Drug Raid Killing on Video

Via Scott Morgan

The drug czar has gone to great rhetorical lengths to convince the American people that our drug policy isn’t a war any longer, but you don’t have to look very hard to see the violence that still erupts daily, not only in Mexico, but right here in our own communities. If you can handle it, I’d like you to take a look at just one example of the incredible violence police use when enforcing our drug laws.

The guy was a small-time drug addict who lived in a house belonging to his parents. He had $4 on him, and the police found a small amount of marijuana in the house and a vial that had contained meth in his pocket. And he was holding a golf club.

This is how fast it happens.

In the video:

:23 Police start to yell “Police. Search Warrant.” and enter home
:27 Police moving through home yell something. Perhaps “freeze.”
:28 Todd is shot three times
:29 Todd is on the ground
:31 Officer yells “Get on the ground.”

Do you all feel safer now?

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44 Responses to Drug Raid Killing on Video

  1. Duncan20903 says:

    I couldn’t watch it. I made the mistake of watching the al Queda nutcakes disarticulate a guys head and it was just too disturbing. I really was expecting a guillotine or a mask wearing bald guy with a huge scimitar, not some guy with a paring knife.

  2. darkcycle says:

    I posted it to the previous threat without watching it, too. I don’t even watch violent T.V. or go to movies anymore. My PTSD can get set off by the most innocuous shit. Then it’s round and round in my head for days or weeks sometimes.
    I reached the conclusion long ago that there’s more than enough violence to go around, I don’t have to actively seek it out.

  3. Ben says:

    The SWAT team couldn’t know if that golf club was loaded or not.

  4. Chris says:

    What’s the legality of shooting and killing armed intruders that enter your home (that happen to be cops)? I’m just curious whether or not we live in a true police state or not.

    • Pete says:

      Depends on the state as to whether that gets you on death row or not. Cory Maye got the death penalty, although that has since been reversed. Ryan Frederick was sentenced to 10 years for shooting through the door as it was being busted down and killing a cop. Manuel Ramirez was executed on the spot.

  5. Bruce says:

    Trivial Unwarranted Harrasment. Murder.

  6. stevo says:

    Did this guy have a record of violence? Look how many triggerhappy stormtroopers they brought! Why not just wait till he left, pull him over and arrest him? If you knock down someones door in the middle of the night you should expect to met with violence (caused by sheer terror). To then use this as a reason to shoot him dead is just crazy. Its unnecessary state sponsored murder.

    • “Did he have a record of violence?” I dare say that in matters pertaining to drugs the police does not care, nor will they as a rule investigate. I base this quite a lot on the Cheye Calvo case. He was the mayor in Berwyn Hights, Maryland. Some smugglers sent a package full of marijuana to his address, presumably because they’d intercept the package somewhere in the postal system. Police interceptet it, though, and had one of their own agents deliver the package to its final destination.

      Those cops stormed his house, shot his dogs, and terrorized/interrogated Calvo and his mother-in-law at gunpoint for more than an hour. They didn’t know he was the frakking mayor, because they didn’t even look up his name in the phone book.

  7. Duncan20903 says:

    Well now, it looks like we have proof positive that cannabis causes reckless driving and mayhem on the highways as well as now having proof that it wrecks the homes of happy families.


    Truck loaded with pot crashes into Pinal Co. home

    Hey, it’s actually a story with a happy ending
    The driver and a passenger in the truck got away.”

  8. tensity1 says:

    He had a fucking golf club 10 feet away, standing frozen in fear. They gave him no time to comply to any order. He had to be shot for that? Why do cops wear body armor at all if they’re just going to cap everybody? Obviously he was a very bad, bad man; they just had to go in right away while he’s there (otherwise they couldn’t kill him). Hell, if cops wanted to be safe, they could’ve just firebombed the house at a distance so no piss-poor cops would get hurt, and it probably would’ve saved the dude’s life–at least he could’ve run out of the house as it burned down around him and then be apprehended in the open (hopefully instead of just gunned down), in his yard, under bright helicopter lights and several guns, but no, gotta bust down the door and look to create high stress and dangerous situations. I know I’d rather my house burned down than being murdered.

    They really couldn’t serve the warrant at another time, when he wasn’t home? I’m tired of adrenaline junkies just looking to shoot people, because if that isn’t why people are dying in these raids, then it’s because they’re shittily trained SWAT team members. “Get on the ground!”??? He’s already there, dead, you asshole. At least the one guy tending to the murdered American citizen seemed to sound regretful, but he was probably just worried about getting into trouble, not because a fellow American got gunned down in his own home . . . and over what?

    I thought SWAT was for extreme situations, like, you know, hostage-taking. Oh yeah, we Americans are hostages to them and the fear they and their overlords try to instill in everybody. Fuck them.

  9. warren says:

    Gestapo feces.

