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Although the failure of these initiatives is a victory for parents, youth, and families across the Nation, with recent data indicating drug use on the rise in the U.S., we must continue the hard work being done every day to prevent drug use and its consequences.

Parents, youth, and families? I’m only surprised that they didn’t say “parents, youth, children, and families.”

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  1. claygooding says:

    We will hear him more pretty quick.
    Just 3 months till he has to turn in his report that was 6 months late last year,showing successes and failures,,,,,
    How will they classify 54% of a state wanting to lock up 46%?
    A win could have put an arrow thru his heart,but that close a loss hit him in the ass.

  2. ezrydn says:

    They don’t give a rat’s ass about the children. It’s a strawman popup argument. They should have to pay fees to use the word “chldren.” When I was hit by that question on my recent trip north, as I delivered my “elevator argument,” a LEO just turned and walked away. He didn’t care any more than his brethern, the Prohibs, did.

    We need to start bringing out the fact that they’re doing NOTHING in reference to child safety. We’re standing toe to toe with them now. Why retreat to argue? Rush the ambush. Shut’em down and pose the question to them, before others, be it public or media. Make them explain what they have done.

    For the next 728 days, we’ve to to hide herd on their public asses. Draw them out. Engage them, over and over and over. Show that they won’t and can’t answer that simple question.

  3. Bongzilla says:

    Although the failure of these initiatives is a victory for growers, cartels and cops…


  4. clearly with “drug use on the rise” they can’t claim to be having much success in “preventing drug use.” but that’s just the usual bullshit they spew.

    however, to me, this is the more disturbing aspect of what they said:

    “Californians recognized that legalizing marijuana will not solve California’s budget crisis, make our citizens healthier, or reduce drug related violence in Mexico.”

    they can use our inane claims against us too — and since they dominate the conversation, it should be clear that we need better and more intellectually sound messages if we wish to prevail.

  5. darkcycle says:

    Gloating bastards. It’s hard to get the message out, any message out when the opposition has the megaphone.

  6. tovarisch says:

    Is it true we have more czars than the CCCP(USSR)?

  7. DdC says:

    Saw this on Community TV

    US Dept. Health & Services
    Road to Recovery 2010

    ‘Language Matters: Talking About Addiction and Recovery’

    1) I am unsure of the correct language to use when speaking about substance abuse and recovery. What are inappropriate terms and what are correct terms to use?

    There are a variety of terms used to describe substance-related conditions and individuals suffering from them. When referring to substance-related conditions in a general sense, the term “abuse” is often used (e.g., “substance abuse problems”). However, it is better to avoid using the abuse term for generic purposes for two main reasons. First, it confuses the general meaning which attempts to convey a broad range of problems with the specific DSM diagnostic category of “abuse”. Because of this, when referring to the broad range of problems in a general way it may be better to use “substance misuse” or “substance-related problems/conditions”.

    Found these at the website…

    Policy Should Serve as Model: Experts (11/2/2010)
    By Stephanie Nebehay Reuters October 25, 2010
    Switzerland’s innovative policy of providing drug addicts with free methadone and clean needles has greatly reduced deaths while cutting crime rates and should serve as a global model, health experts said on Monday.

    Medical Marijuana Raises Tough Questions for Nursing Homes (11/2/2010) By Nushin Rashidian and Alyson Martin
    The New York Times October 27, 2010
    Alyson Martin Norma Winkler, 82, uses cannabis oil mixed with applesauce to ease pain from a back injury at age 15. Ms. Winkler, lives in Rhode Island, where medical marijuana is legal, would not consider living in a nursing home that did not permit her to use the oil.

