep track of all their prohibition related laws.

    There was a minor upset a few months ago in Washington State when Steve Sarich was turned down for permission to replace the guns that the Sheriff’s office had confiscated after Mr. Sarich had dispatched a sneak thief that was trying to steal his cannabis. Oh heck, here’s the article which explains it: <—Steve Sarich denied gun permit for being a long haired, dope smoking, avatar reading, living in the great unwashed Marxist commune hippie. <—Steve Sarich robbed

    If you admit to smoking pot, the gun nazi will ejaculate, “no guns for you!”

    But I’ve got perspective to share. It really feels good that a gang of thieves can break into a potheads home and get caught, tried, and convicted of the appropriate criminal laws for this type of offense with the worst thing that happens to the grower is he can’t get a gun permit. I’m not saying that is right, but I can assure you that had this happened 20 years ago Mr. Sarich would have been arrested and tossed into the holding tank with the people that robbed him. That presumes that the cops caught the perps and that requires a leap of faith.

    The magnitude of our project can occasionally be overwhelming. I like to note our progress for perspective. In San Francisco in 2006 a couple of DEA agents went out to lunch. When they got to the public sidewalk they ran into a pothead who was taking a couple pounds to the dispensary so he could take a snow boarding vacation. Our friend the rocket scientist was transporting his product in a box previously used to distribute hydroponic gear. He wasn’t too worried about the smell either. The DEA guys smelled the cannabis, saw the hydroponic equipment box, put 2 + 2 together and confiscates our hero’s product, dashing his vacation dreams. Since the pothead was outraged that the DEA agents had stolen his reefer and having a strong sense of justice and fair play he called the SFPD and demanded the DEA agents be arrested for strong arm robbery.

    Well the SFPD didn’t get a warrant and kick down the DEA’s door and shoot their dogs dead in order to get them to return the man’s property but then again, the man never got arrested for that incident. There really are a whole lot of people who are clueless about what dual sovereignty means.

  41. Duncan20903 says:

    Is there anyone trying to get hold of that whack jobs jail intake urine test? If they can release his mugshot they can release his urine test results.

  42. Duncan20903 says:

    My god what has reality come to? I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes searching the Google for urine. I really could have lived my entire life without knowing this:

    Now that’s just too fucked up. I’m at a loss for words. Unlawful collection of a bodily substance is actually a mother fucking crime in Ohio? That’s it, I’ve had more than enough of this bool chit, I’m tendering my resignation. I no longer wish to be a human being or associated in any way with these assholes. FUCK ME!

    DELAWARE, Ohio — A man accused of attempting to collect boys’ urine from a restroom at a fast food restaurant waived his right to a jury trial on Monday.

    Alan Patton pleaded not guilty to criminal mischief and unlawful collection of a bodily substance, after an off-duty Delaware County Sheriff’s deputy observed him in the bathroom of a Lewis Center Burger King.

    Patton, 59, was arrested last month.

  43. allan420 says:

    @ Duncan… it seems to me that there is an old adage that says be careful what you seek, because you may just find it… and then some.

  44. malcolm kyle says:

    Thanks DC & Brian! I will certainly do my best to incorporate your suggestions concerning percentages and bat shit.

    Maybe we have Pat Robertson to thank for this?

  45. darkcycle says:

    There are some great posts here at the Rant….percentages and batshit indeed.

  46. DdC says:

    OK I have to ask, who was the wingnut smoking cat droppings that discovered cat shits ability? Anslinger?

    brian bennett
    you left one out mal: cat feces and schizophrenia
    it turns out that cat shit can make you bat shit

    Pot Turns Man Into Bat
    Although he was later reprimanded by the bureau for testifying in court that he had once used the drug himself–he evidently told a jury in New York that, “After two puffs from a marijuana cigarette, I was turned into a bat”–Munch still served as the bureau’s pot expert until 1962.

  47. DdC says:

    New Jersey MMJ license to cost $20,000…

    Pot Shops Must Post $350,000 To Get Injunction
    The Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries that won an injunction blocking enforcement of key parts of the city’s pot ordinance must post a nearly $350,000 bond within 10 days for the court order to take effect, a judge ruled Monday…

    … Lawyers for the dispensaries had urged the judge at a hearing Friday to set no bond, saying the city would not suffer any harm from the injunction. But the city’s attorneys pressed for a $1-million bond, saying that closed pot stores are now returning to business and new ones are popping up.

    More government tweaking what ain’t none of their damn business. More political sabotage. That only terrorizes sick Americans without access. More stupid “interventions” at Cannabis News

    Proposed Pot Rules Generate Comments
    The first draft of the rules governing the use of medical marijuana in Arizona has been met with a flood of comments. The Arizona Department of Health Services released the latest draft of the rules governing medical marijuana in December. The department received more than 1,300 comments through its online system.

    Will NJ Medical Pot Law Go Up in Smoke?
    Sen. Nicholas Scutari, D-Middlesex, said the Republican governor’s proposed rules have several flaws, including barring dispensaries from making home deliveries, even for terminally ill patients — those defined in the regulations as having less than 12 months to live.

    Medical Pot Rules Back Before Colo. Lawmakers
    One Colorado bill would change the rules adopted last year. House Bill 1043 would extend a moratorium on state licenses for pot shops by a year, until 2012, and clarify which doctors can recommend medical pot.

    Medical Board Objects To New Cannabis Bill
    A bill designed to tighten the conditions for which people could use medical marijuana might actually do the opposite if some language isnt changed, members of the Montana Board of Medical Examiners said Friday.

    Consider Limiting Medical Marijuana Cultivation
    A Boulder councilman thinks the city should consider putting a cap on the number of medical marijuana cultivation centers that it allows.

    Oakland Rewrites Pot Farm Plans
    Oaklands new pot farm plans would scale back the size of the growing operations and tie them more directly to medical marijuana dispensaries, according to a draft obtained by The Bay Citizen.

    2nd Major Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced
    A Helena lawmaker has introduced a bill to license and regulate the growing and selling of medical marijuana in Montana and to impose a 10 percent tax on the growers’ sales to pay for the cost of regulation and go for other uses. Sen. Dave Lewis, R-Helena, is the sponsor of Senate Bill 154, the second major bill intended to impose some regulations on the industry.

    AG Should Push for Medical Marijuana Patients
    The attorney for medical-marijuana advocates said state Attorney General Bill Schuette, a critic of the state’s medical-marijuana law, should fight a federal request for patients’ confidential records. The federal government filed a court request to enforce its subpoena for information.

  48. Maria says: (Time Warner) Medicinal Marijuana by State
    Research shows that marijuana may relieve symptoms of certain chronic illnesses.

    It has been proven to treat nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite, and it may also ease pain. Marijuana is illegal in the U.S., but certain states allow it to be used as medical treatment. Here’s a state-by-state guide to medical marijuana use.

    Now if they’d only publish that in the magazine itself and not just online.

  49. Servetus says:

    Finally, a decent psych profile of the Tucson shooter, this time offered by a true authority on mass killings, Dr. Saul Kassin.

    Dr. Kassin describes the tendency to blame one’s favorite scapegoat for the shootings, but he stops short in listing all possible scapegoats, including the marijuana variety.

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