  10. Bruce says:

    Gordo’s family wrecking welfare cuts finally paying dividends, eh?
    Lady Cop stabbed in Victoria.

  11. allan420 says:

    4$, a smal amount of herb and an empty vial = death sentence…

    This makes me sick. This is the kind of crap that makes NO f’in sense. And why are we the only ones who care? (aside from the victim’s family of course…)

    Death by SWAT legal in Utah.

    This just leaves a hole where my heart should be…

  12. Bruce says:

    Next up; The Carpet guy gets blown away for carrying a knife to ply his trade.
    Porky Pig continues to gnaw off his own leg.

  13. tintguy says:

    “I thought SWAT was for extreme situations”–When the public was being sold on S.W.A.T. teams that was the stated purpose but mission creep has brought us to where they use those tactics serving pet ordinance violations resulting in a pregnant woman being shot – and I believe losing the fetus. ( sorry I don’t know how to add a link but I saw it on theagitator a couple months back)

  14. tintguy says:

    Easy Bruce… You’re scaring me. I use a razorknife to ply my trade.

  15. Bruce says:

    Sometimes doing flooring I’m fumbling with 5 knives in my hands. Hook knife, Olfa Knife, Utility knife, Double edge carpet knife, and Airway knife. Been in several crowded situations, doing repairs in Supermarkets, Hotel hallways etc. Scary dealing with paranoid suspicious-of-anything individuals quick to make the squeal. Have had cops show up at a jobsite as I’m unloading my tools because of some snitch-witch peeking from behind curtains.
    A Stasi society is a sick society.

  16. kaptinemo says:

    One of these days…they’ll hit the wrong house whose owner happens to be a combat veteran, and who’s armed to the teeth and unwilling to ‘listen to reason’.

    The way things are going, with the economy still in free fall and crime bound to rise, I wouldn’t be surprised someday to see hardware stores offering special doors where you turn a lever and 1-inch thick deadbolts lock into door frames like your local bank’s vault. Makes it hard to do a ‘dynamic entry’.

    Then what will the ‘roid-raging ‘public servants’ do? Whip out anti-tank rockets?

  17. tintguy says:

    Back when I went to jail a lot, Vegas’ Finest would almost always keep my small Olfas and even my triangle shaped teflon smoothing cards I use for tight corners. I was even charged with felon in posession of weapons while on probation for those very items. Thankfully the judge chuckled.

  18. tintguy says:

    Guess I was lucky I didn’t get shot over them.

  19. Bruce says:

    LOL That’s funny. I’ve been in the same situation.
    Lickspittle frothing foaming Police and Prosecutor, chuckling Judge.
    Apart from misfires and lucky ricochet’s, they are our only hope.

  20. malcolm kyle says:

    And why are we the only ones who care? (aside from the victim’s family of course…)
    Truly baffling indeed Allan!

    • Maria says:

      All you have to do is read and listen to comments from your average Joe (ie. even members of my family). No one cares because this man is drugged out Criminal. And criminals are not human, especially “drugged out” ones. They deserve no sympathy. They have no rights. They deserve what they get because they have done Criminal Things. Some time, at some point, he did some thing bad.

      Look at Scalia’s own chilling comments regarding the need for warrants. Essentially reinforcing the whole it’s only stupid criminals who have anything to hide bullshit.

      In war the point of most battles is to destroy your enemy. In this war, the enemy is millions upon millions of people in a constantly expanding definition of Criminal. It’s beyond fucked.

  21. Dante says:

    The Captain said:
    “One of these days…they’ll hit the wrong house whose owner happens to be a combat veteran, and who’s armed to the teeth and unwilling to ‘listen to reason’. ”

    I’ve often thought of that too, but just like telling off your boss, it feels good for a second or two and then you are toast.

  22. tintguy says:

    Allen: It’s because we are marginalized as are those who support us. Even in family dynamics. The athoritarians in my family took years to finally realize that my wife isn’t “a POS doper like me” but then she was shunned by those same folks for other false ideaological reasons they labeled her with.
    Those who crave power are always in search of a reason to uplift themselves by trodding upon someone else.

  23. James Little says:

    There is enough violence in the world. It is sad that the individuals who are supposed to be protecting us are the ones perpetuating the violence. Sad state of affairs. I wished we lived in an enlightened world where this wasn’t the case. But unfortunately we live in this deluded world where ignorance and intolerance are the values we uphold most dearly.

  24. claygooding says:

    How much of this bullshit will America put up with before we change this system out? We declared our Independence
    from Britain for a lot less than this.

    And we don’t have to use violence,just quit paying taxes.

    When the industrialist have to cough up the money to continue their control program in place,instead of the tax payers,it will end.

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  26. Ron Combs says:

    Be advised. If you’re gonna get high you need weed ,papers And a kevlar vest.BANG BANG GET ON THE GROUND. Reminds me of a guy i knew in the army who stuttered. He said TTT BANG Testfire.

