So, with the small victory of the California Assembly Public Safety Committee voting in favor of marijuana legalization, some real characters have emerged to express their… concern.

Scott Morgan brings us this video story about the vote.

In this video, we have Bishop Ron Allen, of the International Faith-Based Coalition saying:

I don’t think they understand how many lives are going to be lost. Are you kidding me? Seriously. In our community, legalizing drugs — I don’t think they clearly understand the carnage.

Yep. He’s talking about pot. Lost lives and carnage. You know, that worked back in Anslinger’s day, because not that many people knew anything about marihuana. But today, when just about everybody’s been exposed to it in some way, it’s hard to convince people that legalization is going to mean death.

And take a look at the Bishop’s quote again. “In our community, legalizing drugs — I don’t think they clearly understand the carnage.” Shouldn’t African-Americans be outraged by this? It sounds pretty offensive to me. It sounds like he’s saying that black people can’t handle pot and if it’s legal, it’ll make them all go wild and kill people and tear stuff up.

Once again I ask: where the hell is the African-American leadership when it comes to the damage of the drug war to African-Americans? Why is it that the lily-white faces of Jack Cole and Ethan Nadelmann are the ones we see fighting for the end of racist policies?

Now we turn to the truly bizarre [Thanks, Tom]…

Check out the domain name:, with the banner “Taxing California by intoxicating Californians with Marijuana is un-American!”

The site’s leader, Alexandra D. Datig, is a little confused about her position. At one point she’s giving “A message from initiative proponent” and elsewhere she’s giving “A message from the Proponent of the Opposition to the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative of 2010,” which is pretty awkward and apparently means that she is the person who is in favor of being opposed to the initiative.

Let’s see what she has to say:

… I want to reach out to voters, and I want voters to really think about the consequences of legalizing marijuana. What quality of life issues are we going to have with legalized marijuana? What national security issues will we have? How will our children look at their parents, watching them smoke marijuana, and cultivating it. Let’s really think about the consequences of legalizing marijuana. I think there are more responsible ways to tax California …

I’m fascinated by the idea that kids will somehow be horrified or harmed by watching their parents… garden.

And, of course, the national security issues. Elsewhere on the site, under a “Never Forget 911” banner:

Will legalizing Marijuana place our National Security at risk? We think so.

It has been proven that Marijuana use causes memory loss. How will California defend itself in a newly intoxicated condition? – Not very well.

Marijuana use causes poor judgment and forgetfulness. Marijuana blocks pain receptors, causing emotional and metabolic instability. Can we afford to be this irresposnible and have a casual attitude about Marijuana in a world haunted by the lessons we have to learn each day from terror?

You know, if we aren’t afraid, terror doesn’t work. Just sayin’

Seems to me the poor judgment isn’t coming from marijuana use.

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31 Responses to Pathetic

  1. DavesNotHere says:

    “Why is it that the lily-white faces of Jack Cole and Ethan Nadelmann are the ones we see fighting for the end of racist policies?”

    I asked myself that and figured I’m just not hanging out in the right places to see it or know much of them. I think they are out there. Culturally, there are leaders fighting in the ways that works for them, but that the media doesn’t report on and I don’t see much of.

    Forgive my whiteness, but a lot of rappers and hip hop and dance scene and other “cultures” have had strong voices from some of their leaders. Not the types to testify at hearings, but more the type to turn that Audio/Video of the Marijuana Doomsday Preacher into a cool mashup, or what have you.

    They’ve done a lot to turn public opinion in our favor that I’m sure I have no clue about.

    As for Bishop Ron Allen, I don’t think he clearly understands the damage the drug war is doing to his community and we are trying to help.

  2. Ziggy says:

    Bishop Allen has an agenda that gives him a living, he’ll be sure to make that living, and not scare any of his supporters off, by taking the safe path. He’s also an, I can’t call names, er, a bit ignorant, if he really believes that his smoking of marijuana made him a crack head… I’ve smoked marijuana for 30 years, and I’ve yet to try, or even consider trying, cocaine, let alone crack.