  8. allan420 says:

    speaking of the Drug Kzar… I lobbed my first post-election scat Gil’s way:

    Cannabis Prohibition is a lie. The War On (some) Drugs is a lie. Provably a lie…

  9. nt1789 says:

    There are no victories in this war. Tell that to the thousands of Mexicans who have died because of this war. Only sorrow and bloodshed to be had. All because of a plant that produces certain cannabinoids which are present on the glandular trichomes of said plant.
    The Drug Czar in his ignorance thinks somehow thru lies and deceit the demand for cannabis will be removed. Demand creates supply not the other way around … You fools have been cutting down plants in south America and god knows where else for 40 some odd years what has that done NOTHING! NOTHING! But billions down the god damn drain while the pharmaceutical companies pump out millions of shit pills that actually do kill people ! Get a damn clue you fool. You will never win this war. Keep telling your lies so you can fill your coffers and keep the gravy train going for your little prison industrial complex . This is just the first of many battles ahead.

  10. kaptinemo says:

    So Gil thinks he’s had a ‘victory’?

    (Chuckling) I’d hate to see what a defeat looks like in his eyes.

    The fact of the matter is, the debate has been elevated in the public mind…right where the prohibs never wanted it to be. They have moved Heaven and Earth to keep it off the public’s radar, for if enough people began to think about it, they’d begin to make the usual logical connections.

    The prohibs have always relied on low-level psy-op methods to deflect public attention from the recurring failure of the DrugWar to reach its’ ostensible goals. A point which I made at another blog which is usually sympathetic to reform, when they began using the same kind of deprecatory language (“Pot initiative goes up in smoke”) the day after the election, the same wording that the media regularly uses to condescendingly denigrate the issue.

    That’s a sign of a successful psy-op, when your target unthinkingly begins to mouth your terminology and in the way it is intended. And I pointed that out to them.

    ‘Failure’? I see your ‘failure’, and now it’s raise or call, for the fact is that we got REAL close this time. Closer than we’ve ever been before. Which is prompting the ‘brave noise’ from the tacitly worried bureaucracy. (I’d like to have seen the prepared press release they had in the desk drawer, should 19 have passed. I doubt they would have been very confident in their wording.)

    So, I’ll accept this ‘failure’ for what it is: our version of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. Like that legendary balls-to-the-wall move, in terms of real damage, 19 was negligible. But, in terms of the shock value, it has jarred the opposition and rattled its’ cage for once. And that’s never happened before, not even with 215.

    Next election comes the real stand-up battle…and we’re vets now, and less likely to suffer from ‘buck fever’. We’ll nail it, next time.

  11. ezrydn says:

    “Our Doolittle Raid.” I like that, Kaptin. Just like whoever brought up it being our “Apollo 10 flight.” Good comparisons. In the meantime, the Prohibs are exercising their version of the “War of the Worlds” broadcast.

  12. Last time says:

    I laugh at this country any more. We protest, start ‘tea’parties’, go to the polls… ‘vote’ in the flip side of the coin just so they can come in and steal from us and tell us no some more.

    This drug war is no different.

    So what do we do? Protest more, say “no more” some more? Vote in these fraudulate elections some more?

    I dont have any answers …. do any of you?

  13. allan420 says:

    the answer?

    Steady on…

  14. The Final War Approaching says:

    Saw a comment on interweb tubes that said all politics from here on out is just dress rehearsal for civil war.

  15. claygooding says:

    Last Time,
    We smoke some weed,think some thoughts,and go onward thru the fog.
    Thnx Allan for the article and the effort.
    Doolittles raid is good,attack on Fort Sumpter,either or.
    I expect the shunning list from Radical Russ soon and since it’s too late to move out there and vote,might consider moving there so I can shun those people in person.
    AZ is still too close to count out,and we could sure use
    a victory there. Good luck to those people.

  16. kaptinemo says:

    Last Time, as has been mentioned, we are not giving up on the democratic-with-a-small-‘d’ process, not when we’ve gotten so close. I may have a dim view of the process myself, coming from a military family as I do, but it’s vastly preferable to a military junta, anyday.

    As to the possibility of civil war, forget about it. One need only look at what happened late last century in places like SE Europe (i.e. in what used to be Yugoslavia) to see how ultimately pointless that is in modern times.

    Our infrastructure (with the possible exception of, say, the State of Texas) is so heavily interwoven that such a thing could not be possible without a vast amount of destruction being visited upon everyone, not just the combatants. Look at what happened during the last time we had a civil war, without the (horrendously destructive) technology we have today, and read the stories from the survivors of those days. Such insanity isn’t worth the risk.

