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October 2009



George Will on marijuana being legalized

On ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos, the discussion go to the topic of marijuana…

the country is “probably in the process now of legalizing marijuana,” conservative columnist George F. Will said

> And a bit later in the program:

“Eighty percent of the revenue of the Mexican cartels is marijuana. If you really want […]

Peter Moskos in the Washington Post

An excellent OpEd feature article by Peter Moskos: If it’s on the shelves, it’s off the streets (in the Sunday Magazine)

In this piece, Peter talks about his studies of drug policy in Amsterdam, compared with his experiences as a police officer here.

In America, 37 percent of adults have tried marijuana; in the Netherlands […]

Change and Incrementalism

Although the recent Holder memo doesn’t really change anything in a concrete way (and the Drug Czar and DEA claim that it’s business as usual), there is at least a public perception that there is a kind of tipping point happening here (and perception often drives public policy more than fact).

Sasha Abramsky, writing in […]

Dump out that bong water

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that police can include the entire weight of bong water that tests positive for the presence of a drug when computing the amount of drug possession.

The case involved meth, but you can imagine that they’ll immediately start using it to jack up the amounts for pot possession as well. […]

Open Thread

Having strange server problems and can’t seem to post anything other than a short line or two without getting “Service Temporarily Unavailable: The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later..” Hopefully I’ll be able to fix this later today.

In the meantime, feel […]

The Big Picture has The Big Picture — 37 photos from the world of drug use and the drug war.

These are powerful and sometimes very disturbing images.

It’s interesting how perspective changes based on what you know. I look at these photos and I see graphic proof of the undeniable need to end this war on […]

DOJ memo: the opposition (updated)

So far, the responses to the Holder memo (that puts in writing the administration policy of not interfering with state medical marijuana operations unless they feel like it) has gotten a lot of favorable press — so much so that it’s likely to help apply pressure on the feds to actually make good their… pledge […]

Drug-free work week, er, half-week

The drug czar’s getting kind of lazy with his “blog.” Apparently somebody decided that they should post something today encouraging people to get involved in drug-free work week, which begins began… Monday.

Shoot, only one week to be drug-free, and we’ve already missed half of it.

That got me wandering around some of the Department […]

A shout-out to the women

Kathleen Parker writes of Reefer Sanity in the Washington Post, and notes a shift that we’ve talked about here…

But the shift toward a more sensible national policy is no longer confined to the left. Nor is the long-haired stoner the face of the pro-pot lobby. Today’s activist, more likely, doesn’t have facial hair, but […]

Daily Show on the Drug War

Their introduction says it

Good news, hippies! President Obama will not be arresting medical marijuana users who comply with state laws. That’s right, the potheads are soon going to be roaming the streets, treating their cancer and glaucoma willy-nilly in some sort of warped Fear-and-Loathing-in-Las-Vegas-esque perversion of America where the sick are dealt with humanely […]