Dangerous Ideas

Over at BigThink, they’re having a month of thinking dangerously. Idea #10 is Legalize All Drugs, and they have the fabulous economics professor Jeffrey Miron as guest.

“In a free society we should allow people to consume whatever they want, no matter how dangerous, no matter how much it might be bad for them because that’s what freedom means,” he says.

It’s a refreshing piece and Miron does a very nice job in the accompanying video.

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One Response to Dangerous Ideas

  1. Just me. says:

    That a concept that those at the top have been trying to kill for a long time. The 60’s was a time when cannabis consumers spoke of freedom and peace…all the fuel ‘they’ needed to demonize cannabis further than Anslinger did. Cant have ‘dirty pot smokin hippies’ running around ruining ‘our’ war plans…..now we know today, it was all staged, now we know, it was all bullshit. Humm, funny how times passes but the bullshit is still the same.

    Dangerous ideas are what keeps freedom alive, dangerous ideas are what threatens ‘their’ supremacy. Dangerous ideas are what will keep freedom loving people free…truely free.

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