    It would be nice if those of differing sentiments in the various States, rather than fight, could have more civil ‘divorces’, such as the Czech and Slovak Republics managed, but I don’t see that happening sometime soon. I’d emigrate to the ‘Republic of Cascadia’ in a heart-beat, as I admit I fell in love with the geographic region (and really like most of the people I met there) as legal cannabis use would be a given in such a place, were it to become a bona fide nation, but it ain’t a-gonna happen.

    We have to work with what we have, and that means slaying the prohibition monster right here.

  17. allan420 says:

    I’m of the mind the next verse in this choral arrangement needs to be pointed directly at the WH, the ONDCP and Gil. We need to openly, blatantly and loudly call BS every time this noxious entity spews another gaseous emission like this. Every org should focus on calling liars “liars” publicly. And the ONDCP is “Official Lies Central.”

    Obama must have his feet held to the fire on his “policies based on sound science” credo announced very early in his regime. And Gil… maybe someone from WA can dig up any comments he made while Seattle chief, as to his opinions on cannabis that contradict his current obstinancy…

    I’m serious… most orgs play too nice. It needs to be those of us for whom getting testy in our verbiage is not a concern that starts flinging the first wave of stones (at those with no stones) from our qwerty qatapults.

    Fire up me hearties… senses on alert, eyes wide open. Time to engage the enemy on their territory.

  18. Duncan20903 says:

    Why the heck can’t we get a few hundred thousands potheads to move to Montana or South Dakota and just take the state as ours? Shit, we’ve already absconded with a day on the calendar, how could a single state with a low population be hard to take compared to having everyone recognize our unrecognized holiday on the 20th of April? We could even make 4/20 an officially recognized state holiday. After that we just make it ‘zero tolerance’ illegal to not have cannabinoids in your system and we’ll toss the non-tokers in jail for not being high. Somebody needs to get this started!

    Yes, the Libertarians seem to think they can take New Hampshire but they don’t seem to intent on making it happen.

  19. DdC says:

    The Website for Cultural Survivalists

    Radio Free Ganjastan
    The Declarations of the First Independent Stoner Homeland

    We the People of the Cannabis and drug using culture, having our own distinct identity, recognizing the War on Drugs as the road to another holocaust, seeking to escape centuries of oppression and obtain liberty; gather together for a common defense and establish this, the guiding document of the first Stoner Homeland on planet Earth. We invite and welcome the victims of drug war oppression. To the weary POWs, we say come here and be free; to those made destitute from drug testing, we say come here and seek your fortune; to the masses whose homes were seized, we say come here and live in peace. This is your country.

  20. Duncan20903 says:

    Goddammit, forget all that dope smoking, avatar reading, living in the common unwashed hippie Marxist. I’m suggesting usaing the existing system and noting that South Dakota and Montana both have citizen sponsored ballot initiatives and fairly small populations. Montana has a population of just under 1 million. South Dakota has a population of just under 813,000.

    South Dakota’s MMJ got pasted 64-36, that’s much worse than 4 years ago when it lost 52-48. Don’t ask me how this shit happens. Cannabis has enough evidence as of today that it is valid medicine to convince the anal retentive members of the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to unanimously recognize that it is a valid medicine. It makes little sense to me that our almost certain wins have taken dumps now that the evidence is clearly on our side, and we were taking home wins with wins in the high 60s when it was only proven for glaucoma and cachexia. While it was good for glaucoma that’s one where the pharmas have actually done better with their laboratory concoctions, potions and pills..

    The election numbers tell me we’re experiencing severe push back. I was in fantasy land earlier this week even declaring prohibition’s death because I was floating on a pink cloud of certainty that re-legalization was inevitable. Election day totals were a body blow to my wishful thinking that prohibition was suffering death spasms. My claim of its death was an exaggeration and plain to see when I put on my hindsight glasses. I can never find the damn things before something happens. It would have taken a mere 83,000 votes to change the Measure 13 vote from failed to passing. There are at least 15 million potheads in the US. Can’t we find 100,000 or so voting potheads that will volunteer to become residents of South Dakota? Montana might be the better choice though as it already has medical cannabis in place.