    Let’s lose the gateway theory, because my bet, Bishop Allen, is that your first drug was cigarettes or booze, probably not marijuana.

  3. Just me says:

    Will legalizing Marijuana place our National Security at risk? We think so.

    It has been proven that Marijuana use causes memory loss. How will California defend itself in a newly intoxicated condition? – Not very well.

    Marijuana use causes poor judgment and forgetfulness. Marijuana blocks pain receptors, causing emotional and metabolic instability. Can we afford to be this irresposnible and have a casual attitude about Marijuana in a world haunted by the lessons we have to learn each day from terror?
    You know, if we aren’t afraid, terror doesn’t work. Just sayin’

    Seems to me the poor judgment isn’t coming from marijuana use.

    Yes there is plenty of poor judgement, and theres no cannabis involved as far as we know. Just have a look at our political leaders and what they have do to this country. No there is another intoxicante involved there…its called greed and lust for power.That alone has put our national security at risk.Lets put a prohibition on that…we would be alot better of with out those forms of addiction.

    And yes..our leaders use fear all the time to make the people depend on them for …well…everything these days.

    Try this on for size….
    In the paragraph above, just replace the word marijuana with the words “greed and the lust for power”.

    Will legalizing Greed and lust for power place our National Security at risk? We think so.

    It has been proven that greed and lust for power causes memory loss. How will California defend itself in a newly intoxicated condition? – Not very well.

    Greed and the lust for power causes poor judgment and forgetfulness. greed and the lust for power blocks pain receptors, causing emotional and metabolic instability. Can we afford to be this irresposnible and have a casual attitude about greed and the lust for power in a world haunted by the lessons we have to learn each day from terror?

  4. BruceM says:

    How can anyone take seriously the words of a black man who worships the white god violently thrust upon his ancestor’s by their white slavemasters? It’s like a jew wearing a gold swastika around his neck. Such people are innately untrustworthy and clearly have a mental defect. No wonder this guy will believe anything.

  5. claygooding says:

    Poor judgment and forgetfulness are not just associated with marijuana,apparently our legislators have forgotten this is a democracy and they have misjudged our determination and willingness to make the effort it takes to finish off this albatross that hangs from our countries neck.
    This whole issue was initiated with lies,maintained by lies and lies will be the death of it.

    America does not have a marijuana problem,we can find marijuana in any town in America.

  6. Paul says:

    The social conservatives are now fully aware of the direction MJ policy is heading, and they are beginning to respond. Their arguments look silly to me, but I want all drugs legalized, so that’s only natural.

    The true question is whether their arguments look silly to the average voter. Ballot propositions are coming up, so I guess we’ll see pretty soon.

  7. Ian says:

    The national security concern idea made me think they were being ironic. I mean the gist of the argument seems to be that californians will be too stoned to fight off invading jihadists.

    A word to Bruce M. Who says Jesus is white? I advise you to look at the history of black churches and the role they played in organizing and fighting for the civil rights. Black churches were responsible for teaching their flock how to read the bible when it was illegal to teach a black man to read. They used the story of Moses as strength and inspiration. They organized the sit ins, boycotts and marches of the 60’s. While Bishop Ron Allen is certainly wrong on this issue it is not because his God is the wrong color.

    But congratulations on referencing nazis by the 4th comment. That’s quite impressive.

  8. BruceM says:

    Christianity among blacks is the last remaining scar of slavery. The only time I’ve ever seen a picture of a “black jesus” it was meant as a joke. And the black jesus wss wearing a rasta-hat with a shirt with a big marijuana leaf on it. Christians pray to a white god, and a white son of god (who is also god, but there’s only one god…). Black christians pray to the same white god. The same picture of the white, long-haired, effeminate Jesus is displayed in black churches, too.

    I cringe whenever I see a black christian. It’s an embarassment to their race… still worshipping the religion of their slavemasters that was used to justify their enslavement (the Bible says slavery is okay and that slaves should obey their masters).

