Marijuana Legalization passes California Assembly Committee

Just a little while ago, the California Assembly Public Safety Committee approved a marijuana legalization bill, AB 390, by a vote of 4 – 3.

Apparently, this is the first time that a state legislative committee has voted to legalize marijuana for non-medical purposes.

Update: She just won’t go away

Andrea Barthwell, a deputy director in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy under President George W. Bush, countered that drug prohibition “is working to keep our young people drug-free It is a fact that legalization of marijuana will increase its use.”


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30 Responses to Marijuana Legalization passes California Assembly Committee

  1. Cannabis says:


  2. Ed Dunkle says:

    Next up: the California Assembly Committee on Health.

    Dems have 13 of 19 seats, but several of them are “moderate.”

    Dave Jones – Chair
    Dem-9 (916) 319-2009

    Nathan Fletcher – Vice Chair
    Rep-75 (916) 319-2075

    Anthony Adams
    Rep-59 (916) 319-2059

    Tom Ammiano
    Dem-13 (916) 319-2013

    Marty Block
    Dem-78 (916) 319-2078

    Wilmer Amina Carter
    Dem-62 (916) 319-2062

    Connie Conway
    Rep-34 (916) 319-2034

    Hector De La Torre
    Dem-50 (916) 319-2050

    Kevin de Leon
    Dem-45 (916) 319-2045

    Bill Emmerson
    Rep-63 (916) 319-2063

    Ted Gaines
    Rep-4 (916) 319-2004

    Isadore Hall III
    Dem-52 (916) 319-2052

    Mary Hayashi
    Dem-18 (916) 319-2018

    Edward P. Hernandez
    Dem-57 (916) 319-2057

    Bonnie Lowenthal
    Dem-54 (916) 319-2054

    Pedro Nava
    Dem-35 (916) 319-2035

    V. Manuel Pérez
    Dem-80 (916) 319-2080

    Mary Salas
    Dem-79 (916) 319-2079

    Audra Strickland
    Rep-37 (916) 319-2037

  3. InsanityRules says:

    I guess Ahnold will get his wish for a debate on the merits of marijuana legalization. That should keep the issue in the news for a while. Will 2010 be the year that we finally see the dike collapse? We’re off to a good start with the NJ house and senate both voting yesterday to allow medical marijuana by wide margins.

    Keep the pressure on!

  4. Mike says:

    So from here out is the bill officially passed, or does the bill still have to pass through assembly and senate?

  5. Ziggy says:

    Passed committee, now has to pass another comittee.

  6. Ziggy says:

    Darn I hit enter and didn’t finish. I like what Rep. Skinner had to say, if we don’t do something now, something going to be given to us by the consituents.

    And if you watched after the hearing, all the “peace officers” shaking their heads was rather telling.

    All the negative people kept talking about drugs per se, rather than keeping it in context of marijuana. Also I heard a lot about the crime assoicated with marijuana, the public lands getting destroyed.

    What is it that they can’t understand that the crime and the public lands will cease to be issues if there is a legitimate, reasonably priced, legal alternative?

    I’m sure this is going to be killed in the next committee but for now some of them are at least acknowledging this will be the future.

  7. Chris says:

    Cops are the only opponents apparently.

    “The bill will not progress any further this year due to the constraints of the legislative calendar” – ugh

  8. DdC says:

    Assembly Committee Approves Bill Legalizing Marijuana
    Another huge step was taken this morning in the effort to legalize marijuana beyond the current medical-use constraints. The California Assembly’s Public Safety Committee voted 4 to 3 to approve A.B. 390, the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act, which is the legislation that would tax and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

    Bill To Legalize Pot Moves Forward
    The bill will not progress any further this year due to the constraints of the legislative calendar but advocates praised today’s vote as a major milestone in ongoing efforts to end marijuana prohibition.


