Tom McLellan wants us to stop our silly discussions

Allen St. Pierre, over at NORML blog, reports on an interview with Deputy Drug Czar Tom McLellan that is uniquely… absurd. This has already been discussed briefly in comments here, but I wanted to have a post devoted to it. The interview was by Harold Pollack for The New Republic

Here are some portions…

The issue of marijuana has been interestingly framed by legalization activists. It’s been framed as, “Marijuana’s not bad for you. In fact, it’s really medically good for certain people.” That was extremely cleverly done, because we could debate that all day long with existing evidence. How bad is marijuana? Is it as bad as alcohol? Does it even have some medical benefits for people that have nausea or glaucoma and all that?

Well, that’s not what’s at issue. What’s at issue is: there are efforts being made to increase the availability, and thus the use, the penetration if you will, of marijuana use. In order to show that availability expansion efforts are sensible and that we should reverse policies and laws and everything else, it seems to me the argument to be proven is, “It’s good for you.” That should be the standard, rather than “Marijuana’s not that bad.” Name for me another substance that you would say, “It’s not that bad, so let’s reverse state laws. Let’s increase availability to a product that really is targeted to young people.” For that, you should have to prove that it’s genuinely good, not just “not that bad”.

It’s “good for you” should be the standard for legalization? How absurd. Are Hostess Twinkies good for you? Is climbing a tree good for you? And, of course, under McLellan’s world-view, the answer to those should probably be “no.” But in a free society, the answer to all of those, including marijuana, is “yes.” (Doesn’t mean harmless, but does mean that it provides positive value to the individual in some way.)

And, of course, if he’s concerned about marijuana being targeted to young people, why is he opposed to regulating it?

And our position is very simple on this, and I think, frankly, you can’t refute it. Marijuana is not good for you. You have to get that one exactly right. I didn’t say, “Marijuana’s not that bad.“ I said, “Marijuana’s not good for you.” And more people using marijuana is not good for society. And I believe these to be facts, by the way….

Facts? You haven’t even defined the terms. What does “good for you” mean?

It is possible to reduce availability, not eliminate, but reduce availability. It’s already been done. It is possible to prevent abuse of marijuana, and it’s possible treat marijuana and other drug addictions. If you do those things, you have a better socially functioning society.

Sure you can reduce availability, for about two weeks in a very localized area. But that’s about it, and it has no long-term effect on use.

Notice how he snuck in “other drug addictions” to cover up the fact that he had nothing?

The other artful thing that’s been done by advocates about marijuana is that it has been pitched on one side of the base, “You know, marijuana’s not that bad for you. OK? And by the way, the only alternative to legalization is mass incarceration, which is really bad and it’s really expensive and all that.”

It’s a beautifully crafted, misleading argument. Our argument’s entirely different. Nobody wants mass incarceration of marijuana users. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph–what a waste of money that is. But, marijuana’s not good for you. So we need policies that keep marijuana illegal, are sensible, and that reduce availability and use of marijuana. And those policies–unlike the current legalize and tax proposals being floated –could generate revenue for the public. A city or state could generate a lot of revenue through fines for marijuana users.

Nobody wants mass incarceration of marijuana users? AND he’s proposing a cash cow from marijuana fines. Should we be promoting the fact that the Deputy Drug Czar is calling for Massachusetts-style decrim with fines for use but no criminal sanctions?

Of course, he’s not (but we should call him on it anyway).

People like him talk about not wanting to incarcerate our way out of a problem, but they never actually propose cutting back on incarceration. And the notion that fines would be better cash revenue for local and state governments than taxed legal sales, is really absurd.

Pollack: In my own public health work, I don’t really do that much with marijuana. It’s striking to me that marijuana is such a touchstone of drug policy debate.

McLellan: It’s the center of the universe. Yeah (laughs). With all the really serious problems that we’ve got facing us–prescription drug use probably among the top, and you know, name the other drugs, why we’re spending this time on this nonsense about medical marijuana and legalization. It’s the damnest thing to me. I can’t get over it. It’s almost as though there were a contingent of people out there really eager to keep it at the front of the newspapers. Well, it isn’t us. We don’t want it there.