    And churches never do anything good, it sometimes just appears that they do. We would have had civil rights a century earlier if Christianity and churches did not exist. For every “black church” that may have served as a convenient place to organize civil rights marches and whatnot, there were 100 white churches organizing lynchings, advancements of Jim Crow, KKK rallies, and general furtherance of the belief that blacks were second-class creatures not worthy of being called human. All of which was justified by the Bible. Curse of Ham, skin of satan, yadda yadda. And ever dollar blacks gave to support the Church of the White God (so the preacher could get a nice new suit) was one dollar less that could have been used to fund civil rights gatherings, literature, litigation, etc. Black churches did provide convenient places for white people who wanted to kill blacks to blow up. Nice public, scheduled gathering of black people… how many blacks died because they were at church praying to White Jesus?

    I didn’t call anyone a nazi or compare anyone to nazis. If idiots are going to yell “godwins law!” anytime someone so much as makes a vague reference to world war II, they’re really wasting their time. Especially since you’re proving Bruce’s Law – as the length of an internet discussion grows, the probability of someone invoking “godwin’s law” approaches 1. Of course, so does the probability of someone saying “magical potato dildo.” People who think “Godwin’s Law” is somehow profound really need to take remedial math 101. As a discussion progresses, the probability of anyone saying anything approaches 1. While I will not call anyone Nazi or Hitler, I reserve the right to make historical references to WWII, or any other event in history. For example I’ll always be calling the “Drug Czar” Goebbels.

  9. DavesNotHere says:

    But BruceM, we’re just trying to get the Marijuana DoomsDay Preacher, or maybe his flock if he is too far gone, to change their mind about pot, not their God.

    What would MLK Jr. do if he saw the last 40 years of carnage the drug war has had on the black male population in the US? The statistics won’t lie in that regard. They went to prison, not college.

  10. BruceM says:

    Davesnothere: I agree, though while not all religious people are drug warriors, practically all drug warriors are religious. Religion is in direct competition with drugs. That’s why nearly all religions have prohibitions against substance use. Yes I know there are some exceptions, I don’t need DdC to give me a link to a religion that worships cannabis.

    They call religion the “opiate of the masses” … well those of us who prefer the real thing don’t want religion trying to ban the competition. One of the most common justifications I hear for religion is that “it makes people happy and gives them solace in hard times.” Well so does a big fat needle of heroin. Why is it any different? It’s not. Religion is a drug, works on the same receptors and chemicals in the brain, and organized religions all have a vested financial interest in making sure their chemical competition is and remains prohibited.

    I don’t know what MLK would think about the drug war, aside from having a problem with the crack/powder cocaine sentencing disparity. He might very well support it like every other black Jesus-loving preacher I’ve ever seen. Why would MLK be any different? Quite frankly he’d probably be a fervent supporter of drug prohibition, saying things like “it destroys the black community.” Drug warriors and religious people have one main thing in common – facts, data, statistics, and logic mean absolutely nothing to them. In fact, they’re intentionally avoided and those who rely on them are “misguided.” I’d bet a nice crisp $20 bill that if MLK were around today he’d be a big drug war supporter. What do Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson say about prohibition (aside from complaints about cops who intentionally target/profile blacks and sentencing disparities)? Neither of them is against prohibition. I see no reason to think MLK would have a mind lucid enough to realize prohibition, rather than drugs, is the problem.

  11. DdC says:

    I blame the Neocon Atheist religion of GOP DNC Liberal Terrorist Commie Teabags & TV! Merkins drink coffee with their dead flesh, and aborted baby chickens, or diet aspartame coca leaf cola. Gawdamnit! Factory Farm fresh from the Fossil Fools and Pesticide abortionist Frankenfood Supermart. Lumping non-psychoactive Hemp in with Crack was a clue, but the sober shy shitkickers just looked down, wiped the snot with their sleeve and mumbled some reefer mad slander with a dash of bigotry. Living in Plastic klans, faith in the Fatherland.