    Information about A.B. 390

  9. DdC says:

    Religious Faithful, Law Enforcement and Citizen Activists Rally on Capitol Steps to Protest Potential Legalization of Marijuana
    They Send Strong Warning to Assembly Public Safety Committee: ‘AB 390 is a Direct Threat to Public Health and Safety and We will Defeat It’

    Viewpoints: Prohibition of pot feeds lawlessness

    Drugs violate my pursuit of happiness

  10. DdC says:

    Religious Faithful, Law Enforcement and Citizen Activists Rally on Capitol Steps to Protest Potential Legalization of Marijuana
    They Send Strong Warning to Assembly Public Safety Committee: ‘AB 390 is a Direct Threat to Public Health and Safety and We will Defeat It’

    Viewpoints: Prohibition of pot feeds lawlessness

    Drugs violate my pursuit of happiness

  11. ezrydn says:

    How does one get all the way up to CHP Commander status and NOT know that cocaine is already legal? It’s Schedule II which can be prescribed by any doctor. They sure have trouble playing catch up, don’t they?

  12. Chris says:

    I hope this bill gets somewhere though. It’s the reason I started looking at drug policy in the first place. Well, that and the michigan mmj initiative.

  13. I read it on the internett says:

    Cali should use marijuana as collateral to pay off debts(?)

  14. claygooding says:

    Now comes the delay,that may be a moot point if the voters initiative passes in the fall,but as this is the first time a legalization bill has made it out of any legislative committee,it is a historic event. And it is sending a warning shot across the bow,heard around the world.

    “America does not have a marijuana problem,we can find marijuana in any town in America.”

  15. claygooding says:

    The Associated Press
    Tuesday, January 12, 2010; 4:02 PM

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Its first victory could also be the last gasp for a California bill that would treat marijuana as alcohol is for taxation and regulation.

    The state Assembly’s public safety committee voted 4-3 for the bill on Tuesday.

    But the health committee also must approve the measure by Friday before the full Assembly can consider it, which is unlikely.

    The health committee is not considering the bill during its meeting Tuesday. And the bill’s backers would have to get a special waiver to reconvene the health committee later this week.

    If the bill does die, a spokesman for bill author Assemblyman Tom Ammiano says the San Francisco Democrat would hold off on reintroducing legislation until after the November election, which could feature a marijuana legalization ballot proposition.

    Found this at the Washington Post.

  16. Paul says:

    Claygooding: Your post really burst my bubble. I was thinking, “Hey, wow! Democrats are good for something after all!” But, alas…

    I thought it was going to the assembly for a full vote. Looks like it will be on th ballot instead. Are there any polls out there showing the chances of passage?

  17. ezrydn says:

    Even if the bill dies in session, a monumentous thing happened today. California, the first State to do so, fired a shot across the bow of the Federal Ship of State. Official notice has been served on the Feds that change is on the way. I, too, have been smiling all day.

    Folks in Washington, DC, probably didn’t hear the bang or see the object fly past but that shot came all the way from the Left Coast. That’s good shooting but we’re only “registering” at the moment. Wait til we “fire for effect.”

    Armentano said he’d wait til after the November elections to reopen his bill, thereby not being a stumbling block to any Propositions that may appear on the ballot. Smart move. He may not even have to bother.

  18. ezrydn says:

    PS…Watch the CA Prohibs “twist” & “spin” the reason the bill didn’t make it to a full vote. The true reason is the next comittee to hear the bill simply doesn’t have enough time left in this session to continue the process. Not because they’re all against it. Remember that and be watchful and ready to “correct.”

  19. claygooding says:

    A historic event and a warning shot across the bow of the US congress. It lets them know that America is not going to wait on them to decide for them,if they want to end this prohibition. And the shot will be heard around the world.
    This passage by a committee gives credence to the polls and the flood of letters that all our legislators are receiving from proponents for the ending of the prohibition of marijuana. If you check the opponents to the passing of this bill,it is the organizations that stand to lose millions in subsidies
    from the federal government to primarily enforce marijuana laws.
    This bill’s passage,even just by a committee will also be noted by the Ways and Means committee and when added to the fact that now 14 states and the Attorney
    General recognize marijuana as an alternative medication,could possibly result in their reducing federal funds for the enforcement of federal marijuana laws,because marijuana no longer fits the description of a schedule 1 drug,with no medical applications.
    And the ending of this prohibition could very well be done by the bean counters.

