Just what we need. Another rousing victory.

Mexican police claim to have ‘dismembered’ La Familia drug gang

Mexico’s federal police has claimed a major victory over the ‘La Familia’ drug cartel – one of the most bloody gangs operating within the embattled country.

In what could be seen as a turning point in Mexico’s violent war against organized drug cartels, Mexican federal police claim to have “completely dismembered” the bloody La Familia narcotics gang, according to the Press Association.

Oh, yes. Another victory. Another turning point. And what will that give us?

Mexican federal police assured the public that La Familia has been broken into smaller pieces – and that these smaller operations are more desperate and prone to making mistakes.

Desperate violent drug traffickers fighting it out in public for control of multi-billion dollar drug smuggling business.

Gee, what could be better?

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37 Responses to Just what we need. Another rousing victory.

  1. Duncan20903 says:

    Desperate violent drug traffickers fighting it out in public for control of multi-billion dollar drug smuggling business.

    Gee, what could be better?

    Well it certainly facilitates the continued expansion of the nanny state. From a bureaucrat’s point of view nothing could be better than that.

    La Familia contains some extreme, certifiable whackos. Right now they’re probably working hard to gather up enough disarticulated human heads to be used as visual aids in their response to this action. The Federales are fooling themselves if they believe that there won’t be a heavy price to pay for this in the immediate future.

  2. ezrydn says:

    La Familia operates fairly close to me. For months, the leaders have been telling the Feds that they wanted to disband, with the stipulation that the Feds provide security for the people of the area. That additional protection has been put in place, quietly, and there have been no more encounters. So, I can’t see where the Feds can say “THEY did it.” No, La Familia did it, jerks! The LF clan wasn’t started as a drug cartel but, rather, a protection cartel for their state, since the Feds weren’t intervening. La Familia has done exactly what they said they would do.

  3. claygooding says:

    It’s is apparent that our drug warriors have trained the Mexican government “spin” rhetoric.

  4. denmark says:

    Excellent to hear the truth about La Familia.

    The information, and the truth, versus the lies MSM spews forth like the lap dogs they are, will generate some interesting talking points with drug war supporters that we all run into.

  5. LOL....! says:

    ….when has there EVER been true ‘victory’ in this idiotic drug war? No one is winning! Its just like the ‘war on terror’ , it will just keep going on and on. If LF isnt moving the drugs and human trafficing…someone else will, some one always does. Some one always fills the job. Victory….bah!BS.

    And when the death toll keeps rising then what, claim more ‘Victory’?

  6. Price says:

    What do you want to bet that in the coming weeks we read of some major killing spree in response to this dismantling ?? Amazing how many in the Mexican Government choose to see their citizens as collateral damage….

  7. ezrydn says:

    I won’t say LF doesn’t have their share of violence. They do. And they use some trafficing to fund their efforts. When LF started, their goal was to protect the citizens of their state since the Feds here weren’t doing it. They’ve had their clashes with the Feds. However, the people of the state seem to look upon LF favorable, as “protectors.” They’ve been voicing the fact that they want to disband for about the last 4-5 months.

    Seems they finally did it…and without Calderon’s help.

  8. darkcycle says:

    But..but…but..think about the talking points, who will protect the talking points….?

  9. kaptinemo says:

    As many ‘corners’ that have been turned since the early 1970’s, it should become obvious by now that the DrugWar is actually like a dog race-track, complete with robotic rabbit (prohibition) being pursued by a never-ending, self-replenishing pack of idiotic hounds.

    Around and around and around they go, year after year, decade after decade, barking their fool heads off about how they’re making a difference…while the rabbit just keeps on going, completely heedless of their baying.

    Jeez, you think they’d get tired of it, turning all those same corners…

  10. ezrydn says:

    Here’s a follow up story that ran on FoxNews. I’m sure you’ll be able to “read between the lines.”


    • Jake says:

      Calderon said “I can assure you we are on the right path and we will defeat the criminals, to ultimately build a Mexico of peace.”… is this blind faith, denial or legacy-protecting.. either way, its a scary statement.

  11. Kapt.... says:

    …I think those idiotic hounds just cant handle change….let alone the truth of their situation. Around and around they will keep going …

  12. malcolm kyle says:

    Around, and around, and around untill the sides of that rather deep trench they’ve carved out for themselves caves in on them again. http://1929crash.com/

  13. denmark says:

    It’s denial Jake, that and the glaring fact that a mexico of peace will never happen. Just another lie.

    I hold no illusions over the violence and unbearable pain the cartels have delivered to the public. They’re no different than politicians in that they care not who they hurt or ruin as long as they have their elite status.

  14. darkcycle says:

    Jake, you asked is it blind faith, denial or legacy protecting?….it’s none of the above. They are simply lying to us. Lying to protect their business, prohibition. Lying to preserve this farce for another few years, and a few more tens of billions of dollars. Lying to preserve the war that has made them so fat and happy on the backs of their fellow citizens for so long now. That is what they are lying for…their very livelihoods.
    And the pathetic MSM, owned by the corporations that stand to lose market share if Hemp is ever legal, dutifully step up to spread their lies by providing ‘half information’ to the public. Anybody else out there notice that big Pharma is now the largest advertiser on these cable “news” channels?
    Man, the media and the voting public: You could never ask for a better example of the “Garbage in, Garbage out” principal.