    Afro merkin black white men joining the republicans, Along with casino Indians, and silicone valley Asians buying ornaments for their Buddha Christmas Tree. India indians joining the Brits in christmas carols and fairy-tales about Ganja. Selling the Ganjawar to their own peoples. Rappers wrapping themselves in the same moneyslut aluminum foil as the hair bands and fox news entertainment.

    Routine junkie 9 to 5ers jerking Crude Oil flags at out of work minorities heading overseas to protect OPEC interests. Flag plastic made in Chinese coal fired factories, spewing toxins on disposable workers. Labor by Thai Ganjawar Prisoners or by kids in sweatshops without US child labor law government protections. Gutted by Boosheney Fascists. Ironic the crude came from Iran and Iraq.

    Dog eat dog you dumb mfer’s? No, it’s cannibalism. Makin’ big bacon while the poor keep makin’ more babies. Believin’ that geeeezus hates prophylactics. Money may buy love but spending it on bling and gasoline won’t buy clean air for your Asthmatic kids lungs. Selling the rain-forest producing fresh water and oxygen, profits a few, eliminates potential cures and the status queer keep on cheerin’.

    Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp. While GOP and DMC continue to bicker over nonsense. Farmers still can’t grow. Drugs and Ganja are Gateways to prison profits and copshops over flowing in high potency doughnuts. They drink with their plan colombian coffee btw! Not your mothers doughnuts either!

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and MMJ Prohibition

  12. ezrydn says:

    I wonder at the reasioning of CBS to go back to 1972 voting statistics to make their final point? Couldn’t they have just as easily ended with something about “over 56% of recent polls show legalization is now acceptable by the population?”

    We will always have to put up with the “fringe widgets,” you know that. Even when Prohibition is a thing of the past, we’ll still hear their moanings. That’s their choice, not ours.

    If ever there was a time to mobilize, it’s now. The whole Left Coast has acquired a mind of it’s own. These next two years are going to be some of our hardest yet encountered. We’re at the walls and we’re about to breach the gate. Those inside will truly become fanatical jihadists.

  13. Ziggy says:

    BruceM: And those Jews in Ehtiopia… well we don’t like to claim them… The Nostic’s of Egypt, they’re not really african or black to you either?

    I have no problems with christians, so long as they’re coherent, civil, and not knocking on my door with pamphlets. It doesn’t matter their ethnicity, I mean the Korean bible church down the road?

    Don’t demean yourself to a level where other peoples actions, ones you cannot control, get you in a tizzy. It’s not healthy.

  14. BruceM says:

    Ziggy: it seems you’ve totally missed my point about why I consider christianity among american blacks to be insulting to every black person who suffered during slavery.

    I recently saw a news story about a black guy who loves the confederacy, waves confederate flags, wears a confederate soldier uniform, and thinks slavery was a good thing. He lives in Atlanta if I recall correctly. I find that guy to be insulting to all the black people who suffered during slavery too.

    I see supporting/enabling christianity among african americans as glorifying and justifying slavery. It’s the last remaining scar of slavery and it should be erased. Blacks need to wake up and realize they’re praying to the white god of their white slavemasters – the same religion forced upon them to justify their enslavement and make their slavemasters feel better about whipping them – quite often more passionately than the white people do. I cringe whenever I see it. Can’t help it. It’s a form of belated, post hoc stockholm syndrome or something. Or like white people, blacks are drawn to Christianity because as long as you believe in a fairytale character you can do whatever you want, get away with it, and enjoy an eternity in heaven when you die. Even so, if I were an african american who needed the crutch of religion, I’d pick a different one.

  15. Shap says:

    BruceM, gotta back you up on this one. If people cannot recognize the agenda of white christians teaching black slaves christianity (i.e. the worshiping of a white messiah) then they are clouded by their association with that religion. I have absolutely no problem with religious people that keep their religion a private matter. However, it is those that take it upon themselves to force their religion on others by making others live the way their book says they should that offend me. The “Bishop” in this instance unfortunately qualifies as the latter.

