How many countries can afford to build submarines?

Drug traffickers can.

Ecuador authorities seize drug-smuggling sub

The vessel utilized twin screws and was diesel electric-powered, the agency said. It was about 30 meters (98 feet) long and nearly 3 meters (nine feet) high from the deck plates to the ceiling. It has a periscope and an air-conditioning system.

The astronomical profits from the black market actually add up to such a degree that it seems logical to invest in an entire working submarine, even though they know it might be lost completely due to seizure.

How can the drug warriors ever hope to make supply-side work under such conditions?

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2 Responses to How many countries can afford to build submarines?

  1. claygooding says:

    The objective of our drug warriors is not to stop the drugs but to keep them prohibited. Big money buys submarines,and the drug cartels have risen to a level to compete directly for control of whole countries,just as the industrial complex that now controls the USA.

  2. Cannabis says:

    I guess that we’ll have to appropriate some money to build us some new submarine counter measures. It will make us safer, too as those subs could smuggle in weapons of mass destruction as well as drugs.

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