If it’s nonsense that you don’t want to spend time on, then stop doing it. It’s the federal government that’s been spending billions of dollars fighting this war on marijuana. The vast majority of the drug war spending is on it. If you don’t like it, stop doing it.

And yes, as long as you keep fighting us, there will be a contingent of us eager to keep it at the front of the newspapers. Because when we do, you lose.

Pollack: There’s a culture war in which marijuana is one of the key fronts.

McLellan: People make a living debating this on stage. You know? That’s hard for me to believe, that there’s a living to be made going around debating about marijuana’s benefits and why you ought to legalize drugs and crap like that. It’s just like a silly discussion to me.

Allen St. Pierre fields this one nicely:

-Mr. McLellan appears genuinely amazed if not chagrined that there are citizens who exist that disagree with the prohibition of cannabis; that there are actual organizations of citizen-stakeholders advocating for alternatives to the self-evidently failed status quo of cannabis prohibition, complaining that some ‘make a career’ of advocating for obviously needed policy changes.

I suggest Mr. McLellan pause for a moment, look around his ONDCP office, and fully realize that he, and tens or thousands of anti-drug bureaucrats and law enforcement personnel employed by the federal government (ie, ONDCP, DEA, NIDA, Customs, TSA, Border Patrols, VA, SAMSHA, NDIC, EPIC; and hundreds of government organs funded by the taxpayers, like CADCA, NFIA and Partnership for a Drug-Free America) are careerists as well….However, unlike reformers, who employ privately donated dollars (maybe $15-$20 million donated in total to all drug policy reform groups annually), Mr. McLellan and his other career prohibitionists employ tens of billions annually of taxpayer’s money.

If McLellan wants to stop being distracted by the “silly” discussions about marijuana, there’s a simple thing that can be done. Just have the federal government say that it’s not going to pay attention to marijuana any more and leave it to the states. Period. Fine with us.

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31 Responses to Tom McLellan wants us to stop our silly discussions

  1. mclellan is actually serving a very valuable purpose — he is helping to show why it is so thoroughly *retarded* to continue down the medical marijuana path.

    this isn’t about medicine — it’s about the government killing people to “prevent” them from “harming” themselves.

    the single most important reason to end the drug war (and thus the single vector that should be the focus of reform) is that it is TYRANNY being practiced against the citizens of an allegedly free society (and more importantly, perhaps, the ENTIRE WORLD!).

    having my government trying to kill me to “prevent” me from *possibly* suffering some long term health effect is what is WRONG

    to borrow a quote snippet from mclellan: JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH PEOPLE!!!!!

    stop fucking around with the med-pot horseshit and and fight the fight as what it is: an un-Constitutional usurpation of individual liberty.

    one that is provably causing way more problems than it is addressing

  2. bobreaze says:

    Currently most states fine and incarcerate 90% of the 800,000 arrest in 2008 for marijuana were just for having cannabis. Clearly arresting your citizens is not making this go away. Taking the supply is not working because currently take down one dealer another one pops up. Time to try a diffrent path one that regulates and controls cannabis sale to responsable adults. Can’t wait till all of the anchient politicians move on to retirement maybe then there can be honest disscussion on the failed policies of the last 70 years. However it could be a while since it seems that the politicians with their government healthcare can manage to stay in office until their 90.

  3. Cannabis says:

    When we see the policy changes in the National Drug Control Strategy, which usually comes out in January or February, we will truly start to see where the Obama administration wants to go on drug policy.

  4. Hope says:

    McLellan is an arrogant piece of fluff, isn’t he?