  15. Jake says:

    darkcycle, you are right (but maybe with a bit of legacy protecting for the politicians to keep themselves on the lecture circuit once out of office? – still, more vested interests).

    Sometimes.. I just step back from the whole argument and just cannot believe that we (the voting public) allow this to happen – and not just with drug policy, with all policies, ones that seem to always predominately benefit the rich… The system is broken – priorities/incentives are skewed and vested interests rule…

  16. darkcycle says:

    Hey check out the “re-writes” at stopthedrugwar.org, there’s even one from my neighborhood!

  17. kaptinemo says:

    From TalkLeft, more on the situation in Michoacan.

    As usual, the prohibs are hoping the truth of the matter won’t leak out…while WikiLeaks shows once again who’s lying:

    “Hours before the appearance of the body a leaked new cable Wikileaks appeared where U.S. diplomats reported to their superiors in Washington that the cartel of Los Zetas had control of the police in Nuevo León, including the capital, of Monterrey, where they know the leader of that band, Heriberto Lazcano, once lived. According to the cable, there is frequent fighting between Los Zetas and the military in the metropolitan area of Monterrey which is being reported by the media.”

    But not being reported here. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

  18. darkcycle says:

    Kap’n, propaganda victories trump reality every time. Besides, the Budgets are already written, they only need the truth so long as they can use it to justify their existence. However, once the ink is dry, they like to claim a few victories to make themselves look good. I guess there’s your ‘face saving’, Jake. It was beginning to look like Mexico was already lost to the Cartels, and the public was getting a whiff of that. Gotta show some progress, you know, it’s a delicate balencing act, keeping this awful thing going…..

  19. darkcycle says:

    Wow. Twenty-one comments and we’re still on topic….anybody else wondering about this? We’re off our game!

  20. claygooding says:

    Which is more evil,the industrialists that initiated this prohibition or the pols and their police that maintain it even though they know it is based on bullshit?

    My hope is that we will survive this to see the war criminals trotted out and as in all wars,there are criminals.

    • Jake says:

      For me, its the pols – An industrialists incentives are almost solely to produce profits for their shareholders. A politicians “true” role is to act on, and produce policy in the best interests of the citizens they ‘represent’. This includes stopping or limiting the negative effect that industrialists can have on a population in the name of profit. The fact that they know it is BS, in my mind, makes what they are doing criminal.

      When this is all over and the dust is settled, those ‘criminals’ will feign compassion for their fellow man as reasoning for starting this war and never be brought to justice. Winning this war means that we get our freedom of minds back, but I seriously doubt any politicians will see justice.. maybe just the industrialists who will feel it on their bottom line..

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  22. darkcycle says:

    I wouldn’t expect prohibition to end without the powers that be finding another vehicle to advance their totalitarian imperial vision. War on Terror comes to mind. I’m afraid what we’re doing is merely hoping the US government will adopt a different set of official victims. If that is all we accomplish, all we’re doing is setting up another class of ultimate losers in this society. And that worries me.

  23. darkcycle says:

    Geeps, the assistant secretary for the Air Force under Bush2’s body was just found in a landfill. That would be the guy with the dirt on the Air Farce’s Boeing/Air Bus Tanker deal. The congress JUST last week ordered an investigation on that. Those f**kers operate just like the Mob. Not even waiting for a subpeona before eliminating the witnesses.

  24. claygooding says:

    Makes me glad I am just a stoner,frustrated with our business as usual congress.

  25. darkcycle says:

    Seriously Clay. That and my feeble attempt to divert the thread, too. Ha.

  26. darkcycle says:

    Just in case you had thought that Pat Robertson has come to his senses, Sunday, he announced that the big N.Easter that wailed on the eastcoast was God, blocking those States from “…doing something Gay” Watch out, New England! God has you in his anti-gay crosshairs!

  27. darkcycle says:

    Oh, I should add, that’s humor.

  28. darkcycle says:

    And here’s a great one from Sao Paolo, Courtesy of NewEurope News:

  29. Jake says:

    Q: So is legalization of drugs an alternative?

    Santos: I don’t object to discussing any alternatives, but if we are going to discuss alternatives, let’s discuss every alternative. Of course, I am not going to be stupid enough to propose legalization by myself, as a country, but let’s discuss what alternatives do we have – what is the cost, what is the benefit of each alternative?

  30. Duncan20903 says:

    Now here’s something you don’t see every day:


    How many people each year actually get arrested for bootlegging anymore? Wow, and these guys were selling bootleg beer.