  27. darkcycle says:

    Perimeter guards at some of the bases I was at used to be required to call “Halt” three times before opening fire. The procedure was call out “Halt 3 times!” and Ba.Ba.a.Ba.Ba.Bat

  28. Cliff says:

    “I wouldn’t be surprised someday to see hardware stores offering special doors where you turn a lever and 1-inch thick deadbolts lock into door frames like your local bank’s vault. Makes it hard to do a ‘dynamic entry’.

    Then what will the ‘roid-raging ‘public servants’ do? Whip out anti-tank rockets?”

    No, they’ll do it like Special Ops, sneak up, use a strip charge around the door frame and blow the whole thing off, frame and all. Too bad for anyone in the blast zone. Shock and Awe, don’t you know.

  29. Servetus says:

    The LAPD gets its mayhem done using a battering ram, another cute gift idea from former police chief Daryl Gates. It’s classic the way the LAPD labels it a ‘Rescue’ vehicle.

  30. Sick........! says:

    Clay, how do you stop paying taxes when they just send more thugs to collect it from you. They will take you property and leave you on the street. they dont care.If you resist, you find your self in a cage.

    I swear the mob or nazis took over this country.

    America, your free to do as the government tells you to do.

  31. claygooding says:


    The government operates on cash too,including paying for the goons,,,,,cut their income and cut their throats,,,and this is not an action by just a few,but by many.

    Any financial experts here that could estimate what a 40 to 50% drop in tax payments too the feds for a couple of quarters would do?

  32. paul says:


    I like the idea of the reinforced door. Everyone should have one.

    I’m sure the cops would hate it, but it takes the initiative from the cops and gives it to you. While they are banging uselessly on the door and screaming obscenities, you can take a moment to figure out that they are really cops, put your trousers on, announce you are opening the door, and finally open it.

    While it doesn’t stop them from coming in, you are probably less likely to get shot because now they know where you are, and that you’re opening the door, etc. It also lets you keep some shred of dignity. That’s probably the most important thing, because that is exactly what these midnight raids are all about–terrorizing and controlling the target, throwing them to the floor and treating them like animals. Robbing them of their dignity.

  33. Sick........! says:

    Clay , Its an Idea that could work, now, a plan to get millions to stop paying. Anybody with any ideas? I think it will take the truth of what the federal reserve does to us all and what the international bankers that own it hide from the public. Oh , wouldnt you know it! A swiss international banker has claimed to given info to wikileaks aluding to those very facts. Im not going to hold my breath, but just maybe.

  34. Steve says:

    If you are really interested and haven’t read it yet, you should check out a roughly 100 page document by Radley Balko at the cato institute (www.cato.org.) The write up is called Overkill: the rise of paramilitary police…it discusses the fact that the primary use for SWAT is now narcotic raids – to the tune of 40,000 per year…it also goes into great detail about the weaponry and other gear that now comes to law enforcement via none other than, the Pentagon. Thats right – coming straight from our military to your door…enjoy (heavy sarcasm there, and a good dose of fear)

  35. FM58 says:

    @Sick….! You have just mentioned the root causation of all the bullshit happening in this country and around the world. The current monetary system (central banks) was wholly designed to perpetuate financial slavery on the masses and governments. If you take time to study it, you will see it is a set up all the way. The current trend of militarizing “our” police forces is just another brick in the wall. Remember “to serve and protect”? This phrase has been changed to “law enforcement” with very strong emphasis on “force”. I believe this change came about because our police forces now are serving and protecting the very entities that definitely do not want Hemp back on the market, and will stop at nothing to prevent it. And I mean nothing.

  36. BluOx says:

    Kaptinemo has been telling us all for some time now how this will stop when the $$$ runs out. I agree, but just when do you suppose that will be? More unemployed workers means fewer taxes to collect, yet the beat goes on. Don’t forget to charge your credit cards to the max while you are “not paying taxes”, unsecured debt can’t be collected and the banks love that. As a two time “dynamic entry” survivor, this stuff makes me sick and tired…and pissed.

  37. darkcycle says:

    Twice? BlueOx you lead a charmed existence. I’d be tempted to move into a house with no front door under those circumstances. (I wonder if that would confuse them enough to make them go away…)
    There are so many Income Tax protesters now that as I understand it, they deal with them by lottery. People have been doing this since taxes were invented. Quakers will often withhold paying tax because of the wars and many people are ‘constitutional’ protesters. They (the IRS) seem a bit more understanding of tax protesters than of out and out tax cheats, too. But the extra attention isn’t for me….

  38. Gart says:

    As I mentioned in another site, the lack of concern for other people’s lives shown in this video is just sickening. And it is equally nauseating to think that the same attitude is the basis of the US “War on Drugs”. It is as if violence were the only instrument they are capable of entertaining. It is as if they were telling the world: if this is the way we do it, then that’s the way you must do it, too. No room left for more civilised, rational policies.

    Gart Valenc

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