Is Roger Salazar channeling funds to terrorists?

My, that certainly is a provocative question. Is Roger Salazar channeling funds to terrorists? Is he, in fact, providing money laundering services for terrorists? These are real questions, based on absolutely nothing, that I feel that I need to put in front of the public, so they can think about it.

Who is Roger Salazar? Well, he’s a Democratic spokesman and media consultant. He is also the spokesperson for California Working Families for Jerry Brown (for the Governor race), which is heavily funded (millions of dollars) by certain unions (which includes public employee unions in California). And he is the spokesperson for Public Safety First, which opposes Proposition 19 (the legalization of marijuana in California) and which is responsible for this new ad on the left.

So, given that, and the fact that those facts do not in any way add up to evidence that Roger Salazar is channeling funds to terrorists, it still is a provocative question that we may feel needs to be asked: Is Roger Salazar funding terrorists? He is dealing with a lot of funds, and there are terrorists out there. Just sayin’.

That’s the relevance of this offensive ad. It’s Salazar going fact-free and negative, and trying to deceive voters by scaring them. I mean, you could just as well put a number of captions there:

— Is My Teacher Drunk?
— Is My Teacher Stupid?
— Is My Teacher Holed Up In The Classroom With A Semi-Automatic?
— Is My Teacher Sleeping With Roger Salazar?

All disturbing questions. All equally unrelated to the passage of Proposition 19.

But we’ll see more of these ads. Why?

These are the questions that morally bankrupt political hacks who don’t have the facts on their side are forced to ask.

Oh, and to California voters? You may want to vote Green, not Brown.

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18 Responses to Is Roger Salazar channeling funds to terrorists?

  1. Dudeman says:

    Is our prohibitionists learning?

  2. No one says:

    Yes. Save the lunchbags!

  3. Rhayader says:

    Let’s be honest, we’re talking about teachers here. Yes, they are high — before, during, and after legalization.

  4. Toker says:

    Their arguments are as good as their spelling skills.

  5. Rev. Run says:

    Pet gerbils frequently disappear when Roger Salazar is in the vicinity. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear them squealing (butt it’s always very muffled).

  6. Maria says:

    – Is my teacher swimming in a cocktail of emotionally numbing anti-depressants, pain killers and coffee just to get through all the soul crushing days where she/he has to interact with the parents of Special Little Angle Dears, the system and the idiocies of daily life?

  7. tintguy says:

    Does she/he smell like your uncle at the holiday reunions? Not the one who’s mean, loud and can’t keep his balance the happy calm one who will watch cartoons with you.
    As far as I know they aren’t allowed to have tobacco on school property so..,?
    Hopefully the public will see these ads as an insult to voters level of intelligence.

  8. claygooding says:

    The teacher needs to be high,putting up with all the snot nosed spoilt ass kids people turn out and expect anyone to teach anything without a 2X4 to get their attention with.
    A better question is “Is the teacher being paid enough to
    put up with children their parents don’t bother teaching respect or manners too”.
    Guess what,I know how we can raise some money to pay teachers more.

  9. Just me. says:

    Question Ive been asking for a long time is. “How much terrorist and cartel money is funneled to help keep prohibition going and thier enormous profits.

    You would have to be nuts to think it isnt happening.

    “A better question is “Is the teacher being paid enough to
    put up with children their parents don’t bother teaching respect or manners too”.
    Guess what,I know how we can raise some money to pay teachers more.

    The answer….no. Prohibition funding is more important they think. So firefighters , police department and other social services get cheated to fund this stupid assed war. (All of them if you please.)

  10. Tony Aroma says:

    I don’t know about Salazar, but I wonder about those folks down in southern CA who are pursuing crusades against medical marijuana. People like San Diego district attorney Bonnie Dumanis, Los Angeles district attorney Steve Cooley, or Los Angeles city attorney Carmen Trutanich. Could they be on a cartel’s payroll? Wouldn’t surprise me. At the very least, I think we need an investigation to determine the extent to which Mexican cartels have infiltrated local governments in CA. Surely there’s enough circumstantial evidence to get the ball rolling and hold these public servants up to public scrutiny.

  11. Just me. says:

    There may be some that would need procecution who may be on the take but, finding out how bad the infiltration by cartels is thats most important.

  12. claygooding says:

    There are more corrupting forces than just the cartels cash
    and to ignore it is wrong. How about a federal bureaucracy
    with a 15 billion dollar budget that would lose a very large chunk of it if marijuana is legalized,corrupted with our tax dollars.
    What percentage of the ONDCP’s budget is spent enforcing
    marijuana laws,interdicting smuggled marijuana and eradication programs all over the US if marijuana is legalized. Good luck on finding out,for some reason GAO
    will not give the information out.

  13. claygooding says:

    What percentage of the ONDCP’s budget is spent enforcing
    marijuana laws,interdicting smuggled marijuana and eradication programs all over the US if marijuana as long as marijuana is prohibited. OOPS

  14. angryJoe says:

    Is My Teacher Qualified?

    Is My Teacher Competent?

  15. Benjamin says:

    Hey, Pete, I was looking through your older stuff and I saw an ad just like that one, only instead of saying “Is my teacher high?” it says “Is my teacher smoking dope?”.

  16. ezrydn says:

    It really boils down to what the definition of “IS” is. Sound familiar?

  17. Servetus says:

    Roger Salazar is pushing a “what if” strategy that capitalizes on people’s fears of the unknown accompanying change. For the tactic to work, he has to frame Prop 19 as actually producing changes in people’s current relationships with cannabis.

    The idea that California teachers will all suddenly decide to smoke marijuana if Prop 19 passes is obviously absurd to anyone who takes the time to think about it.

    Another absurd idea assumes that teachers currently refrain from smoking cannabis outside their workplace. I personally know several competent high school and junior college teachers who smoke in their off hours and holidays, teachers who exceed the competence of many of their drug-free peers. If there is anything cannabis can’t do, it cannot destroy talent.

    Mr. Salazar should have surmised the current status quo when the California teachers’ unions succeeded in rejecting drug testing for all its educators. Teachers are serious about their privacy. Like everyone else in this country, if an educator wants to smoke marijuana, they can, and they will do so with little difficulty. Unless they get caught.

  18. Maria says:

    BTW it appears that these “Is my …” ads are popping up on your site. I just got the one that asks “Is my doctor smoking dope? Questions you should never have to ask.” (Indeed…)

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