  16. Price says:

    Shap, Bruce M…you guys need to get a life. Jesus was white? He was from the Palestine area. Look it up on a map and read something about it if you haven’t before. If all you know about Jesus is what you’ve seen in paintings quit talking about it. Its as bad as people talking about weed that don’t know anything about it..Jesus drank dude. He wasn’t a prohibitionist. He was about personal responsibility which seems to be a good thing for you to consider. Worry about who you encourage, who you employ, what you say, etc., and quit worrying about what “the man” is doing for slaves. Ain’t no more slaves unless you choose to be one.

  17. Ripmeupacuppa says:

    Christ Price! Jesus was a fucking mushroom dude!

  18. DavesNotHere says:

    Cocaine Found In Space Shuttle Hangar

    “Apparently, outer space isn’t high enough for some folks over at NASA.”

    National Security anyone?

    Where were the 5am para-military raids of the astronauts homes? Can the DEA get the Space Shuttle through seizure laws from NASA and then sell it back to them? If someone can get coke that close to the shuttle, would they be able to get explosive materials in their underwear that close to the shuttle? I don’t know, maybe they ought to shut the whole NASA program down until they get to the bottom of this, that is if cocaine is as bad as they say it is.

  19. DavesNotHere says:

    I’m being argumentative tonight so I gotta challenge this from BruceM.

    “Davesnothere: I agree, though while not all religious people are drug warriors, practically all drug warriors are religious.”

    I disagree that practically all drug warriors are religious. More than 50%? Yes most are religious. But I’d guess at least 1/3 of the drug warriors are godless socialists or some form of government is the new god elitists. Sweden has among the harshest drug laws in Europe, and it isn’t religion when 85% of them don’t believe. Russia’s alcohol prohibition in the 1980s wasn’t religion. Japan’s drug war isn’t religion, or China’s or North Korea’s or on down to even France’s drug war I would argue.

    Its one group of people wanting and getting the power to tell other people how to live. Religion has been awesome at achieving controlling “other” people throughout history, but government controls most of the worlds population now. We can get religion, a lot more of it anyway, on our side of this battle with government power.

    American Christians also led the abolition movement. They are on both sides of history a lot, I know. Its not any different here. Christians should be free to preach about Doomsday marijuana. We should hold them accountable to their “code” if and when they bear false witness. Let religion be against drug use and let them do whats in their power to help people, but government should respect individual human rights and leave them alone if they are harming no one.

    At the end of this all, I’m just saying don’t overlook the very sizable and growing number of non-religious who have no problem trying to control other people. They don’t even have religion as an excuse for wanting to control other people.

  20. DdC says:

    I told you Bruce, Atheists believe by smoking a doobie that Jesus will seep in and cast a spell on em! Oooogieboogieboo! Religionists have been over zealous in their quest to soberize America, but they only follow the Wallmart St Fascist, Godless, Moneysluts pushing their white powder poisons.

    Pat Robertson’s Friends
    Mobutu Sese Seko, a sadistic, mass-murdering, dictator who kept his country in poverty as he became one of the richest men in the world, helped Pat to start a company that shipped diamond mining equipment.


    “In every country and in every age,
    the priest has been hostile to liberty.
    He is always in alliance with the despot,
    abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.”

    — Thomas Jefferson, – 1814

    I need DdC to give me a link to a religion that worships cannabis.

    Well ok..

    Kaneh Bosm: Cannabis in the Old Testament
    This article shows how the Old Testament Prophets were none other than ancient shamans, and that cannabis and other entheogens played a very prominent role in ancient Hebrew culture.

    Christ and Cannabis, Jesus Used Cannabis

    Ancient Temple Hashish Incense! Did Jesus Inhale?

  21. DdC says:

    The Great Teabag Disaster in NY-23
    On a night when conservatives expected a landmark victory in New York’s 23rd congressional district, the movement’s anointed candidate, Doug Hoffman, instead went down in a startling defeat to Democrat Bill Owens. The official Republican candidate, Dede Scozzafava, had dropped out days before and thrown her support to Owens after the conservative movement backed Hoffman in a campaign to destroy her, attacking her as a closet socialist with a cynical, hidden agenda—the same terms they have used to demonize President Barack Obama.