  5. claygooding says:

    As long as marijuana remains schedule 1,he is REQUIRED to
    lie,give false studies or skewed statistics and refute any studies,clinical reports or even anecdotal evidence of marijuana’s medical applications.
    If nothing else.moving marijuana too any other classification removes him from that responsibility and will discontinue the ONDCP providing those false studies
    or even denying medical use for marijuana.
    And that is our next goal,get marijuana off schedule 1.
    If you listen to Cheech and Chong about their “Get It Legal” tour,they don’t ask for out and out legalization,because it is too much of a jump at one time. They stress over and over to move it to schedule 2,even though we know it shouldn’t even have a number.
    It is to remove the control from and the requirement of the ONDCP empire too fight legalization.
    Right now,they can claim that their job required them to lie,but once it is removed,they can’t claim that hide
    out anymore.
    Of course,90% of the Nuremberg war criminals claimed the same thing,”I was just doing my job”,and they hung for it. I wish we could have war crime trials over this war they have created and committed on the American people. They should dig up Nixons bones and scatter them all over the world,after crapping on them.
    Wouldn’t you love to see every Drug czar alive on trial for this crap?

  6. InsanityRules says:

    The government should decide what’s “good for us”, and should arrest and incarcerate anyone who does anything that’s not on the government-approved list. That’s what our “freedom” has degenerated to?

    If the Teabag crowd ever expects to have any credibility at all, they should at least provide some lip service toward ending our government’s expensive, intrusive, constitution-destroying experiment in authoritarian behavior control!

  7. Cliff says:

    “If the Teabag crowd ever expects to have any credibility at all, they should at least provide some lip service toward ending our government’s expensive, intrusive, constitution-destroying experiment in authoritarian behavior control!”

    I went to a couple Teabag events thinking that they were interested in civil liberty as well as government fiscal responsibility. Boy, did I have the wrong impresssion. Most of the Teabaggers were grumpy old people telling government to not bail out the banks, but nothing about bailing out the average American. No one questioned how the banks were able to become too big to fail to begin with and who is really in charge of this country.

    Oh, and there was a lot of Obama’s a Socialist and the hammer and sickle and all that crap. Not stopping to think that most of these people are taking SS, veteran’s benefits and / or Medicare. I think many of them were mad that a man like Barak Obama could get into office. Personally, I don’t see a difference in the level of my freedoms from Bush to Obama and that’s my own personal measure of how things are going in America.

    Most Teabaggers have no clue regarding the critical importance of protecting civil liberties and ending the war on certain drugs, they are just selfish and grumpy and old and crotchity.

  8. Servetus says:

    Deputy Drug Czar Tom McClellan says it’s ‘really clever’ how legalization activists framed their argument around the position marijuana isn’t so bad, and that it can be good for you.

    Actually, it’s not clever at all. Those are facts supported by empirical evidence, not the mere clamor of advocates with tricky arguments. It’s simply not our fault. We didn’t have anything to do with the benign character or benefits of marijuana. That’s just how things evolved on this planet.

    The scientific research that uncovers the evidence favoring cannabis therapy comes from university research labs throughout the world, not from Mr. McClellan and his fellow prohibs. If cannabinoids are benign and effective treatments for medical conditions, then too bad Tom can’t warp reality to his point of view.

    Tom McClellan’s point of view can be reduced to the usual, ineffective, if not counter-productive, paternalistic approach to responsible adults who use drugs:

    Father: Marijuana is bad for you.

    Child: Why, father?

    Father: Don’t ask me silly questions. It’s bad for you and that’s all you need to know.

  9. DdC says:

    “If the Teabag crowd ever expects to have any credibility…

    Shirley you jest. They follow two of the most bogus lapdogs in television history. From a fox network of fascist wannabe’s. Give em an old Milwaukee and they’ll follow you anywhere… Credibility? Ha, patooey, I’d spit on the teabog ditzo’s credibility!

    As long as marijuana remains schedule 1,he is REQUIRED to
    lie,give false studies or skewed statistics and refute any studies,clinical reports or even anecdotal evidence of marijuana’s medical applications.

    That is pure Nazism in line with justifying slave owners methods of keeping the peace by lynching. Corporate lies or UnConstitutional rules to bypass rights can never be justified. The thug czar is a liar and all of his lapdog cohorts are evil. He is required to fall on his sword as a traitor to the country. Following orders my ass.