  31. darkcycle says:

    Duncan, they decide if you are bootlegging based on whether or not you try to sell it. The laws says you can manufacture “X” amount, but they really don’t care how much you make, so long as you ain’t moving in on Budweiser or Monarch. I live in Washington State, and my back yard fence neighbor and I have a nice deal. He has a vineyard, and makes wine…. He makes his wine, I grow my medicine, and he takes my spent soil for his vineyards. I don’t drink, and he doesn’t smoke, so that’s all the commerce we have, save a shared wink at harvest time! Anyway, he makes, ahem, a waaaay lot of fine wine, ages it in his barn, and gives it away all year round. He doesn’t sell it, so it doesn’t matter how much he has around or how much he makes. They aren’t looking for it, so as long as he’s off the commercial radar, he’s golden. Just don’t dare try to sell it.

    • Irie.ites says:

      Exactly, darkcycle.

      Heaven forbid someone sell a bottle of wine that didn’t pass muster – application fees, license fees, alcohol-tax fees, submission fees, local-county-state-fed taxes, fda-inspections & fees, mandatory gmo grapes (with resultant license fees to Monstersanto) etc. And, don’t dare try to earn a living to feed the fam or anything, without gov permission & “seal of approval” – especially doing something you love to do & benefits the community.

      Way too much camaraderie going on over that fence. Sounding all just a bit suspiciously “friendly” and “free.” Don’t forget that terrorists attack us, flying 2 planes into buildings, causing 3 to freefall into own footprint. Because of our freedom.

      NOT because we invade their countries, destroy their agriculture, bomb weddings-funerals-graduations with unmanned drones, spread depleted uranium like it’s fertilizer, shoot their children from helicopters, rape their wives, steal national treasures & torture everyone. They love all that. It’s our freedom that’s drivin’ em mad.

      So, keep a sharp eye. If you see something, say something. Operators are standing by to take the calls. Patriotic duty to ze homeland.


  32. Duncan20903 says:

    There’s something really fishy about the “drug treatment” incidence statistics that SAMHSA published on 12/30, you know the one where cannabis “treatment” admissions for cannabis have “skyrocketed” in California with an increase of 115% in 10 years?

    New York State has 48,974 people in “treatment” for cannabis. California has 35,549 and a population count that is double the number of New York State residents.

    New York reports 58,947 in treatment for stand alone use of drinking alcohol. California has 24,197. California still claims to have twice as many residents as New York. Can’t we say this proves that medical cannabis laws reduce the number of problem degenerates by up to 75% on a per capita basis?

    The number for admissions for degenerate addicts who prefer drinking alcohol are just way too low. They’ve got more people in treatment for cannabis than they have for alcohol. They’ve got more people in “treatment” for heroin addiction than for drinking alcohol. If you add “other opiates” to the total number of heroin addicts there are more people in rehab for opiates than for cannabis in California. California has 30,199 in treatment for heroin, NY State has 60,792. Again, 1/2 the population of California. But what the heck, didn’t SAMHSA also just release stats for 30 day past use of heroin which showed about 200,000 recent users? California and New York combined have almost 1/2 of the total cohort of US heroin users?

    4,002 in treatment for powder and/or injectable cocaine.
    16,137 for crack.
    20,139 total cocaine degenerates in California. New York State reports 44,451 cocaine degenerates.

    I’m not disturbed at all by the small number of people addicted to cocaine which is not crack. It is the natural order of movement when a person escalates cocaine usage to levels consistent with degenerate addiction to give up powder coke and move to smoking it or to IV injection. Powder inhaled nasally is a horridly inefficient method to deliver cocaine to your body. That’s the basic reason that crack is ‘cheaper’ than powder. Don’t ever let anyone fool you into thinking that crack is actually a cheap high. It’s about the same as saying that a steak dinner at Outback is cheap because it’s less expensive than a steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

    The first time I ever took a hit of cocaine it made a new man of me. The problem was that the first thing the new man wanted was a hit of cocaine.—-Robin Williams(?)

    Finally, meth. California reports 59,123 while New York State avoids a total shut out by reporting only 697. Meth really is not an east coast thing.

    overall New York State reports 314,476 in treatment for degenerate addiction. California reports 201,679. It sure looks like having an unfettered medical cannabis law actually reduces the incidence of degenerate addiction by a significant order of magnitude.

    Let’s not forget Prop 36. California’s Prop 36 allows people addicted to drugs to go through a rehab program and get their charges dismissed. Why would there be a single thief or confidence man that doesn’t realize that he’s an addict when his lawyer explains to him that people who commit these crimes get convicted and sent to jail if they’re sober as the proverbial judge? Don’t laugh, back in the 1990s one of my dearest friends got some years in Club Fed, and was required to go through rehab after being released. It was asinine because my friend had quit getting high 10 years previously, and he only played the role of a drug addict in front of the judge or his PO.

    It’s stupidity. I think people should get enhanced sentences if the try to blame the fact that they’re degenerate addicts. Seriously, they’re claiming that they just couldn’t help themselves. If they’re not in control of their faculties why the heck would we trust them to not lose control again? Kind of like the kiddie diddlers that claim that their desire for youngsters is their natural sexual orientation. Great, I’ll buy that, no problem. You can skip the parole hearings for this guy, he says he can’t control himself. If he can’t control himself we don’t want him on the streets.

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