  20. DavesNotHere says:

    The brain fog is finally lifting from a few elected officials. This is welcome news.

    ezrydn – They “don’t have time” is the usual “that’s not how the sausage is made” excuse. From my experience of how the sausage is made, this vote, although positive and good, was just them shaking the money tree. Putting a scare into the drug war pirates so they’ll go round up some more loot to fill the politicians treasure chests. Motivating the police unions to call in their precinct favors to get out the vote for “their side” in the next election. It was a vote to shake some money and campaign work loose.

    How’s our side doing on that? $10,000 in contributions to those 4 Yes votes campaigns would send a loud message to help offset the opponents. That’s how the sausage is made. 100 precinct walkers in their district helping them keep their power and getting out the vote is how the sausage is made.

    clay – “And the ending of this prohibition could very well be done by the bean counters.”

    Who’s beans are they counting? Re-election beans? That’s my guess. They also understand votes though, and California’s lucky referendum process will be the better chance than waiting on the sausage to be made.

    This is huge progress in any event. Thanks to the activists that helped make this happen. Now go find candidates to defeat the 3 No votes, and if you can’t do that, get out the Yes vote of the referendum.

  21. DdC says:

    California Committee Passes Marijuana Legalization Bill, but Bill Dies
    California lawmakers took a historic first step toward legalizing marijuana when an Assembly committee approved legislation that would put the drug on the open market as a regulated and taxed product.

    Advocates hailed the narrow passage of the bill, AB390 — it was approved by the Assembly Public Safety Committee on a 4-3 vote — as a major breakthrough that will lead to a national legalization movement.

    3 still voted to continue this DEAth crap…

    Rachel Hoffman: A Drug War Tragedy
    Twenty-three year old Rachel Hoffman was pressured into becoming a police informant and killed during a botched drug sting. Her family continues the fight for justice.

    Gentle Genocide

    The Ganjawar Fraud

    I think seniority rules…

    The Churning of the Ocean of Milk
    Did you know that the largest continual human gathering in the world, Kumbha Mela, is based around the myth of the making of the Cosmic bhang?

  22. claygooding says:

    The “bean counters” will be making the decision on federal funds before the referendum. Their decision will be for the next budget. With the present stress our budget is undergoing and the “promise” to end programs that are not working,it is just one of the possible endings of the war on marijuana.
    Everyone needs to add the Ways and Means Committee to
    their letter sending efforts,whether any of the legislators on the W and M C are from your state or not
    And list all the wastes of money being thrown down the toilet on this issue.
    Our Drug Czar has already put in his bid for more funds
    stating that if they just redouble their efforts(more funding),he believes that they could make great strides in drug control. Remind them that we have already spent over a trillion dollars trying to do it his way and that over 1/2 of that was used fighting marijuana and this vote by a legislative body proves beyond a shadow of doubt that throwing more money in this hole isn’t going to fill it.
    Although spending our money seems to give them more pleasure than anything else they do,the chance to move
    the money spent fighting marijuana legalization just may be needed and used in programs that do work. And the vote by this CA committee just increased their costs,because now they have to convince everyone that they are being effective at stopping marijuana.
    The propaganda program costs just went through the roof.

  23. claygooding says:

    Yesterday,a committee in the California Assembly voted yes to the legalization of marijuana.
    Polls across this nation show that a majority of Americans support legalization.
    There are 14 states that recognize marijuana as an alternative medication.
    The US Attorney General has implemented a “Medical Marijuana Policy”.
    Every study of marijuana requested by our congress has recommended that marijuana be removed from schedule 1.
    Our government has spent over one trillion dollars since President Nixon declared war on the citizens of America and over 1/2 of that was used interdicting,eradicating and enforcing laws against marijuana.
    Over 1/2 of the budget of the ONDCP is used
    fighting marijuana and they are asking for a bigger budget this year for continuing their programs that the only success they can claim is the spending of their budget.
    Please end this insanity. And to continue doing the same thing,year after year,the same way and expect any different outcome is insane.
    Please stop funding the war on marijuana,it is a waste of our tax dollars and has accomplished nothing but the ruination of millions of American citizens lives by giving them a criminal record and reducing their life earning potential.
    Marijuana does not fit the description of a schedule 1 drug because,apparently it does have medical applications and for our congress to continue spending money on this issue is a gross waste of our resources and time,regardless of how much money various lobbies pay our legislators to continue doing so.

