Random Action

I think it would be interesting if a group of people got together and decided to picket their local drug store chain (Walgreens, Duane Reed, CVS, etc.). Sort of a NIMBY movement to make fun of the fears some people have of medical marijuana moving into a neighborhood.

There’s all sorts of creative picket signs that could be made…

– This store sells drugs that can cause anemia, high blood pressure, nausea, suicidal thoughts, and death. Think of the children!

– People buy drugs here and then drive on our streets. Nobody is safe.

– Stop Dealing Drugs!

– We Want a Drug-Free Community. Walgreens Must Go!

– They let airline pilots buy drugs here!

– Walgreens sells Candy and Drugs. They’re after the children!

What other slogans could we put on picket signs outside a drug store?

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12 Responses to Random Action

  1. Maria says:

    Like it! I’m having a hard time not adding CHILDREN!!!11! to the end of each one.

    ‘Pushers selling fruit flavored Oxidane. TO CHILDREN! Deadliest substance on earth!’
    ‘Say no to Oxidane pushers near our schools!’ (Too obvious? Or you can go with the classic DHMO term.)

    ‘Drugs built this building. We’ll rip it down!’

    ‘Pray for the drug dealers.’

    ‘Half of Americans are on drugs! Is our teacher drugged?”

    ‘You want drugs? We say NO DOSE!’ (hah. hah. get it, nodoz? get it? huh? huh? ok. I’ll stop now. CHILDREN!)

  2. Kant says:

    We should also mention that wal-greens have drive-throughs. they’re forcing people to drive on drugs OMG!!!1

  3. ezrydn says:

    Walk in and ask the pharmacist if he sells Marinol. If he says yes, then you’ve got a good sign topic to use. “Walgreens sells 100% THC! And you thought ‘street bud’ was bad.”

  4. claygooding says:

    Well,the first report of riot police action in a long time
    happened yesterday. Apparently when a housing for the poor opened up for applications instead of 3 or 4 thousand applicants,over 10 thousand showed up. It is starting to happen. Look for increased riot police activity concerning people losing their homes and not being able to house their families and when the food stamps run out it will be hunger riots.
    As the economy crumples to the ground,it ain’t going to be pretty.

  5. Madd Havik says:

    lol I like it.

    “I smoked marijuana and went to Walgreens, I guess it is a gateway drug!”

  6. ezrydn says:

    “Candy in the front…
    Drugs in the back!

    Children can go there!”

  7. claygooding says:

    The news media is calling it chaos instead of a riot now,
    as the spin doctors go to work on it.


    And no mention now of riot police,but the first banners I saw about it last night did.

  8. Cliff says:

    My deceased wife used a Walgreen’s pharmacy for her meds. She had congestive heart failure, but she was getting her drugs from Walgreen’s!!!!11eleventy Therefore, drug prohibitionist logic leads me to conclude that Walgreen’s killed my wife.

  9. jon says:

    Find a way to work in precisely what drugs they sell. Walgreens deals OxyContin, morphine, amphetamine, and even methamphetamine! And you’re worried about pot?

  10. BruceM says:

    Awesome! This is the type of thing I wish democrats/liberals would do more of. Like what the republicans/conservatives do, there’s a dishonest subtext to it, but it resonates and gets people riled up and ultimately accomplishes a lot more than just sitting around logically stating the facts.

    Also you can buy methamphetamine WITHOUT a prescription at any walgreens (or any other drugstore, target, walmart, etc). Vicks Vapor Inhaler is l-methamphetamine. The d-meth is the stronger stereoisomer but it’s estimated that l-meth is 1/10th as strong, and you can buy those vapor inhalers off the shelf. Methamphetamine is methamphetamine, hardly anyone will understand steroisomers, and it’s only legal to sell because of an exemption in the CSA (which covers all isomers of a substance by default, even if they’re not psychoactive at all).

  11. Duncan says:

    I think most people wouldn’t have a clue what was being protested. Like comedy,if you have to explain it it just doesn’t work.

  12. Maria says:

    Performance street theater. You don’t explain it, you do it! 😉

    It can work. At least with the right people in the right characters with the right props. Take, for example, the Church of Stop Shopping. They go in, in character, they do not really step out of character to explain what it is they are doing. Sometimes most people get it, sometimes they don’t. And some people always stop and ask what exactly is going on but the key is to stay in character. It’s a fine line and akin to herding cats.

    The right absurdity and humor can stick with people better then anything else. It just kind of digs into their heads for a while, mixes up inside and then one day combines with something else and resurfaces and they go, ‘Ohhhh… that’s what that was all about.’

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