    Hey, the people of Rhode Island voted against changing the state’s legal name to Rhode Island. Go figure that one out. For those unaware the state’s legal name is The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Hmm, did you know that Rhode Island has a state rock? A rare rock only found in RI. Does everybody in the US have an official state rock? I had a pet rock in the late ’70s. I didn’t buy one of the domesticated pet rocks produced at the rock mills, I found a stray and gave it a home. Hmm, if I’m not mistaken I probably still have it. Seriously, around 1980 pet rocks were quite a fad, and people would bay 9.95 + shipping and you’d get a small rock in a ‘pet rock’ carrier….Oh, wow, I do love the Internet. Here’s a picture of one of the pet rock farms produced pet rocks:

    HL Mencken was a genius. Oh my have mercy, it looks like people are still selling them and the genre has moved from the sublime to the ridiculous.

    Jeezuz H Kriste here’s a USB pet rock.

    So they can market pet rocks and make millions of dollars selling this crap to idiots but we can’t convince the same idiots that the war on (some) drugs is lunacy? Maybe we just need to speak in the correct language. Do we have anyone here who is fluent in Stupid?

    I really wish I hadn’t had this flashback to pet rocks. I think I’ll go commit suicide now. There’s nothing to see here, time to move along.

  21. Duncan20903 says:

    I almost forgot if we pick Montana we could use Frank Zappa’s “Movin’ to Montana” as a recruiting tool. I’m going to be a dental floss tycoon.

  22. Bryan S. says:

    Wow… I can barely wrap my head around the amazing degree of (cosmic/situational) irony I found at Uncle Gil’s Blog, the full version even! And I get to the bottom of the post and I see = ( Posted Time & Date | Comments FRAKING Unavailable | E-mail to Friend )

    Okay… I added the “fraking”, Still though = WTF, Right?

    It’s fine for them to spew complete & utter nonsense on a daily basis AND have the audacity to allow absolutely no comments, or questions, nor any sort of challenges to their consistently spurious claims… and whatever passes for “logical conclusions” in their own private reality – despite the massive flaws in said logic.

    So – there I am, reading the “Full Blog” and I find a story that is much smaller scale but equally mind-numbing.

    “[From The Road: Teens Above the Influence in Phoenix

    Office of State, Local and Tribal Affairs, ONDCP
    November 9, 2010

    Why were eight hundred youth who attended the Students against Destructive Decisions (SADD) conference smiling? Because they’re Above the Influence.

    Last week, Deputy Director of State, Local, and Tribal Affairs (OSLTA), Ben Tucker, addressed more than eight hundred young people at the closing ceremony of the “Above the Influence Experience” during the 2010 SADD state conference in Phoenix, Arizona.]”

    Yup, they named their group appropriately alright = “SAD(d)”
    Then their were the pictures… taken as part of –

    [“A central feature of the conference was the “Tag It” activity where teens expressed in their own words what influences they remain above. The teens’ “Tags” were memorialized in photos streamed on a customized SADD Flickr feed throughout the conference, …]”

    *sigh* a girl with a pseudo-mugshot photo (I think that was the idea) Head turned to the side, & her face hidden behind her long hair — with a sign hanging from her neck that reads:

    “I Am *up arrow* (aka the Above-Symbol)
    Disrespecting My Body”. There are a couple others with “I’m *^* peer pressure”, “I’m *^* teen pregnancy”… (TEEN PREGNANCY? = that sorta “conservative” cross-promotion deserves a separate rant of it’s own.)

    (Personally, I Am Unable To Believe – that these 16-21 year olds genuinely believe this crap – I say 98% of them are only going along with this BS to placate their parents, teachers, etc.
    I’d bet most of them are doing it as “cover” so they’re free to leave the house and go party – while their folks think they’re “above the influence” of any and all things the social conservatives believe are immoral & wring in the world.
    I’ll also bet this campaign is about as effective as those old-school “abstinence until marriage contracts”, Virginity Pledges, or whatever else they’re calling them these days… *sigh*

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