    He’s the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
    His orders come from far away no more,
    They come from here and there and you and me,
    And brothers can’t you see,
    This is not the way we put the end to war.

    mclellan is actually serving a very valuable purpose — he is helping to show why it is so thoroughly *retarded* to continue down the medical marijuana path.
    brian bennett

    Its as easy as truthing the CSA.

    Order A Pizza For David Lazarus by Ed Rosenthal
    I recently viewed your video monologue discussing medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. I have several comments. First, MEDICAL marijuana should not be taxed. The reason is that it should be regulated like other prescription drugs where a doctor’s recommendation is needed. Prescription drugs are not taxed. Collecting sales taxes from dispensaries has not been tested in court yet, but after a State Supreme Court ruling the state and cities may be liable for close to a billion dollars of wrongfully collected tax revenue. If the state wants to tax marijuana and collect vice taxes as well as sales taxes it should legalize recreational use.

    I would add its also not legal to tax vegetables. Tobacco isn’t taxed until its adulterated into a cigarette product. All with additional chemicals to change its natural properties. Only human made products are taxable. Booze or Fast Food. Oh ya they care about your health.

    Organic Cannabis/Tobacco vs Chemical Cigarettes

    <img src="; height="209" width="355"

  10. kaptinemo says:

    Brian, although I agree with you in principle, the fact remains that the public schools, true to their original purpose, have produced at least three generations that been taught that liberty is what The State grants you. It’s hard to overcome that. So you have to take the money tack, for as Patton said, “Hit them in the wallet, and they take notice.”

    ‘Civil liberties’ is a meaningless noise to far too many people in this country…until they come face to face with the fascism that has been allowed to grow unfettered under the rubric of ‘public safety’ and ‘it’s for the children’. And when they suddenly recall what they were taught in those factory schools, and start bawling about their (nearly non-existent) rights, the agents of The State sneeringly laugh in their faces and show them what their ‘education’ was worth…usually at Taser-point.

    But talk money? Then and only then do most citizens take any notice. From that point the conversation can be brought around to lost rights. But stick with the basics at first. Because, like a zoo animal that’s been locked in a cage for too long and paces back and forth even when out of it, most people nowadays have to be gently re-introduced to the idea that no, they are supposed to be ‘the boss’, not their armed and intimidating ‘public servants’.

  11. Hope says:

    McLellan fairly oozes offensive paternalism.

  12. Hope says:

    Extremely offensive.

  13. Hope says:

    Don’t know what happened, but I thought I posted before that last post.

    What I thought I posted was “McLellan fairly oozes offensive paternalism.”

    Then I felt the need to come back and add “Extremely offensive.”

    Not sure what I didn’t do right.

  14. Pete – here is my testimony from Nov. 25th re: medical marijuana to the Canadian Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. The committee is presently examining Bill C-15 which will introduce mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offences:

    And here is my testimony regarding the rest of the bill:

  15. ezrydn says:

    Gad Zooks, Batman! They can’t even come up with semi-passable arguements anymore. Someone needs to call someone and get that “stuck tape” out of the loop. As though law enforcement has lost face with the communities, now, if you tell someone you’re in politics or government, you might as well wear the shirt that proclaims “I’m A Paid Idiot!”

  16. kaptinemo says:

    Constable Bratzer, as my old friend from Scarborough ON says, “Good stuff!”. You said it far better than I could.

    I know that many many Canadians feel they have to be diplomatic about comparing their national policies with the US, and I can’t blame any Canadians for telling this Ami to butt out (they get enough meddling thanks to Uncle Sam) but it wouldn’t hurt to point out that with vastly greater resources (and vastly more Draconian enforcement laws) the US, if anything, has caused the ‘drug problem’ to metastasize.

    So, you might ask your fellow Canadians, and particularly Canadian legislators, why should Canada attempt to follow a system proven to be not only unworkable, but literally ruinously expensive as well? (We spent hundreds of billions for drug law enforcement, and diddly-squat for infrastructure repair; we have new prisons going up and dilapidated bridges falling down, sometimes fatally on unlucky motorists.) Can Canada actually afford the same kind of drug law enforcement apparatus as the US? And do Canadians want the same degree of erosion of their rights, with a concomitant expansion of government power…which becomes increasingly less responsive and more authoritarian?