  22. DavesNotHere says:

    The great liberal elitists disaster in Chicago.

    Ousted Teamsters Officers Ask to Stay On Two years ago, a slate led by Richard Berg and Eugenia Alvarez unseated Local 743 leaders accused of selling drugs on union property and rigging the local’s elections.

    Teamsters Oust Leaders Who Fought Corruption

    Hoffa Puts Chicago Teamster Ousters on Hold

    A former Chicago janitor named Richard Berg is part of a Teamsters faction that’s been fighting International President James P. Hoffa for more than a decade.

    Burge Torture Victim Is Released From Prison

    A man who spent more than 2 decades in prison was exonerated today. Michael Tillman was subjected to torture linked to indicted former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge.

    $685,000 a year to run nonprofit

    In 2008, Oliver was paid about $685,000 in annual compensation from CDA and its management firm

    The city sued CDA in June for having 20 building code violations at its Midway Gardens Apartments building.

    Oliver, a former Chicago Housing Authority director of development who joined CDA in 1991, would not talk directly with the Tribune.

    ***Oliver is a Daley donor***

    Chicago Public Schools chief Ron Huberman has not one, but two cars paid for by you

    Cost to taxpayers for Ford Crown Victoria and hybrid Ford Escape: At least $1,800 a month, not including driver’s salary

    Regional schools superintendent Charles Flowers charged with stealing $376,000 in public funds from bankrupt agency

    Cash advances went to girlfriend and sister, both hired at Suburban Cook County Regional Office of Education, officials say.

  23. DdC says:

    DavesNotHereMentally, Pete ask us to limit urls to 5, even the off topic pathetic ones you bring. Must be desparate. Teabog Dipshits bailing out Banksters. Starting wars and busting people for pot. All racist drunks and scaggy old ladies chugging their longnecks spewing Calvina horshit. Oh these GOPerverts tasting kids piss have hissy fits if their bossman tells em. Po pitifools led by the nose, sucking up to their Teabog Dipshit masters. Oh the pitifools have a Bill of Rights and just burn it. I think its time to melt a flag for geeeezus!

  24. Maria says:

    Pete fascinating glimpse into the machinations of a panicked group of people. They see their house of cards threatened by a new wind, one predicted for many years but one they never thought would really come. The wind of common sense and rationality.

    The logic they use in their arguments is so utterly illogical that most rational voters should (hopefully?) see right through it, yet they still cling to it.

    I also was confused by the stoned Californian defense squad bit. Wait, what? Is it the pot smoking Californians who won’t rise up and fight the terrorists? Yes! Of course! It all makes sense now! They are the reason Bin Laden hasn’t been found yet! Frackin’ stoners. If only they where on the performance enhancers the army prescribes. Or something along those lines.

    That would have made me laugh if it wasn’t being said seriously by a “representative” of the people.

    As for the comments following this post, if you skim them quickly enough, you just might learn that Jesus was a mushroom.

  25. Shap says:

    Regardless of what race Jesus actually was, he is almost exclusively represented as a pasty white guy. That image was what was presented to slaves, not an image of a brown middle-eastern man.

  26. Maria says:

    Oh! I bet it was a Californian stoner who did this wonderful example of poor judgment
    see, that facial reconstructionist just wasn’t properly defending. And surely all lapses of judgment must be because of the Marijuana use.


  27. Max says:

    BruceM, sounds to me like u are an ill-imformed racist. u trying to reform government through these blogs is pathetic and useless. reading your posts is like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. its ignorant people like you that makes everyone look bad, a team is only as strong as its weakest player, and bruce, ur a pussy.

    btw religion and race are 2 diffrent things u fucking idiot. just because ur black doesnt mean u have to beleive in a black jesus wtf are u thinking dude c’mon use ur noggin

  28. TE says:

    Someone needs to shut Ron Allen the hell up, his previous failings to overcome addictions to crack and heroin do not make him an expert on marijuana, it only shows his own weakness and lack of control.

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