Faces of the Drug War

This looks interesting.

A series of 8 concerts in Canada, the US and Europe will feature major artists who support ending the war on drugs. During the concerts there will be intermittent videos and images that show the real victims of the war on drugs, along with brief appearances by celebrities, politicians, policy reformers and representatives of victims groups talking about why they support the end of the Drug War. A communications plan for each event will focus on local media and provide Drug War content, interviews with celebrities, policy reformers, victims groups and other supporters. Venues will be for audiences of 20,000 and up. International artists as well as local and national artists will be featured in each location.

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2 Responses to Faces of the Drug War

  1. vicky vampire says:

    Its about damn time,these artists got involved in something like this besides global warming or other seemingly safe issues yes they have risk of exposing there own drug use still not enough celebs are coming out of gay or cannabis closet would be nice if they did, would help empower and inspire average folks.

  2. DdC says:

    Where is Cannabis in Rock and Roll 04/18/01

    Tight Like That Gage By Louis Armstrong 04/18/01

    Celebrity Stoners: American High Society 11/07/03

    Charlie Daniels, Uneasy Rider
    I was takin’ a trip out to L.A.
    Toolin’ along in my Cheverolet
    Tokin’ on a number and diggin’ on the radio

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