Wanker Extraordinaire

Peter Hitchens

Don’t read this unless you’re interested in raising your blood pressure.

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13 Responses to Wanker Extraordinaire

  1. Chris says:

    I can’t do it. I can’t read such a stupid article.

    “The real division between me and the druggies – who can’t see it because the concept that anything *they* do might be wrong is foreign to them – is this: I contend that it is morally wrong to stupefy yourself, and morally wrong to damage yourself or take a conscious risk of damaging yourself, with the aim of getting physical pleasure.”

    Can you say authoritarian?

  2. Guy#1 says:

    Damn I read it, why do I keep doing this to myself? I get off on the anger I guess.

  3. Chris says:

    I can see why you didn’t write anything about this article Pete, it’s just.. so difficult to even look at it. It’s like everything written in this article is the OPPOSITE of the truth. For example:

    Drunks know they are drunk. Dope-smokers often don’t know that they are stoned, or how stoned they are, or that they are talking or writing gibberish.

    This would explain why high drivers drive slower and drunk drivers drive faster wouldn’t it? In a better article it might have.

    Would these people want their bus, train or plane (or any emergency vehicle) to be in the hands of someone who had smoked dope the night before? … They demonstrably don’t know how boring they are. The fact that THC is absorbed into body fat, and rather slowly excreted, means that its effects linger far longer than those of alcohol.

    Uh, yes I would. I would rather them be high for two hours than drunk for an entire night then hungover for the next half of the day. The “stored in your fat” line.. it hasn’t been retired yet?

    [Narcotics] separate effort and reward, in many cases providing the user with artificial exhilaration and joy, which he has not earned.

    And alcohol doesn’t? Oh wait, it has the drawback of a hangover, so it has “effort”.
    What could possibly explain such stupidity?
    I also support the teaching as truth of the Christian religion … In my view these virtues depend heavily upon the principles of the Christian religion, which provides the fundamental reason for revering them.

  4. Tim says:

    I contend that it is morally wrong to stupefy yourself

    I also support the teaching as truth of the Christian religion

    Wonder if this is a by-product of watching his brother, who is constantly hammered, write best selling books about the non-existence of God?

  5. kant says:

    I tried. I really did but I couldn’t stop laughing when he started talking about getting MAULED by sharks. Maybe that’ll happen after the sharks run us over.

  6. Steve Clay says:

    No doubt he sees Mexico’s prohibition-related death toll as God’s will. After all, a drug policy based on (his) morality could have only benefits; costs would be kept off-the-books, attributed to the evils of others.

  7. Gert Lush says:

    Guys ‘n gals

    This is a man who is on record (often) for his view that humans are totally incapable of doing the right thing unless coerced by fear. Guess that’s his understanding of “Christianity”.

    One of two things is happening. Either the world is full of even stupider people than we ever thought possible (remember he is a regular host on the UK’s prime-time “Question Time” program) or else he and his brother (who is his mirror opposite, but just as bad) have a whale of time at family reunions, relating their latest shock-jock exploits to each other.
    I suspect the former, the latter would just be too good…

    The man is in dire need of compassion, clearly he has never within 10 miles of it. Bless.

  8. Buc says:

    You know, I have to say that the acceleration of the reform movement has been noticeable lately.

    Anybody who is even the slight bit objective can easily see why people like Hitchens, as well as the despicable neo-con Chuck Grassley, are really driving the possibility of long-term prohibition into the ground. Resorting to insults and blatant omission of scientific evidence.

    Social conservatism really is like the plague. It’s too bad they use God to justify everything they do. I’m sure God is all about forcing people to live by a set of morals designated by those who declare their set of morals to be the same set of morals God has.

  9. divadab says:

    I could only get through about five of his one-sentence “paragraphs”. Then I realized it was written for the Daily Mail – the Brit print equivalent of Fox News. Dull normal authoritarian propaganda. Written by a dull normal authoritarian – Mr. Hitchens.

    My take – ignore the idiot. He’s writing for an audience too stupid and brain-calcified too think for themselves. Unless the thought is “I’ll have another beer”.

  10. Servetus says:

    There’s so much garbage to choose from it looks like overkill for bloggers. I picked two items:

    “I [Hitchens] contend that it is morally wrong to stupefy yourself, and morally wrong to damage yourself or take a conscious risk of damaging yourself, with the aim of getting physical pleasure.”

    So does this mean Hitchens will be launching an international campaign to prohibit the self abuse of masturbation? How will that work? Can Hitchens show us?

    “It [society] values and rewards sobriety and hard work, and despises and punishes the drunkard and the parasite.”

    This one is more serious. The values Hitchens espouses are right out of the Nazi playbook. The ‘work-shy’ in Germany , the ‘parasites’ as the Nazis called them, were punished by being sent to concentration camps. The purified society Hitchens is promoting in his little diatribe is nothing less than Italian-style fascism with a dash of German added.

    Too bad for Hitchens the big bad world doesn’t dance to his tune. He should get used to the fact that it never will. Better to accept it in all its mysterious and wonderful psychedelic colors.

  11. kaptinemo says:

    Whenever I hear or read the word ‘druggies’, I can usually determine which position the promulgator of that word has taken with regards to drug law reform within a second or two. In this case, I’d normally read further than the initial epithet to insure proper identification of position, but in Mr. Hitchens’s case, the need is rendered moot.

    Yepper, MK Gandhi is smiling from the Afterlife once more, as Mr. Hitchens has verified Bapu-ji’s old adage about what happens when your opponents begin to lose the battle of wits and engage in the war of words. The prohib’s defeat is inevitable, now…

  12. allan420 says:

    sigh… another lunatic spiritual fascist. They’re all the same. Anyone who slurs, slanders and flings epithets like poop is neither spiritual nor civil.

  13. R.O.E. says:

    I read bout half of it, speed read the rest. I couldnt take it. What is this guy drinkin anyway? or what pills is he poppin?…..LOL or both.

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