    The American example is hardly worthy of emulation, not if you look beyond the propaganda and engage in any cost/benefit analysis. No matter how rich Canada may be thanks to her abundance of natural resources, that wealth will be squandered as the US’s has been should Canada engage in this mandatory-minimum idiocy. Wealth that could be better used than building prisons.

  17. Wendy says:

    Let’s just get it over with and lock Tom McLellan up for Treason…him and a hell of alot more with this type of anarchy.

    Then the world WOULD be a better place to live don’t ya all think so anyway…not if but WHEN!

  18. DdC says:

    Administrated Education Depravation…
    Until we overturn the CSA Lie,
    We’re fighting the system with the system against ourselves.
    C-15 Mandatory minimum profits have no boundries or borders.

    William John Bennett
    United States Secretary of Education from 1985 to 1988. He also held the post of Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (or “Drug Czar”) under George H. W. Bush.

    Textbook and test censors
    Who will pick the censors? By Jim Trelease, updated: 4/10/09

    To the Editor:

    Readers should not overly fret that students in Texas are being deprived of a full and accurate account of American history.

    Under Texas law, all students are required to take two semesters of American history if they attend a state-supported community college, college or university.

    Professors have the opportunity to cover and analyze the material that was left out of high school textbooks.

    Texas college students usually find it refreshing to read and learn about the history that was kept from them.

    Dallas, June 29, 2002

    The above letter leaves one to conclude that the majority of Texas students, those not attending college, will remain in the land of ignorance when it comes to the issues censored by the Texas Taliban.

    “What has magnified the influence of activists is the hopelessly corrupt way that textbooks and tests are produced. Classroom materials have become the almost exclusive domain of mammoth corporations.

    The word “Hemp” is too confusing for the students…

    FIBRE PLANTS — Hemp, The Children’s Encyclopedia, 1909

    Popular Mechanics-February, 1938

    Canada’s Supremes Cower Under DEAth Threats

    * Loosen Pot Laws and Face Tighter Border U.S. Warns!
    * Drug Czar Talks About Tightening at Border
    * Relaxed Pot Laws May Affect Border
    * Canadian Pot Legislation Could Snarl Border
    * Danger On Our Northern Border
    * Pot Bill Could Bog Down Border
    * U.S. Warns Pot Plan To Clog Border
    * A Border War Over Pot
    * 140 More Agents Will Be Sent To Border
    * Canada, U.S. Bolster Border Security
    * Potent Marijuana, Lax Laws Frustrate U.S. Border
    * Police Smoke Out Cross-Border Marijuana Trade
    * U.S. Faults Canada for Letting Drugs Across Border
    * Marine Anti-Drug Border Patrol Suspended
    * Looking Over the Northern Border
    * Opposite Side of Border, Opposite Pot Issue
    * Border Crossers Fall Victim to Profit-Takers
    * Fired Border Patrol Agent Blames Hemp Bar
    * Italy Police Battle Reefer Madness at Swiss Border
    * Unmanned Planes Tested in Border Watch

  19. just me says:

    Hey uh CLIFF and others, I happen to be one of those ‘teabaggers’ that get it. Thats why I’m here. I dont trust any of the parties. Why? They are ALLL part of the same problem. I believe Our government has gone way out of its bounds, I believe in the ‘freedom’ message of the ‘teabag’ movement. I guess from others view point , I may be an odd ball. If so, then I hope more’ODD BALLS’ join.

    Guys , please dont lump everyone into the same bag.

  20. DdC says:

    That’s ok just me, we like oddballs.
    Just be you and stay with the truth.

    To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands.
    But the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.
    If you know the enemy, and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles.
    If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer defeat.
    If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
    ~ The Art of War – Sun Tzu

    Big Money Pulling the Strings of Protests
    The monied interests pretending to be “average Americans” who are fueling the outrage at these “town halls gone wild”.