    This is the letter I sent to the Ways and Means Committee.

  24. ezrydn says:

    Hopefully, someone might know the answer to this question that I received last night.

    If California is successful with their legalization platform, will it also open up the State to profit from Industrial Hemp? Or, would that have to be a “second front?”

  25. jhelion says:

    at least Andrea B used the “P” word to describe it. It is ironic that she mentions the success of the education approach with regards to tobacco and alcohol (no dogs shot or paramilitary SWAT raids), but for cannabis it is somehow different and requires prohibition.

  26. SNOWBIRD says:

    So, the government wants to be the middle man, hmmm. Legalize the herb already. Geez. No Big Brother, remember? Remember!

  27. RichieRich says:

    Barthwell has zero shame about open lies. Saying that Prohibition is keeping kids drug free is either an indicator of her insanity or her absolute and slavish devotion to the almighty drug war dollar. No shame.

    If I said that closing bars at 1 am keeps people from driving drunk, you would shake your head and point out how many kazillion drunk drivers are arrested after 1 am. but then all I have to do is ignore you and see thr world in the way that suits me…regardless of the idiocy of ignoring reality.

    barthwell makes me sick: She is a perfect example of a drug war whore…chasing drug free dreams while using tactics a crooked televangelist would be asahmed to emply.She would stand by and watch people suffer and cry in pain, denying them their only effective medicine, and call herself a ‘ doctor’..a healer…hippocracy of the most shameful kind….thats the dominant word with this witch: Shameful.

  28. claygooding says:

    Found a youtube on Fox news response to the bill in CA.

    Just more gateway and increased availability crock from the proby’s and some pro talkers also,but news team was all bogus,last decade proby.

    America does not have a marijuana problem,we can find marijuana in every town.

  29. Here’s a podcast by Drug Addiction Education specialist Darryl Inaba on this California Marijuana tax.

  30. DdC says:

    Pretty firm grasp of the perceived obvious AEV, refreshing coming from “addictive education specialists” whatever that is. Pretty mainstream reform, still short of actual reality. But in a sea of misconceptions, exaggerations and perjury its a baby-step in the right direction. On a treadmill. Vices Are Not Crimes. and the danger is prohibition, not drugs. I’m all for drug worrier rehabs.

    As for taxing nature, that is another story. Can’t do it without changing it into a human invention. Tobacco into cigarettes. By adding hundreds of harmful chemicals conveniently left out of the conversation. That won’t happen with Ganja do to no one would buy it. Maybe by measuring thc, weight and putting it into baggies it might qualify?

    Ganja prices won’t change do to the Federal lies still on the books. So adding tax to prohibition prices again only leads back to the streets. Obombo isn’t removing any trauma with inconclusive sound bites while states, counties, real estate and the work place still abuse the prop 215 law. Apothecaries are the logical choice to distribute RxGanja, along with the other herbal remedies they have on hand.

    The more expensive bud in buyers clubs are a convenience for unconnected with the bucks to afford it. The elderly on fixed incomes or impoverished in subsidized housing are restricted by landlords siting the CSA over prop 215. All because of Nixon’s lie. All eliminated by having the integrity to challenge the lies.

    “If a ruler hearken to lies,
    all his servants are wicked.”

    ~ Proverbs 29:12

    Appeasers and politicians all rejoice over the thought of a new income for their tax burdens. A tradeoff is all they get. What is gained in sales tax will be lost in prison space and court ordered rehabs. Federal grants blackmail states getting all uppity believing in the 10th.

    Drugwar Lies Linked to Schizophrenia

    Nixon lied and the Ganjawar is based on that lie. Reality of a free plant or as cheap as booze is unlikely. Until it is put back into the hands of true Science, not AMA Pharmaceuticals and HMO’s or Corporate bottom lines, and the laws of physics, not politics. Then this is just another appeasement Con-Promise aiding the goal of the Ganjawar profiteers on both sides. To perpetuate the war. Not win or lose. “Treatment” over cures and prevention. War or rather “Police Actions” over Peace.

    Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp. While GOP and DMC continue to bicker over nonsense. Farmers still can’t grow. Drugs and Ganja are Gateways to prison profits and cop-shops.

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