    Same Big Money Pulling the Strings of the Drug War

  21. cabdriver says:

    Beware of the “centrist”, “middle-of-the-road” approach that would continue the victimization of marijuana users as a cash cow.

    I have a hunch that’s going to be the next fall-back position- probably related to some cobbled-up effort to “deal with the looming epidemic of intoxicated drivers” due to marijuana liberalization measures. Utter horseshit, but you had best believe that one of the bulwarks of the sado-moralist persecution is going to focus on this non-problem- first by casting the phenomenon of driving while “on pot” as a terrifying hazard, and then daring the drug reform movement to prove otherwise.

    Fortunately, I think this can be done- although the most obvious methods, like doing long-term studies of regular marijuana users who are high-mileage drivers, have always been foreclosed by the legal prohibition and the politicized science attendant to it.

    All I can say is, think of all of the huge rock concerts where everyone made it out of the parking lot, on to the freeway, and on their separate ways to arrive home safely without the slightest hint of newsworthy carnage. Smoked-out audiences, driving home without incident after shows ranging from Pink Floyd to Lollapalooza to Bruce Springsteen to Toots and the Maytals to Willie Nelson to Bonnaroo…night after night after night. For decades.

    I’m not claiming zero accidents, of course, any more than I’d claim that about 40 years of Sunday driving on Leesburg Pike.

    But driving after smoking pot is less of a problem than driving under the influence of Sudafed. And I guarantee, coffee gets people to run more red lights.

    But it’s going to take some effort to pu the facts across. You can count on the Ignorant Straight People Brigade to concoct a Menace out of nothing more than their own imaginations. At least on the East Coast.

    Out here in California, the ubiquity of it all has steamrollered the opposition. Even most of my “little old lady in tennis shoes” passengers in Sacramento were supporting legalization of pot, more than 10 years ago.

    But in a lot of places, the reactionaries still run it.

    The “discourage illegal drug users through punitive fines and gradual penalty escalation for the recalcitrant” viewpoint has been think-tanked for some time now. One example of a document issuing from such a “perspective” is the 1996 book America’s Drug War Debacle by Leif Roderick Rosenberger, of the U.S. Army War College.

    Interestingly enough, copies appear to be commanding large sums of money from buyers. I’m not sure exactly what that portends.

    But I definitely recommend getting out in front of that sort of Crackpot Realism.

  22. DdC says:

    Hey cabdriver,
    Vested Ignorance will always lie and cheat to maintain their dysfunctional profits. If left to the Politikan ConPromisers, as I suspect. The AMA would lower it to a schedule#2 and permit Big Pharma to control it. Barthy and Bayer and Boosh’s Ely Lilly won’t give up profits to Homegrown. The only solution is to overturn the Controlled Substance Act for the bold face lie it is. Free the Doobie and RxGanja and Hemp are free by default. No ConPromises! Ganja inproves driving skills, especially fo road rage and jitterbugs.

    Cannabis and Driving

    “THC’s adverse effects on driving performance appear relatively small”
    U.S. Department of Transportation,
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    (DOT HS 808 078), Final Report, November 1993

  23. Resinating Chamber says:

    I love it when people bring up 10th amendment state’s rights. Sadly no state has the testicular fortitude to go off the fedgov nanny money teat so like a muscle that is unused it atrophies. The only negative health effect of marijuana is the smoking and that can be eliminated with a vaporizer.

  24. DdC says:

    Smoking – smoking? Do you not read?

    No problems smoking.

    Vapor in the lungs may prove to be a problem.

    Thousands of years and not a victim, stop the gossip!

    Organic Cannabis/Tobacco vs Chemical Cigarettes

    CN BC: Seize and Protect
    Kroeker provided an example of how the Civil Forfeiture Act works against a house used to grow marijuana. The majority of Vancouver houses before the forfeiture office are linked to marijuana operations. “We have to show there’s been a grow-op but we don’t have to show any particular person is responsible for it,” he said by telephone from his office in Victoria. “We just have to show it has occurred and money was made or the house was used [for a criminal operation]. Once we’ve done that, we’ve proven our case.”


    Rainbow Farm Massacre
    The U.S. Justice Department will investigate the shootings of two men killed by authorities during a standoff at the Rainbow Farm campground. September 05, 2001

    When? Is the Sheriff living there?

    You can cover the bitch in lipstick,
    she’s always going to be a pig…
    There goes Motown…

    US IL: Info Junkie: Andrea Barthwell

  25. Cliff says:

    “Hey uh CLIFF and others, I happen to be one of those ‘teabaggers’ that get it. Thats why I’m here. I dont trust any of the parties.”

    just me;

    Welcome to the struggle, glad to have you aboard. Maybe there is hope for the teabaggers to become a classical conservative movement, which conserves the size of government, eliminates corporate bailouts and protects individual liberty.

  26. Bailey says:

    “People make a living debating this on stage. You know? That’s hard for me to believe, that there’s a living to be made going around debating about marijuana’s benefits and why you ought to legalize drugs and crap like that. It’s just like a silly discussion to me.” – Tom McLellan

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclaire

  27. just me says:

    (That’s ok just me, we like oddballs.
    Just be you and stay with the truth.)

    You bet I will Ddc. It makes my head want to explode when I see these talking heads on the lamestream and cable shows spew their veiw of freedom fight, then fail when it comes to connecting the drug war and big moneywhores to the big picture they are trying convince the masses of.

    I have looked into the abyss and it looks back.
    Its enough to make one lose their mind , but if you see it and understand it, the fight is all the more enjoyable.

    Your either part of it and love the suffering you cause, afraid of it and keep the blinders on or see it for what it is and push the fight along.

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  29. worth russ says:

    If endocannabinoids do indicate that they are vital to our mental health, curing and preventing Alzheimer’s, then the media’s campaign to eradicate it since 1914, may have been intentional to make us more susceptible to media influence! Since their state by state eradication programs of the twenties contributed to the Dust Bowl, and someone at Ohio State finally figured out what was going on the day before Bush began the recession with his request for the first $350B, then persecution of people just trying to keep their grip may have caused both depressions. Amsterdam decided last summer to ban public smoking of tobacco, but not hemp because it’s not bad even for kids in public. And since you can get nearly 3 times as much hemp/diesal oil from hemp seed alone per acre than any other cash crop, and the pollution makes people smarter the whole oil crisis may be a hoax to drive prices up, on the old dinosaur slime, before people figure out what’s going on. Being freedom loving American’s we want to be first in ideas not last. Because we have the freedom to use ideas more than other countries, we want to be free to have brains that have ideas as well. And whether you make a burnt offering to the Lord, mentioned over 400 times in the Bible, with your PEACE pipe, or by swinging a ball of incense over your congregation, it’s none of the United States Government’s or the AMA’s, or the San Diego witch hunters place to question it. And they’re on a witch hunt because the way they got their job was through some religious connection that sanctified their (in)security clearance, and their pastor tells them it’s witch craft. And their Pastor thinks so because the government said so, like a reoccurring nightmare. Alzhiemer’s patients, and maybe autistic’s do you suppose? The reason they made that song about Muskogee is to cover up the town of Woodard named like the only man, a Doctor Woodard, who stood up for the medicinal value of hemp during the witch hunt under way in 1937 congress back before the McCarthy hearings. Alcohol causes liver, pancreas, nerve, and car damage, hemp has stood up stones and helped mankind build a civilization, clothed him, canvassed him, and caught the wind that carried him around the world.

  30. Jesse says:


    “People make a living debating this on stage. You know? That’s hard for me to believe, that there’s a living to be made going around debating about marijuana’s benefits and why you ought to legalize drugs and crap like that. It’s just like a silly discussion to me.” – Tom McLellan

    So, I know this has been said but…

    He somehow doesnt realize that debating about legalization is HIS paid job aswell? TOTAL INSANITY.

    I mean sure he’s on the other side of the argument, but he’s paid hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars a year to debate the issue.

    If it’s such a “silly” discussion,tom, then why are we paying you to participate it?

    Why don’t you grow up and get a real job like the rest of us? remember what daddy used to tell you?

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